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Current I am...♥ April 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I have now got over my flu finally! I'm so happy to be well again and now it's the Easter holiday or spring break I think if you live in America. I saw this on a blog that I have been loving recently called Dreaming Again and thought I might aswell do this as a kind of middle of the month life update thing :) I thought it would be good to look back in a few months and laugh at what I was doing..so let's capture this moment together! 

Currently I am...


Reading...My Brilliant Life and Other Disasters by Catherine Wilkins, which is a like teen diary book.
Watching...Frozen naturally. I can't let it go ;)
Playing...The Sims 3 on my PC as always!
Trying...to catch up with Once Upon a Time Series 3.
Eating...Loads of Greggs Frozen pasties from Iceland, they are so good!
Drinking...I'm actually really thirsty at the moment but I'm loving peach squash at the moment.
Cooking...I don't cook ah!
Calling...I don't call anyone any more ah, only my parents :)
Texting...my friends about meeting up this easter ;)
Pinning...I don't use pinterest, sorry :/
Tweeting...I don't really tweet either, only look at other peoples and post blog updates :') remember to tweet me at @gina_helen ♥
Crafting...My scrapbook at the moment mostly Disney ah!
Doing...blogging, listening to youtube and downloading stuff for sims. I'm a real multi-tasker!
Going...Nowhere at the moment, enjoying relaxing in my pjs with my family and guinea pigs :D
Loving...Frozen and all Disney, that wasn't much of a surprise was it! Oh and it's the Easter break so no school :D
Hating...that we have no DVD in my living room so I can't watch Frozen in there :(  and that the guinea pigs are now sleeping in their hutch in the shed instead of inside so I can't see them in the morning :(
Enjoying...time off school relaxing and feeling free :)
Thinking...what I'm writing about now ah and what I going to do this break.
Feeling...I'm actually feeling really happy this break. I have needed this break for so long and I'm just loving being free and relaxing :) I also happy that I'm feeling better and that I'm not ill for the break.
Hoping...that my Dad buys a DVD player really soon and that Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy comes out on DVD soon, ah really random right?! I also hope that I can stay this happy for a while :)
Listening (to)...Calling all Hearts by DJ Cassidy ft.Robin Thicke and Jessie J, it's such a good tune, and the Frozen soundtrack :')
Celebrating...I don't really think I'm celebrating anything, probably getting this far in the school year ;)
Thanking...I'm here and feeling good with life at the moment. I'm also thanking my amazing support network with my friends and family through my tough times ♥
Considering...get something to eat, ah always food!
Finishing...this blog post ;) 
Starting...the Easter break with a smile and positive attitude which is a big thing for me :')

I'm letting go and I hope you are too :')

Bye Lovelies ♥

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Andie said...

this is so cool :)