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Gaming Geek: Sims 3 Current Household April 2014 ♥ The Johnsons ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥  I have been loving playing Sims all week..being my anti-social self! I have been playing with The Johnsons for about 1/2 weeks and have fell in love with them. It sounds stupid but if you play The Sims or any game you hopefully know how attached you can get to particular characters. I haven't loved a family like this in and while but I can see myself playing with these guys for a long time. I'm not going to do a long story but just introduce you to my sims and their lives :) I don't know their traits off by heart but I will try my best.

The Johnsons live in Ann Arbour which is a custom built world by MySimsReality. I love all their worlds and Ann Arbour is no exception. I love this world for this family because there is a mix between city and country life. The teens can go have some fun but can also live a quiet family life.

The founder of our legacy is Juliet. Juliet was originally Juliet Hyland before she married. She has two sisters which were CAS sims from SimSweetie's videos. They are called Madison and Aria who have both got married and had children thanks to story progression. Juliet has always wanted a big family and she found her match when she married Liam Johnson. She has always been a family-orientated and nurturing girl with a love for gardening and collecting. 

Liam Johnson found his perfect match in Juliet as he always wanted a big family even though his father always aimed for him to be a world famous football star with a celebrity wife...that wasn't Liam dream though. He met Juliet and they sparked immeditatly, he knew she was the one :) He joined the Professional Sports career as his father wanted but kept to his dream of having a big family.

Autumn is the first daughter of Juliet and Liam. She was of course born in Autumn and was a wonderful child although loved to be alone in her own world. She loves the outdoors and nature especially animals. She has always dreamt of riding a horse and being a professional jockey and now she is a teenager she hopes that her dream will come true! She is girly in her nature but love the dirty work on a ranch. She is nothing like her sister but the two are best of friends. 

After Autumn became a child they knew they wanted Autumn to have a sister her age so they adopted. Eve came along with brown hair and a face of delight. Autumn and Eve made best of friends as quickly as they could, playing the snow and playing pretend. As Eve aged she became more of daredevil wanting to try new exciting things. When she became a teen she knew that dying her boring brown hair was the first thing to do. She needed to look feisty but cute at the same time. She likes having that rebelious streak in her but she will always like those pastel colours.
Jesssica is the youngest of the bunch at the moment. She is a little genius with a love for music and books. She is a water baby for sure obsessed with mermaids and the sea. She dreams of living on a houseboat sailing the ocean..she dreamt of becoming a mermaid as she had seen one or two swimming on the beach before but her parents would never understand..she still hopes for that day to come though..

These are the bedrooms in the house. The first one is Juliet's and Liam's bedroom which is a light green and brown theme. Eve and Autumn room is next, Eve has a purple bed and Autumn has a pink bed. I love there room so much ♥ Jessica's room is probably one of my favourite rooms I have ever made, it is a under the sea theme with boats, fish and mermaids everywhere. I love it and the bed is boat shaped! 

This is the living room, dining room and kitchen. The living room has a casual blue and white theme which I love. The dining room is probably my favourite room as I love the green and dark wood, it is just lovely. The kitchen was in use when I took the picture but it just a dark wood ranch kitchen with a fire oven and baking station.

The study/office is the first picture and is the most formal room in the house, I made it black and white themed and I love it. Liam does alot of his training on the treadmill. The bathroom is just a plain a simple bathroom..nothing special. The house is red which is lovely and it is on a 64x64 lot, and I tried to make it like a ranch as they have a greenhouse and horse stable in the garden. They have a double garage and a pond for ice skating in the winter.

These are The Johnsons :) I have taken loads of pictures from their story so far and I hope this will be a kind of legacy. Watch the slideshow below for more pictures ♥ Bye Lovelies :')


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