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My Very First Outfit of the Day ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Your getting spoilt today with two posts. I was in the garden and thought since it's such nice weather and I'm actually loving my outfit I might aswell do a ootd :') It's my first and I don't know if there will be any more as I never really like my outfits much and even get dressed but today I have fallen in love with my outfit so I wanted to share it :')

So this is my outfit of the day :') I will do a more detailed look at everything but this picture is to mainly focus on the whole outfit together. I felt it was very cool and summery and I have really fallen in love with it.

So I went shopping today and went bought some cute bits to wear when I'm at home, feeling low and when I'm at Disneyland Paris. I got some Ariel clips a few weeks ago in a tin and have been obsessing over them for the past few weeks so I got some other Disney Princesses clips. I love these so much because it has the princess on the clips with their dress and they are really good value. I think they were £5 for a set of all the princesses excluding Merida, Elsa and Anna and it's from Claires.

I also got this really lovely bracelet..yes I know it's meant for kids but I don't care! I have Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel on it with glitter hearts. It's a lovely size and doesn't hurt or irratate your wrist at all. I haven't stop wearing since I got home! They were £4.50 and they are from Claires.

I wore some small white socks with a little ruffle around the top. I love these so much and they are super comfy. I didn't get mine from TopShop though..Primark is good enough for me! My converse are my most summery pair of shoes I have so they were a must plus my hightops wouldn't have looked to good with my dress. My converses do tend to hurt and rub the back of my feet after a while but oh well still breaking them in. The socks were £1.50 at Primark and the shoes are from Office (I don't remember the price).

Just if people wanted to know this the pattern on my dress. It's navy blue with little white butterflies all over. It's really comfy and is from New Look. I don't know how much this was as my Mum bought it for me.

That's my OOTD lovelies :') Have a picture of a rose that I took in my garden. Bye Lovelies ♥

Links to all the clothes I talked about:

The Dress - New Look - not on the website.
Princess Clips - Claires - http://www.claires.co.uk/pws/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=22177
Princess Bracelet - Claires - http://www.claires.co.uk/pws/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=18975
White Socks - Primark - no website.
Converse - http://www.office.co.uk/view/product/office_catalog/5,21/2413120742060

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