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My Top 10 Tips for Disneyland Paris

Since the 25th anniversary is just around the corner for Disneyland Paris, I thought I'd share my Top 10 Tips. I've been to Disneyland Paris 3 times now and I'm going again this year for the celebration so I'm pretty knowledgeable about the whole experience. These are pretty basic tips, but some that people forget or if your a first timer this will be perfect! 

1. Stay in a Disney Hotel

Now this one isn't necessary but I have stayed off and on site and found last year when I stayed in a Disney hotel that is was much easier, you also feel more part of the magic in my opinion. The shuttle buses run more frequently and after the park closes too, which is great as you don't have to queue for ages for a taxi (done that..it wasn't fun!). You can also enjoy Extra Magic Hours in the morning, which I'll talk about in abit. 

2. Photopass & Fastpass

In 2014, Disneyland Paris included Photopass+, which lets you have your photo taken by cast members during selected character meets & areas and you also get all the ride photos that are taken. You can get it cheaper before you go or pay more when you get there, if you forget or can't book beforehand. Everyone with their ticket gets a fastpass. At selected rides you can register a time to come back so you don't have to wait forever to ride. But be careful as you can only use your fastpass on one ride at a time!

3. Early Magic Hours

If your staying in a Disney hotel you will have access to Early Magic Hours. These selected times depend on when your staying but usually are the first two hours before the park opens! During Early Magic Hours, selected lands & rides will be open & you can meet classic characters like Mickey & Minnie on Main Street. 

4. 60 Day Restaurant Booking

60 days before you stay you can book up certain restaurants to make sure you go where you want to. If you interested in Character Dining, I would recommend booking before you go as these experiences get booked very quickly & are very busy! You can also book the show Buffalo Bill's Wild West, 3 months in advance which I would also recommend if your using a food plan and can't book before that.

5. Get the App

Disneyland Paris has it very own app that tells you all you need to know including the most important thing wait times! Instead of walking all the way to your favourite ride for the wait to be over 60 mins that you can't wait, look at the app and it should tell you how long it is. 

6. Check Social Media for Advice & Help

This might seem weird but there are tons of groups on facebook to help you with your planning and holiday. Some of my favourites are: Disneyland Paris for Brits, Disneyland Paris Group for Brits Est2015 and The Magic of Disneyland Paris. Everyone is super helpful in asking any questions you might have & people also share their journeys so you can see pictures and trip reports on some of the best things! Another helpful page is ED92 on facebook or twitter, this amazing page tells you all the Disneyland Paris news and where and if characters are out unplanned! 

7. Priority & Easy Access Card

This won't apply to everyone but since this helps me I thought I share it. If you have a disability of some kind, whether physical, mental or even pregnant you could be entitled for an Easy Access or Priority Card. I can't share too much on this and I don't know a great deal but I know that twice that I have been there since being diagnosed with autism that I have got a Green card that has helped so much! There are two types of of cards, Easy Access for guests with a temporary illness & Priority for guests who are registered disabled. 
In order to try and get these passes you must have a disability card, European disabled parking badge, other official documents issued in your country of residence, war disability card, a medical certificate (original copy) in either French or English, issued less than three months previously and signed and stamped by the doctor, certifying that the person has a permanent disability.
 I have used a pass for the past 2 times I've been and it helps so much, being able to get on rides quicker, seeing characters sooner or getting a time to come back instead of queueing and getting restless.  
There is ALOT of other information about helpers, carers & conditions on the website here, if your interested in this.

8. Disney Express Luggage Service

If your staying in a Disney Hotel & travelling by Eurostar , this is another perk! You can pay for your bags to be carried from the station to your hotel so you can go and enjoy the parks straight away! I used this last time I went and it was so easy. All you have to do is take your bags to the Disney Express Counter in the station and then go and enjoy the parks! 
Again there is more information here.

9. Meal Plans & Food Vouchers

Again if your booking with a Disney Hotel you have the choice to pay for a Meal Plan. This means you can choose from 4 different levels, which pays for different restaurants. You pay for your meal plan with booking and when you get there you get these vouchers that can be used at selected restaurants depending on what level you chose. It means you can dine at different restaurants without worrying about meal budget during your stay as it's all paid for unless you need to top up. 
Meal plans are changing on the 29th March though so if your interested or have booked a meal plan and are confused that a look at this on the website.

10. Be Early for Parades & Shows & Characters

One of my favourite things at Disneyland Paris are the shows, parades & character meets but you do have to remember to be pretty early. People can start queueing or sitting on the pavements waiting for characters and parades way before they start. I would recommend if you want a good view to be ready to wait a while in one spot. I remember when I saw Dreams for the first time I wanted to stand near the front so we waiting in our spot on the pavement for nearly an hour or more! It's always worth it though in the end, believe me! 

Those are all my tips but I'd be happy to answer any questions you have :) 
Hope this helps someone!

Disney Wishlist February 2017

Wow life was been so crazy! Big news first, my family is moving! Now before all the crazy ideas of where go through your head, I'm not moving far. I'm literally moving about 15 minutes away from where I live now but I love it and can't wait to move in and redo my room again!
I will still be blogging but they might not be a frequent as I will be super busy packing & I'm also going to school now.  Anyway, let's get on this today's post, which is a Disney Wishlist for February! I always have so many things I want to buy so I thought why not share them with you!

1. Be Our Guest Bowl - I've been looking at this range of Beauty and the Beast tableware for ages as they are sold in WDW. Luckily last week The Disney Store UK brought them out online! I seriously want the whole set of plates, bowls & mugs for the new house..if you going to eat, might aswell eat in Disney style!

2. Lumiere & Cogsworth Plush - These have been out for a while now but I still haven't got them as I just had no room. I have Belle, Beast & Gaston so I need Lumiere & Cogsworth and now I'm moving and have more room to display my collection, I would really love them! The details and personality coming out of them is perfect.

3. Tinkerbell MXYZ Phone Holder & Figural Pen - I already loved the MXYZ range as it's super cute & kawaii but when they added Tinkerbell it just killed me! If you know me you'll know Tink is one of my favourites and she looks ADORABLE! I need the little figural pen as it's too cute, just look at her shoes!! The phone holder is pretty cute too, just a nice decoration. 

4. Disney Tradition Lady and the Tramp - Since Christmas I've been really getting into Disney Traditions and the one I would love to most right now is this Lady and the Tramp piece celebrating the 60th Anniversary. I think it captures the characters really well & I don't have much Lady and the Tramp but I love this.

5. Funko POPs - I'm not the biggest fan of Funko Pop's as I prefer other figures but as soon as they announced Gaston I knew I needed him. Gaston is one of my favourite characters & there is no way near enough merchandise for him or other villains. I also need Moana for my princess shelf, plus I love her & her uniqueness.

6. Stained Glass Rose Pin - This pin actually comes from the US but I love it. It's a stain glass version of the rose from Beauty and the Beast. I think it's perfect and I need it, so I'm on the hunt! I think I've hopefully found one so let's hope together!

That's my wishlist for February. I really enjoyed doing this so I'll probably do it more often :)
Do you have a Disney wishlist?