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Life Update ♥ April 2014 ♥ Disney news, twitter, sims and more ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Life Update today since April is now nearly over :) I have alot of news to tell you guys and some updates and bits so let's get on with it!

Tweet Tweet Tweet!
I have had twitter for a while now but never really used it that much but now I'm using it more to update my blog and tumblr and on my life! I post when I'm about to blog or when a new post is up. I have also upgraded to the newer profile page and you will know it's mine when you see the banner as it's the same on my blog :) Remember the link is at the side of my blog all the time but here's the link anyway! I would love to chat and stuff with you guys..you make this worth doing :) https://twitter.com/gina_helen

Disneyland Paris...Get Ready...I'm coming!
YES IT'S TRUE! I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS AGAIN! This May I'm going to Disneyland Paris for 3 days and I can't wait! I really had to fight for this but it's going to be worth it. I really would love to do more of the meet and greet type things this time as we didn't do many last time. I'm excited as it is the Swing into Spring Celebration at the moment so I can't wait to see that. I will post all about it once I have been as there will be alot to tell so look forward to that! I don't think there is very good wifi in our hotel but if I get any then I will be posting on either twitter or instagram :)

Sims is my life
I took a break from Sims for a few weeks but now I back playing and I'm loving it. I am still playing with The Johnsons and they are still amazing :) I have really moved on with them and a current household is coming really soon too. I am really exploring the game and enjoying it. For Sims pictures follow my twitter.

5000 views and nearly at 6000..OMG!
Oh my God Guys! I reached 5000 views a few weeks ago and I just wanted to thankyou again for helping me reach this goal..it's incrieable and I'm nearly at 6000 already!! I can't thankyou guys enough ♥ Remember to follow me on bloglovin to get my latest blog and tumblr updates :) http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11368481/the-perks-of-being-me

Get ready for my Art of Frozen review which should be posted very very very soon..remember follow my twitter or bloglovin to find out first ♥ 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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