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Disney's Frozen Tag ❄

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm just getting better today and I'm in a really big Frozen mood! I saw this tag on Youtube and that I might as well give it ago as I'm obsessed with Frozen. I'm going to get on with it today as I'm planning on drawing and watching Frozen after this..yay!

1. Who do you think you're more like. Anna or Elsa?
Elsa as I'm more closed and I have my disablity is hidden. I'm like Elsa and my sister is like Anna. When I go out I normally have to conceal my difference but when I come home I just LET IT GO! 

2. Olaf or Sven? And why?
Olaf just because I'm in love with Olaf. Olaf is just adorable and funny. He reminds me of my sister with his humour and silliness. I love every line that Olaf says and I know that he comes into the movie at about 45 minutes in :D 

3. Who would you date. Hans or Kristoff?
Kristoff because I want a guy just like Kristoff...this just isn't even questionable to me! Kristoff is the clear winner for me he is just amazing ♥

4. What's your favorite part of the film? 
OMG I love the whole movie..this is so hard..I have to many! I love the beginning when you first see Baby Anna peep up and whispers Elsa then asks if she wants to build a snowman. I also love the when Anna first meets Hans and she is super awkward! Let it Go is also an amazing scene with the magic of Disney really showing. I love Elsa during the reprise of the first time in forever with the snow around her and the fight scene with Elsa. But the end really says 'Disney Magic' for me like the last 15 minutes and the music..I'm going to watch it after this!!!

5. What's your favorite song from the soundtrack? 
I love every song from the soundtrack even the instrumental scores. I think Let it Go really hits home to me and I love it everytime I hear it even though the whole soundtrack makes me happy. If you read my Frozen Soundtrack Review (http://theperksofbeingme-x.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/my-frozen-soundtrack-review.html) then you will know that I love all the songs for different reasons. 

6. What's your favorite Olaf line? 
This is TOO HARD! I love all the Olaf lines!!!! I have always loved 'It's so cute..it's like a little baby unicorn' so that would have to be it. 

7. Who would you want to dress like? 
Elsa in the blue ice dress! I love all of Anna's outfits too but I'm in love with Elsa's ice dress! I really want to do a cosplay of Elsa just so I can buy that dress!!!

8. What do you prefer. Summer or Winter?
Summer as I'm like Anna when it comes to being cold. This winter I wanted it to snow though even just a little bit as it is quite rare to get snow in the UK and if we do it will only be a little.  We have had snow for like the past 3 or 4 years I like but this year..the one year I actually wanted to build a fricken snowman..nope..no snow :( But Summer is my answer as I can do more in summer.

9. Where does Frozen rank on your Disney list? 
I actually think that Frozen is my favourite Disney movie and it is number 1 at the moment just above Tangled and Peter Pan. Peter Pan is still my favourite classic and I still love Tangled but I just get so much from Frozen and connect with the movie so much that I think it's number one and it will probably be top for quite a few years now :)

10. Would you go see Frozen again?
I saw it twice in the cinemas, once which was my first time and the other was the sing-along. I got the DVD on Monday when it came out in the UK as I preordered it and have watched it everyday since I got it. As I keep saying I'm going to watch it after this!! So YES! I LOVE to watch Frozen again and again!!!

That's the Frozen tag done and I really enjoyed it :) Now I'm off the draw and watch Disney movies especially Frozen :D Since I have been ill, I have been watching movies non-stop especially Disney. I have seen so many movies including Tangled, Frozen, Monsters Inc, Princess Diaries and so many more. I think Frozen and The Little Mermaid are are the cards tonight :) 

Bye Lovelies ♥ Oh and.....

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