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Collective Haul ♥ April 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I have been loads of hauls lately but I have been shopping quite alot with Christmas and birthday money! I have been looking at my posts and my hauls and Disney posts get the money views which I'm really glad about about I love doing them ♥ This is a collective haul which I only recently learnt was when you buy different things through the month or a period of time..so don't judge. I have bought this stuff though April and the end of March so this is my collective haul although most of it is Disney! 

Romance to the extreme! I love Lady and the Tramp with the famous spaghetti scene. The story is just so romantic and I love both characters. Lady is just so cute and adorable and Tramp is just charming and charismatic. This is number 15 in the Disney classic range aswell. 

A dream is a wish your heart makes...when your fast asleep...Cinderelly ♥ I have been trying to collect all the Disney Princess movies first and they are coming together even though they seem the most expensive! I got Cinderella in HMV the other day on a Buy one Get one Free offer. It's number 12 and I know it sounds stupid but I love the numbers on the side! I also love this version because it comes with the short 'Tangled Ever After' so yaay! 

To infinity and beyond...with Woody and Buzz in Toy Story. I got with the offer in HMV with Cinderella. I want to get all 3 Toy Story movies so I thought that number one would be a good start. I haven't seen this one in ages as I hated it when I was younger but now I'm excited to watch it again! 

Tale as old as time...I found this collector's edition of Beauty and the Beast in my local CEX which is like a second hand dvd, gaming and electronics shop. They also had the normal version but I thought this one looked so much prettier and was only £3 more. It comes with two discs one of the movie with an added song and the other is a bonus features disc with interviews, behind the scenes and games. 

For the first time in forever...I can watch this movie at home!! I just can't let this movie go! I'm obsessed and now it's finally out on DVD. I preordered it from the Disney Store at the beginning of March to get the Frozen bundle and this came on the 31st March which was the day it came out. My family hadn't seen it so we watched it that night and now my family love it too ♥ I watched it like 5 times that week and watched it with my grandad and nan today. I LOVE FROZEN! It's number 52 aswell :)

This is the classic padded Frozen book which came with the DVD from my Disney Store preorder pack. It is just beautiful. I LOVE it so so much! The pictures are lovely and magical and it tells the story in a great way. It is my third padded book and it is just amazing. 

This is the last item that came in my Frozen DVD preorder which is the Frozen Art kit..yes I know this is probably aimed at a younger crowd but I DON'T CARE! It is so adorable and I love it. It's a case with both sisters on and the kinda Frozen slogan that's on most of the merchendise which is 'Sisters Forever'. When you open it you get a notebook, the general stationary, pencils and felt tips.

Let it go..I can't! My Elsa soft toy was FINALLY in stock! I clicked the buy button so quick...I checked the website everyday for this..I have been waited for about 4 months! It was worth the wait..it is just absoultely beautiful. She looked amazing and the detail on her is lovely. She looks so cute next to my Anna doll aswell.

I bought this on Monday and it is the most amazing cushion EVER! It was £10 in the Disney Store sale and I love it sooo much. I bought a Thumper toy the other week and thought it was perfect as it was so soft and I love soft things as they comfort me. I have had my eyes on this cushion for a while now and finally gave it. It is just so cuddly and soft and great to rest on plus my bed looks super cute with it on :')

I bought this Pascal a good few weeks ago when I bought my Anna doll and Thumper (probably my last haul) but totally forgot to feature him as he was sitting on my shelf with my Rapunzel soft doll so sorry but here's Pascal! He is super small and cute and I couldn't resis buying him.

This is my 'Take my to Neverland' top I was talking about in my last haul but didn't have a picture. I'm obsessed with this top so THANKYOU PRIMARK! I also bought a Bambi one recently too..I'm obsessed with Disney tops!!

Most teenage girls wash their hair with Herbal Essences or Loreal but no not me..I have to be weird once again I wash my hair with Ariel shampoo..I'm just too cool ;) But seriously I know this isn't made for teenage girls but this stuff is amazing. It smells really fruity and washes your hair really well..I was really surprised as I thought it would be different as it is probably aimed for the 5 year old market..but oh well!

I not going to say alot about this as it will be the same as the Ariel shampoo but this is Disney Princess bubble bath. It smells amazing and magical..so I don't care if this is meant for younger children..I like it :)

Okay so off the Disney subject now (look at the end if you want more disney!)..I love this scent so much. I have never been to a Victoria's Secret or PINK so this was amazing to me since we just got a store opened at my local shopping centre. I have watched so many american hauls with these fragrences in and always wanted one but never went to the London one or travelled to America. I bought the PINK Total Flirt as my summer body spray and it smells so amazing even though the title isn't me what so ever! The shopping bag you get is adorable too. 

I bought these two Xbox games a few weeks ago and have been playing them. Ihave played the Midnight Club LA one too much but wanted too. The little bit I have played was pretty cool and it all about racing and cars and stuff :) I also got Tomb Raider Underworld as I recently finished Legend. It started off good but then I have got to this jungle place and their as these creepy giant lizards that attack you and climb walls so I'm not playing that for a while! Ah..guess I'm keeping to Disneyland Adventures :)

Quickly back to Disney aha! I got these two figures in a Kinder Chocolate Egg recently. I got Ariel and Aurora and I think they are super cute. I really want to collect them all as they are super adorable! They are currently on my Kinect shelf to make it look nice and add Disney aha :')

And I also recently bought 'The Art of Frozen' book which I have been wanting for so long now and the reason I haven't included it in this haul is because I'm going to do a review kinda overview thing about it to show you guys what it looks like and if it's worth it :') So look forward to that as it going to be coming very soon :D 

That's it lovelies so hope you enjoyed my collective haul ♥ 

Bye Lovelies ♥


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