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Never Stop Fighting.

Never Stop Fighting. I have learnt this during my tough times...even if you feel that nothing worth it just have hope. Do something you love to do..something that makes you happy or that you enjoy...just don't be your own bully. 

I have realised that your biggest judge is you and that you can become your own bully. Over time I grew and grew to HATE myself and some days I just felt what was I fighting for..and I then realised I was fighting against myself all the time for acceptance and love. I always had love from my family but I didn't love myself in any which way...everything was a problem and I couldn't fix it.

After a few years of being my own bully I realised why...everybody was getting into makeup and hair and boys then there was me trying desprately to fix the mold of the typical teen girl. But I wasn't that girl and it was impossible! My mentor (i guess) explain this to me in a really simple way..it's like this..there was loads of different shapes in this world full of different people. Everyone learns what shape they are but I didn't..I tried fitting in a square shape when I'm actually a circle but I didn't know that..then I got diagonised with Aspergers and everything fix..I finally learn't I was a circle and that I fix it that shape. Now that I have explained that it seems more confusing...I was just trying to say how I didn't know who I was. 

I would often thinking I could never give up but I was finding life so hard, I didn't know what to do?! Once I got my diagonised everything changed..I felt happy with myself and I understood me more. I didn't care that I was like a 6 year old collecting Disney cups and dolls..and that I obsessed with things that could be really random. I now go to The Disney Store and I don't really feel stupid or embarrassed because I now accept myself and my differences.

I know that when I'm sad I get really sad but I know now that there is hope and that I Can't Stop Fighting. My sadness can last along time but with support I can get through it. I understand that maybe you don't have a condition or disablility to help you understand your mood and who you are but you will find yourself eventually so NEVER STOP FIGHTING. 

This is a very big topic and I'm no expert but I know that you can't stop because things will get better with time..and I know this sounds cheesy but I was watching Once Upon a Time this morning and Snow said 'Fairytales are there to give us hope that things will get better' and even though some people will disagree I fully agree with this.


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