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Once Upon a Time 30 Day Challenge ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Thought I would blog today as I have been enjoying it lately. I haven't had time to take pictures of my Art of Frozen book so that should be in my next post or so but lately I have been catching up on Series 3 of Once Upon a Time. It's quite hard to explain so I would probably just google it because there are tons of wiki pages and fandom sites :) I found this 30 day challenge on google and loved it so I thought why not ;) I'm sorry if this doesn't interest you but I thought it would be fun :)

And ouat means once upon a time ;)

1. Your favourite male character?
Hook. I love the character anyway and he plays him so well plus he pretty fit so that helps :')

2. Your favourite female character?
Belle probably because she is so sweet and caring. I love how much she cares for Rumple.

3. Your least favourite male character?
Charming as he just gets on my nerves after a while but his romance scenes with Snow are cute.

4. Your least favourite female character?
I love so many of the female characters..I guess Aurora. I never seen Sleeping Beauty and never really liked Aurora so I didn't love her in ouat either.

5. Your favourite villan?
The Evil Queen is my favourite villan but not by must I love Rumple aswell. Regina just has the evil edge to her that I love even when she softens out she's not afraid to use her power.

6. Your favourite scene?
OMG! There's sooo many!! I do love all the Captain Swan moments with Emma and Hook especially one of the most recent moments in Series 3 when Hook tells Emma he glad she heartbroken as he knows her heart still works :)

7. Your favourite ships? 
Captain Swan (emma and hook) all the way! I've never got into shipping really but I ship Captain Swan so bad. Everytime they have a moment I just feel like squeeling and jumping in the air because they are too cute. I also love Rumbelle (rumple and belle) because they are just to adorable together ♥ I just remember one of the most recent ships that I made is Regina and Robin Hood, their few moments together are so cute and sarcistic.. I loved them together :)

8. Your favourite friendship?
Probably Snow and Red in the Enchanted Forest. I love how they run with each other and protect each other. Red even risks her life to help Snow get away. They are so sweet to each other and are totally cool at the same time.

9. Saddest moment?
Definately when Rumple sacfrifes himself for the others and then Emma and Henry have to stay in the real world and the others have to go back to the enchanted forest to crush other curse set by Peter Pan. When they are saying their goodbyes I almost cried and then they had to cross the town line and I just felt empty..

10. Funniest moment?
There is loads to be honest but I love when they make Disney refences especially when Hook asked Emma if he was good looking and Emma just laughed. That made me laugh so much :) And when Emma does a speech to bring everyone together eventhough everyone hates everyone and Hook says he fancies Emma!

11. Your favorite badass scene?
When Snow yells at Regina (FINALLY) on the way to Neverland after Regina keeps insulting and making fun of her. I love this because Snow finally stands up for herself and acts more like the feisty Snow in the Enchanted Forest. 

12. Favorite kiss?
When Lacey gets the potion and remembers that she is actually Belle and kisses Rumple straight away.

13. Do you want to the Evil Queen to get her happy ending? why/why not?
This is difficult because I love Regina but I would love Henry to stay with Emma and I feel that Regina's happy ending would be with Henry. I really want Regina to get her happy ending because she has had a trouble childhood and has done alot of terrible things but she has put right and become a nicer person to people Henry cares about. I hope that Robin Hood with eventually end up with Regina so his son can be Regina's henry again.

 14. Your favourite OMFG moment?
There are many twists and turns that the genius writers put in that there are so many OMFG moments. I have to say my most recent OMFG moments have been when I found out Rumple was Peter Pan's son..I was in shock for like 10 mins. I didn't see that coming what so ever! I also was shocked when Zelena (the wicked witch) had Rumple, who was meant to be dead, in her basement thing! I couldn't believe it..I was just 'What the hell?!?!'.

15. Which side are you on? Good or evil?
Well it depends if Hook's on the evil side....

16. Your favourite OUAT outfit?
I love most of Belle's outfits and love seeing her in every episode to see her outfit. They are all so sweet yet elegant. I love them. I also love Tinkerbell's outfit as it is the original leafy green but more modern. Oh and Emma famous red leather jacket :D

17. Your favourite episode of Series 1?
I acutally can't remember most of the epsiodes properly in Series 1 as I watch them last summer but I remember loving the episode 'Hat Trick' about the Mad Hatter story and how he locked Emma and Snow in his house and became a totally physo to get Emma to make his hat work to send him home. It was a very fast-paced interesting episode that I remember loving.

18. Your favourite actor?
Colin O'Donoghue is my favourite actor is the show. I love his character and plus he sexy so that helps :)

19. Your favourite actress?
I have three either Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Emilie de Ravin as I love all their characters and their acting is awesome too. 

20. Your favourite OUAT quote?
I love Rumple's 'Magic always comes with a price' and I love when Snow tells Henry that fairytales are written for hope and that your happy ending may not be what you expect but that is what will make it so special. 

 21. Your favourite backstory (of any character)?
I really loved Emma and Neal's backstory in Tallahassee. I thought is was showed in an amazing way and the story was great how it linked up. I always wanted to know how Emma ended up in jail and why she hated her ex so much. I also understood why Emma found it so hard to trust people.

22. Something you want to see/find out that hasn't been revealed yet?
I really don't know..I want to know more about Hook's backstory really, how he got out of neverland and what did he do there when he was there. I also want to know more about Emma and her past.

 23. Any prop you could take from the set?
The chipped cup from Belle and Rumple as it is just a lovely little reminder of their love together. I also love Emma's red jacket and yellow car as I think that symbolises OUAT to me.

24. If you could be anyone from the Enchanted Forest or Storybrooke, who would it be?
I don't know because they have all had really tough times but probably Emma even though she had a tough past she is strong now and has two amazing parents, a curious son, awesome/random powers and Hook's always near by..and if I was Emma I wouldn't turn him down..

25. Your favourite character entrance?
I don't know really, I quite like Hook's entrance when he just appears and then Emma pins him to a tree. I find it quite funny and charming actually. 

26. A character you would like to see more of?
I would love to see more on Tinkerbell although I don't know if we will ask we are now back in Storybrooke and out of Neverland but Tinkerbell has always been one of my favourite characters and I feel the writers could have some real cheeky fun with her. 

27. Favourite location/set?
I loved Neverland even though it was super dark but I love Gold's shop with all the pieces from the enchanted forest in. You can see so many different things each time and I think it is just really cool.

28. Storybrooke or the Enchanted forest?
I'm not a outdoor forest type of girl so Storybrooke would suit me more and I love the characters there together. I do love the Enchanted forest as they are all their characters but I more of a Storybrooke girl at heart.

29. Your favourite fairytale? Did you like the OUAT version?
My favourite fairytale has always been Peter Pan if that counts. I kinda of liked the OUAT version but I didn't take to Peter Pan being a villan very well...I love Hook in this version and the evil Peter Pan was a nice twist and very OUAT style but I think I will stick to my Disney Peter Pan. I loved how Rumple was the crocodile though..I thought that was a cool touch :)

30. What got you interested in Once Upon a Time?
I heard alot about it and read about Series 3 being in Neverland and knew that I had to watch it. I researched abit about it and wondered why I had never seen it before. I talked to my friend and she watches it and she said I would like it so I saw the Series 1 DVD and bought it and my obsession went from there. Series 1 and 2 had already premiered in the UK by then but it only took me about 3 months or so to watch them all as I watched 2 a night!

That's it for the OUAT tag. I'm sorry if this wasn't your thing or you couldn't read the spoilers but another post will be coming soon :') Now I want to watch it!

Bye Lovelies  ♥

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