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Living With Aspergers: Being True to Yourself. You are Awesome!

Hey Lovelies! I have two posts planned for today including another review. I felt it was time for another chapter in my Aspergers book since I missed out January..oops ;) Today is all about being true to yourself and who you are because you are awesome!

So when I first made this blog I didn't except many views at all and just wanted to express myself somewhere. Then I started really enjoying it and found out that my Disney posts got alot of views. I decided that this blog would be focused mainly on Disney since that's what I obsess over. Until last year I only really had one obsession at once but recently I've opened my eyes to loads of other amazing things including Ever After High, Barbie, My Little Pony...you get the point ;) I started posting other things than Disney and realised they weren't as popular. I felt controlled by people again to do what they want and that wasn't the fun I used to have blogging but over the past few days I've realised I can do what I want, it's MY blog! If I wanna post about My Little Pony 5 times in a row I can, if I wanna do kids reviews I can!! I don't care if nobody cares, I do :)

In the past year I also discovered myself and embraced who I am. For the past few years I tried to fit in by loving vintage, floral patterns, fashion, makeup and really girly things. I changed my whole bedroom using floral prints and little girly things like pretty cake stands with perfumes on and little pots with makeup. I changed parts of my look trying out makeup, sandals, straight hair and frilly white socks. I realised throughout last year that that wasn't me! I wanted an awesomely cool colourful bedroom full of things I love like Disney, dolls and video games. I wanted to wear comfy clothes, nike trainers, natural hair and no makeup. If I wanted to wear a Disney top, leggings or shorts and my high tops instead of a cropped top, skirt/booty shorts and sandals or wedges. If you love to dress like that then embrace it, good for you but be aware that there are different people in this world who don't but they are trying. 
Don't get my wrong I LOVE girly things like fluffy cute things, princesses, dresses and unicorns but I also LOVE comfy clothes, video games and thrill, adventure and speed! When I read about aspergers, they say some people are tomboys and I always thought I'm not as I love girly things but my girly things are slighter younger than what a 15 year old is meant to like. I'm not concerned with boys, gossip, horror movies, the big top 40 and makeup..I like video games, adventure/fantasy movies, soundtracks and alternative music, childish things and comfy clothes..and I fine with that!

I'm not full toyboy in anyway but I just don't seem to care right now about all those important teen girl things that your meant to love! I will use any excuse to wear a tiara and look like a Disney princess and you won't see me in a football top anytime soon but I won't be perfecting my makeup either! To concluded I'm abit of a mixture and that is super awesome in my opinion and I LOVE myself no matter what!

No one can make you feel inferior. Not without your consent. 
- Blair Willows, Barbie Princess Charm School

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