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Disney Princess Tag ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I really enjoying posting yesterday tag as it was alot of fun and I'm in a Disney mood again today. I have had quite a rough day today so I thought I would just take it easy and do a Disney Princess Tag post as I know alot of you like those. Oh and by the way I'm gunna count Elsa as a princess!

1. Favourite Princess.
Either Rapunzel or Elsa.

2. Favourite Prince.
Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert or Kristoff.

3. Favourite Couple.
Rapunzel and Flynn :)

4. Least Favourite Princess. 
At the moment Aurora as I've never seen Sleeping Beauty!

5. Least Favourite Prince. 
Probably Eric..I didn't feel his personality.

6. Least Favourite Couple.
I have to say Snow White because they just met then got married..I don't even think they had a proper coversation!

7. Favourite Dress/Outfit.
I love Elsa's Ice Dress, Cinderella's Ball Gown and Rapunzel's dress.

8. Least Favourite Dress/Outfit.
Probably Pocahonta's outfit I guess.

9. A Princess who Inspires You.
Elsa, Cinderella and Rapunzel.

10. Worst Decision made by a Princess.
It has to be Ariel giving her voice to Ursula for legs right?! I do LOVE Ariel though ♥

11. A Villain who you feel was justified in their treatment of [the] Princess/Prince.
I don't think I can say any of them but I guess Dr Facilier as Naveen fell for it and he decided to go for it..

12. A Princess who you would like to trade places with.
Ooh I don't know because they all have had bad times so probably Elsa or Rapunzel. 

13. A Princess whose life you would hate to have.
I guess Cinderella's as her life was pretty bad.

14. A Princess you think is a bad role model for young girls.
I actually don't know probably Ariel as she made a bad decision and talked to a stranger really enough though Ariel is one of my favourites.

15. Favourite Tiara.
Rapunzel's is just beautiful ♥

16. Favourite song sung by a Princess (can include duets).
I love Part of Your World by Ariel and Let it Go by Elsa.

17. Least Favourite Song Sung by a Princess (can include duets)
I don't know probably one that Snow White sang because he voices kinda creeps me out!

18. The Princess with whom you would be Best Friends.
Either Elsa, Anna or Rapunzel even Belle.

19. The Princess With Whom You Would Be Frenemies.
Maybe Jasmine as she can be quite stubborn.

20. The Princess You Would Openly Hate and Be Enemies With.
None I love them all too much to be enemies!

21. The Princess You Would Dress As for a Halloween/Costume Party.
Either Elsa, Rapunzel or Cinderella as they are all blondes really so it would be easier. I would love to be Anna or Ariel though!

22. List Three Admirable Qualities About the Princess You Named on Question number #4
I've never seen Sleeping Beauty so I don't know much about Aurora...

23. A Princess You Feel Didn’t Deserve Her Happy Ending.
They all went through hard times so they all deserved their Happy Ever Afters in my opinon.

24. The Happy Ending You Feel Didn’t Make Sense/Was Too Easy.
I kinda think Rapunzel's ending was weird when her powers were in her and stuff..I didn't really understand it but I don't care because I LOVE Tangled and I loved the ending anyway!

25. Favourite Sidekick.
Either Olaf, Pascal, Jaq and Gus, Mushu Flounder. I also love Chip :') I love the sidekicks so much!

 26.  Most Interesting Story?
I would have to say Frozen because it wasn't another romance Disney princess story and it had so many layers and twists involved.

27. Best Singing Voice.
I love all the singing voices but I do love Elsa, Ariel, Anna, Tiana and Rapunzel.

28. Edge of Your Seat: The Moment You Find Most Exciting.
When Cinderella gets locked in her room and has to get to the Duke to try the slipper on and when Kristoff is chasing after Anna to help.

29. If You Were a Disney Princess, What Would Your Story Be?
I would probably be Elsa as I can be very closed and sad at times but also alot of fun :') I would love to be Rapunzel though and definitely Belle!

30. What Do You Want to See from the Next Disney Princess?
I don't really know because we have now had the awkward princess with Anna from Frozen, maybe I slightly geeky, quirky character that wouldn't dream of being a princess in a million years even more than Tiana!

That's the Princess Tag. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing this :') 
Bye Lovelies ♥


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