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My Top 20 Disney Moments ♥ April 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I have been having quite a stressful day today with thinking about Disneyland Paris and other things so I thought to calm myself down I would blog. I have been thinking of doing this post for a couple of months now but always thought I don't know as people can get kinda offencive about things like this but oh well!

Number 20
When Dumbo finally flies - Dumbo. I haven't ever properly seen Dumbo to experence this so I don't know whats it like to be honest and that why it's on the bottom of my moments because I have never truely seen Dumbo.

Number 19
Meeting Dory - Finding Nemo. I love Dory in Finding Nemo, she is my favourite character and I so glad they got Ellen to do the voice because it's just perfection in my world. I love how cute and funny Dory is when she meets Marlin too.

Number 18
Lilo meets Stitch - Lilo and Stitch. I love this movie so much anyway and one of my favourite parts is when Lilo is in the dog shelter looking for a dog and Stitch comes out and is just like 'Hi'. It's so funny and I just adore it!

Number 17
Sully meets Boo - Monsters Inc. I think this is one of my favourite pixar movies and Boo is just too cute to handle! I just love the scenes when Sully is trying to get rid of Boo and she just keeps coming back. 

Number 16
Snow White meets the Dwarfs - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Yes I know this is pretty far down but it's because I haven't seen Snow White in years as we only have it on VHS! I can't wait to watch it when I get the DVD at some point. I just think the moment when Snow meets the dwarfs and they all introduced themselves is cute. 

Number 15
The 101 Dalmations being born - 101 Dalmations. I saw this movie last year for the first time in ages and really enjoyed it. I think the moment when Pongo is dancing around the kitchen with Roger as Perdita is giving birth to all the puppies!!

Number 14
Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty. This one is really far down for a movie I've never seen! I have seen the Once Upon a Dream moment lots though and really love the song too. It's so cute and romantic and the part when the dancing by the river is super adorable.

Number 13
A Whole New World - Aladdin. I think this part of Aladdin so super romantic and really shows the Disney Animation magic. I love the song and they are both really sweet on the carpet...I know if a guy sweeped me of my feet on a magic carpet ride I would so amazed!

Number 12
Bambi on Ice - Bambi. This is a really iconic moment but I have never fully seen Bambi as I always hated when the Mum died so I now can't watch it as I dread that moment. I do remember this scene so much though and it's the cutest thing! I love how in the Frozen teaser with Sven and Olaf it kinda reminded me of this.

Number 11
Bare Nessecites - The Jungle Book. This is probably a shocker as this can be loads of people favourites but I love different moments abit more. Don't get me wrong I love this song and the moment as it does give me the feeling of Disney but it's just not my favourite.

Number 10
Let it Go - Frozen. I think that Elsa's song is worthy of a Top 10 spot as it is just so magical and true Disney magic. I love how she just lets everything go and finds herself in a song. I love watch this moment all the time especially in Frozen as it just keeps me strong and gives me some inner power. 

Number 9
Part of Your World/reprise - The Little Mermaid. These moments of the same song really are close to my heart. I remember loving this song when I was younger, dancing to it in ballet discos, not knowing I would love it so much when I was older! I think that the moment when with Ariel and the rock is just pure Disney magic and is so ironic, I love it.

Number 8
I See the Light - Tangled. I love all of Tangled but the romantic light scene always gives me shivers. It is just so romantic and the lanterns just scream Disney magic to me. When I saw the lanterns as part of the princess section in Disney Dreams it just felt so magical and right that Disney did this.

Number 7
Cinderella's transformation - Cinderella. Now alot of little girls are growing up loving Elsa's newest transformation in Let it Go and don't get me wrong I LOVE it so much but I grow up loving Cinderella and her transformation so made to go to the ball. It feels like classic Disney magic to me and I love that.

Number 6
Spaghetti Scene - Lady and the Tramp. I bought and saw this movie really recently it just re-kindled (if that's the word?) my love for it. I think the spaghetti scene is one the most romantic Disney moments even more romantic than some of the Disney Princess ones..and their dogs! It just makes me feel so happy and gives me little butterflies of joy!

 Number 5
When you Wish Upon a Star - Pinochio. I don't honest love this movie too much, it kinda freaks me out alot but I do love the signature Disney tune of When you Wish Upon a Star. It is just pure Disney gold and since Disney use it to start the movies it obviously screams Disney.

Number 4
The Up Love Story - Up. This isn't magical in terms of fairies or animation wonders, this is magical because it made such a romantic heart-breaking love story in about 3 minutes. Everytime I watch the beginning of Up I cry like a baby even if I just hear the music and that's what I call a good magical moment.

Number 3
Tale as Old as Time - Beauty and the Beast. I love this film so much and just can't get enough of it right now. I love this moment so much that I want to dance to the song on my Wedding day as my first dance. I give me shivers everytime I watch or hear it as it just screams romance and I love it. Plus it has to be Disney magic as there's only Disney who could turn a dance between a girl and a beast romantic :')

Number 2
Circle of Life - The Lion King. This was going to be first when I thought about this for the first time but then I thought that it's not my favourite moment but probably my second. I think the music and all the animation gone into this is amazing and I feel that is the real Disney magic.

Number 1
And my Top Disney Moment is...Flying into Neverland - Peter Pan. After alot of thinking this is my top moment as nothing screams Disney as much as this does to me! It's a boy that flies with a fairy friend who lives in another world and battles a pirate..can't get much more magical than that in my books! I love when you see Neverland for the first time as it is just so beautiful and espiecally in the second one when Hook flies his ship into Neverland with Jane is just like 'Good to be home' :) They have even panned into Neverland in the newest Tinkerbell movie and I think it's great. I also love when they land on Big Ben in the original movie, I think it so iconic and I've fallen in love with that scene.

That's it for now guys ♥ Remember this is just my opinon and give it a few months it may change..I don't know. I would love to know what your top disney moment is but don't get angry if I didn't feature yours. I will post really soon ♥

Bye Lovelies ♥

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