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What I got for my Birthday 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm doing a birthday blog today :) At the moment I'm really really ill with the flu but I'm also really happy as my Frozen DVD came yesterday and I have finally seen it with my family! I have watched it twice since I got it yesterday and can't wait to watch it again...I just can't Let it Go ;) I'm going to get started now as I'm feeling really crap :( Just to throw this out there...in no way, shape or form am I trying to brag at all and all the things I'm showing you I have either bought or received from family and friends.

The first present was from my friend Marissa (http://beyondbeautyyyy.blogspot.co.uk) and it was Baby Tic-Toc from Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. I went to see the movie with her and we both loved it so much then when I found out there I was a toy I said 'OMG I need this!' and she got it for me for my birthday which I am so grateful for. It is cute and squishy and I love it so much. 

Marissa also bought me a Tinkerbell Soap which is so beautiful..I don't even want to use it! I love the packaging because it has the older fairies on it like Rani and Beck. I love this so much ♥ Thankyou for all my presents Marissa :)

My other friend Skye bought my the soft Rapunzel doll which I have been looking at for ages now. I love her so much and she is just so soft. I'm glad I now have her in my collection and want to thank Skye for getting her for me. She is really nice to cuddle and I love her dress. Skye also made me some Olaf Cupcakes which I will post a picture of in my next post :)

As my family birthday present I got an Xbox 360 for my bedroom and a new TV for my room. I really wanted a Xbox so I could play Disneyland Adventures with the kinect so I also got a kinect to go with it :) I have been playing it everyday since my birthday except this week as I have been ill :( I'm loving it so far and I'm excited to keep playing. 

I got three games for my birthday aswell which were Kinect Adventures, Disneyland Adventures and Brave. I have played all three and love them all especially the Disneyland one as I can virtually go to Disneyland whenever I want! I now also have Tomb Raider Underworld as I have just completed Legend and I also have Midnight Club LA (i think) which is a car racing game. 

I also got this notebook/journal from my Auntie Carol so if your reading this Thankyou, I love it! It is so pretty and I'm obsessed with notebooks so this is amazing :) 

This was my cake on the left which was a plain white cake with icing roses from Marks and Spencers and I bought the Frozen Figurines from The Disney Store to put on top. The other picture is me blowing my candles out if you couldn't already tell..!?

Hope you like my 'what I got for my birthday' post and I'm going to try and post tomorrow and it is a very special day to me. 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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Sinead said...

Ohh Lucky you! you got some lovely presents for your birthday. The cake is also adorable :) hope you had a great day! - Sinead sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie