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30 day DreamWorks Challenge ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry I haven't posted all week, I started school again on Wednesday but didn't go yesterday or today as I've had a bad few days, just felt erghh. I have been looking for some short tag challenges I can do when I don't have much time and found this one :) I love dreamworks..not as much as disney but I do love most of the movies. I know some people will think I'm like disrepecting Disney but I don't care I'm not..I love both. 

1. Your favourite character?
I love loads of characters like Donkey, Marty and Eep but my favourite character is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I love his characters and reminds me alot of Elsa, he's a good looking character too ;) I love that he is voiced by Chris Pine and he is just alot of fun.

2. Your favourite hero or heroine?
Shrek because he is just non-hero like. He set off to the find a princess to get the fairytale characters off his land and then gets hooked up with an annoying donkey and having to battle a huge dragon. I love the love story between Shrek and Fiona too. 

3. Your favourite sidekick?
Donkey hands down. I LOVE donkey so much, eddie murphy was so good voicing him and I love the humour the writers have written for donkey. He is just so annoying but you I love him so much. 

4. Favourite animal?
Marty from Madagascar. I have always loved Marty from when I first saw Madagascar, I love Chris Rock anyway so everytime I see him play someone else I only hear Marty! I love the sassiness of Marty and how he dreams big. 

5. Your favourite monster?
B.O.B from Monsters vs Aliens. He is so cute and funny, even though I haven't seen this movie in ages B.O.B is my favourite character.

6. Your favourite villian?
Pitch from Rise to the Guardians. I love him so much, he is just so evil and maniulative. He has such a good battle in the movie and he is a good villain.

7. Your favourite pair of best friends?
Alex and Marty from Madgascar. They have a love hate relationship and I love that so much. I think they are such a good pair as friends and they need each other.

8. Your favourite couple?
Fiona and Shrek. They are super cute together and their bond is just amazing. I love how it wasn't love at first sight and Shrek didn't go to rescue the princess to marry her and I think thats great. I think that the wedding scene is super adorable too. 

9. Favourite fairytale character cameo?
I love Prince Charming in the Shrek movies. He is just so sassy and fabulous and he knows it! 

10. Least favourite character?
Probably someone in Antz or Over the Hedge as I haven't really seen them much..

11. Best Character Design? 
I love character design and I love Jack's design and Eep's aswell. I love the detail of Jack's outfit and it is so different. I love Eep's little dress and wild hair as I feel it really expresses Eep's adventous side. 

12. The first Dreamworks Animation you saw?
Probably Shrek.

13. The last Dreamworks Animation you saw?
The Croods and I loved it! I also watched Rise of the Guardians last night.

14. Your favourite movie?
I love Shrek, Madagascar, Megamind and The Croods but Rise of the Guardians takes it for me. I love the story line and all the characters. 

15. Your least favourite movie?
Well I have never seen Antz so that is probably it but one that I have seen would probably be either Turbo or Over the Hedge.

16. A movie that should have a live-action adaption?
Alot of Dreamworks movies have animals in so I don't think many should have live adaptions but I think The Croods as it's probably the only ones you could try and do. 

17. An overrated movie?
I'm gunna have the to say How to train your dragon..and I know loads of people are gunna be like NOOO! but I will say I haven't seen in since it came out and I pretty sure if I watched it now I would love it. I did like Toothless though. I can't wait for the second one though that looks cool and Hiccup got fitter!

18. A underrated movie?
Megamind I think. I didn't hear much about Megamind when it was out in cinemas and the advert didn't really do it justice. I saw it when it was on Sky ages ago and I loved it, it was so different and funny. 

19. Your favourite sequel?
Madagascar 2 :) I love Madagascar so much I love the second one so much too ♥ I love how Alex meets his family and they are all the wild again..I guess Marty kinda gets his wish after all! I'm looking forward to How to Train your Dragon 2 though :')

20. Most Hilarous Scene?
There are so many funny moments in Dreamworks movies but I do love Shrek and Donkey's relationship and Donkey is all like we can tell stories and in the morning I'm making waffles! I laugh so hard at that and when Donkey sings alot! Oh and in The Croods when the son tells his dog (which he has had for about 10 minutes) to roll over and he falls off the cliff!

21. Your favourite scene? 
I love so many scenes..OMG! I love when you see Jack having the snowball fight with the children even though they don't know he's there but I really love when Alex dances at the campfire in the second movie to save him and his Dad. I love the song and it gives me a good feeling.

22. A sad scene?
I know this one! The moment in The Croods when the Dad has to leave his family behind and his goes in the cave and draws his family on the rocks, it's so sad and I cry everytime aswell. Then he when he's plan to get back works and Eep says 'I love you' and hugs him..aww. I actually cried in the cinema too!

23. An epic scene?
When Jack fights back to Pitch and stands up to him. It's quite quick paced and full of animation magic.

 24. A cute scene?
There is quite a few cute scenes but I love in the second movie when Melman tells Moto Moto that he needs to treat Gloria well but while saying this he kinda confesses his love to her. 

25. A scene that makes you angry?
I don't really know about this one...

26. Your favourite song?
There aren't any songs in Dreamworks movies right? That's more of a Disney thing? I don't know but I like the Imagine Dragons song that they used on the advert for The Croods and alot of the songs they used in Shrek.

27. Your favourite quote?
Smile and wave boys, Smile and wave - The Penguins of Madagascar.

28. Which movie makes you laugh the most?
Either Madgascar, The Croods or Shrek I can't choose. 

29. A character you most feel like.
I don't really know all the characters in Dreamworks are pretty adventurous and I'm not..probably donkey because I love waffles and I'm pretty chatty and loud..oh and I love being loved!

30. Thought on Dreamworks Animation?
I think that Dreamworks Animation is just getting better and better. They do humour very well and there movies normally make me laugh. I love the animation style they use especially on Rise of the Guardians and The Croods as it's pretty soft. 

That's it guys ♥ Gunna do my Art of Frozen book really soon :') 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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