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Happy Easter 2014 ♥ The Easter Tag ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Happy Easter for 2014 :) I hope you all got the eggs you wanted and everything more. If you don't celebrate Easter then Happy Sunday :'). Before I get on with today's post I just want to thank all my lovelies for 5000 views on my blog..this is shocking as I made this blog just for me and now I have followers on instagram, bloglovin and here that read my blog ♥ Thankyou so much ♥ I found an Easter Tag on Youtube and thought well that's obviously what I'm going to blog about today so here we go...

1. Do you celebrate Easter?
Well yeah that's why I'm doing this tag to be honest..but I don't go to church or anything for Easter only see my family and get chocolate :)

2. What was your favourite thing about Easter growing up?
CHOCOLATE! I sounds selfish because I know it's a religous event about Jesus but when I was younger I loved getting loads of chocolate and my Mum said I was always a pain because I wanted to eat chocolate for breakfast everyday!

3. What are your plans for Easter this year?
Well it's the Easter break so I just relaxed really over this two weeks and today I went to my Nan and Grandad's to wish them a happy easter and give them their eggs. We don't over celebrate Easter as we aren't that religous but we do spend time with family alot.

4. Do you colour eggs?
No I don't colour eggs. This year on facebook and instagram I have seen alot of painted eggs for Easter from celebrites to disney..and I love them and the creativity people use to make them. I don't paint eggs personally but it does look like alot of fun.

5. Do you have easter traditions?
Not really we just see our family every year which is mainly my Nan and Grandad. As I have said we aren't religous and we don't go to church so we don't have any major traditions.

6. Favourite easter treat?
I LOVE mini eggs..don't get my wrong I LOVE creme eggs too but mini eggs just make me feel happy and like spring is here. I have so many leading up to easter and over easter ah I'm addicted.

7. Do you hunt/hide eggs?
I did have alot of egg hunts when I was younger round friends houses and in parks but not now. I used to love finding the eggs and I remember one year my birthday was the day before easter sunday and it was a sleepover so the morning after was easter sunday so my Mum and Dad bought eggs for my friends and we had a egg hunt with clues and stuff..it was really fun! I can't wait to do egg hunts in the future when I hopefully have children :')

8. Do you get pictures with the Easter bunny?
Nope I don't think you can in the UK..I've never heard of it...

9. What do you typically put in Easter baskets?
This is quite American I feel because I've never really had a proper easter basket just ones we made at school on the last day of term and then we put mini eggs and things in them. I just got big eggs from my family...my nan sometimes made a bag up with different easter chocolates in so that's kinda like a basket but not a proper one. 

That's my Easter Tag and I wish everyone a very Happy Easter or Happy Sunday :')
Bye Lovelies and Thankyou for my 5000 viewers, don't forgot to follow me on bloglovin ♥

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