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20 day Disney Princess Challenge ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Today I'm doing a collab with one of my best friend's Skye. She loves Disney just like me and she is total fun! I haven't done a collaberation before so this is cool. Me and Skye have done a few Disney tags so far and I will upload them in time so watch out for that :) We didn't do the challenge in 20 days..more like half an hour but oh well! Since there's two of us mine is the right side and Skye is the left side :)

1. The Princess you adore most.
                                      Pocahontas ♥                                             Elsa ♥

2. The Princess you like least.

                                          Snow White...                                       Aurora.....

3. The Princess you relate to the most.

                                             Belle                                                    Elsa

4. The sidekick you wish you had.

                                              Mushu                                                Olaf

5. The best friend you want to hang out with.

                                            Nakoma                                      Charlotte La Bouff

6. The prince you wish loved you.

                                            Naveen                                              Kristoff

7. The parents you wished raised you. 

                                        Belle's father                                     Tiana's parents

8. The castle you wished you lived in.

                                      Snow White                                                Belle

9. The town you wished you lived in.

                                    New Orleans (Tiana)                        Corona (Rapunzel)

10. The dress you wish you owned.
                                   Tiana Building Outfit                              Elsa Ice Dress

11. The voice you wished you had.

                                        Pocahontas                            Ariel, Anna, Elsa or Rapunzel

12. Two princesses that you think are best friends.

                  Pocahontas and Mulan                                         Rapunzel and Anna

13. Two princesses that you think would DETEST each other.

                             Snow White and Belle                                   Elsa and most of the princesses

14. Two sidekicks who would make a great duo.

                                     Meeko and Gus                                  Sebastian and Jaq

15. Two princes would be best buds.

                                      Eric and Aladdin                              Naveen and Adam

16. A scene that makes you cry.

                       Pocahontas ending                                     Beast dies

17. A scene that makes you cheer.

                  Mulan saves China                    Big Summer Blowout and when Rapunzel meets Flynn

  18. A scene that makes you cringe.

                              Kocoum gets shot                                                 Jasmine kisses Jafar

19. The story you wish was your life.

We both chose Beauty and the Beast, it's so romantic ♥

20. The movie you love the most ♥

                        ♥ Mulan ♥                                 ♥ Frozen ♥

That's it now guys ♥ Bye Lovelies ♥

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