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My Little Pony SDCC News!

Hey Guys! So the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is going on right now and that means loads of new news for some many fandoms including My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. The main panel for the show was yesterday and we got some great news and new clips so I'm going to share them all here and give my opinions. 
Since I'm using new information about upcoming episodes, seasons and movies, this post is 

So I'm gunna start of with my opinions on the notes that were given first :)
  • Today's episode starts with Rainbow Power and Luna going Nightmare Moon Mode - I'm so excited, it sounds epic!
  • Every season they try to push flash further and further as their equipment and skills improve. They always challenge themselves to make the episodes more awesome. - I already think that the animation is amazing and I'm excited to see how much better they can make it :)
  • Excellent dialogue between Lyra and Bonbon (Ashleigh Ball and Andrea Libman). Lyra jealous of Bonbon staring at Applejack - This sounds super interesting..more Lyra and Bonbon?
  • Awesome animatic with a song from Lena Hall played - We got a clip of this and it's breathtaking..more about that later ;)
  • Fluttershy has a brother. We will see him soon! - WTF?! What is with all these ponies keeping family member a secret for ages..it's Season 5 and we haven't even heard of Fluttershy's brother?! She has beat Twilight on who can keep their brother a secret the longest ;)
  •  Apple Family stuff on the way, with Hearthswarming Eve episode on the way for it. - I LOVE the Apple Family so I'm really excited for this and I loved the last Heathswarming Eve episode so this should be great :)
  • Season 6 currently being recorded - YAY MORE PONIES!
  •  You may see a return of a villain or two, but not in the way we think. - Damn..so secretive! I have no clue what this could have to do with but it sounds EPIC!
  • Jayson is currently working on the movie - join the hype train for the movie!
  • New character coming: Orchard Blossom. Meghan thinks shes hilarious. - I'm really excited for this! I love new characters especially funny ones ;)
  • Starlight Glimmer is coming back! - OMG WTF?! I knew she was gunna come back but now I'm really scared...she creeps me out so badly!
Now onto some of the questions from the Q & A, that I found the most interesting :)
  •  Q: Will Gilda come back in season 6?
     A: Lets just worry about season 5! - OMG MORE POSSIBLE GILDA, YES!! 
  • Q: What season are the CMC Getting their cutie marks?
    A: When they deserve them. They asked if they want them to get their marks, and all the kids said yes. - HURRY UP AND GET THEM ALREADY..IT'S KILLING ME!
  •  Q: Are they going to involve Pinkie pies sister in any other big episodes?
    A: Maud and all the pies are coming. - AHAA! YAY, I LOVE THE PIE FAMILY! WAY TO HYPED FOR THIS!!
  • Q: Are we going to run into the original sunset shimmer human?
  • Q: Are we ever going to see more sons based on other musicals?
    A: They take a lot of inspiration from everything music wise. They keep trying new things. He thinks we will be happy. Frozen vibes on the way.  - IF YOU DON'T KNOW I LOVE FROZEN, SO THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! 
  • Q: Will there ever be an episode where one of the mane 6 helps a pony out with autism?
  • Q: Will there be any news about Cadance and Shining having a foal?
    A: A very long maaaybe? What happens in crystal empire stays in crystal empire. - THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN, IT WOULD BE WAY TO CUTE!!
  •  Q: What would happen to each of the mane 6 if the rainboom didn't happen?
  • Q: Are we ever going to find out everyone's greatest fear?
    A: They have a fun episode coming up about being afraid of things, showing what each of the characters find scary. - I'M WAY TO OVER EXCITED ABOUT THIS BUT IT SOUNDS AWESOME!
  • Q: Will any new characters be introduced to Twilight and the Mane 6?
  • Q: Will they bring Sunset Shimmer back into the pony world?
    A: They have played around with the idea. Maybe! - OMG PONY SUNSET SHIMMER, YES!
  • Q: Is Discord going to appear in Equestria Girls?
    A: You will see! - THIS WOULD BE AWESOME! 
That's the end of the Q & A questions that I found the most interesting but you can read it all here, which is where I got all my information :) 
Now onto the best bits, THE NEW CLIPS! 

So these clips are only drawn at the moment but they look and sound amazing.
First up we have the Season 5 Finale Sneak Peek! 

Anyway, I cannot wait for this finale as it just looks amazing from this 2 minute clip. I knew Starlight Glimmer would be back but she creeps me out more this time than in the premiere..she just seems more evil..and her plans scare me.. 
During the Q & A, someone asked what would happen if the rainboom never happened that originally connected them all and gave them all their cutie marks..and the answer was wait till the finale, so I'm way to excited! The first thing that pops into my mind is Time Travel as we have seen it's possible in 'It's About Time' and it would explain why Twilight is giving a lecture at the beginning all about that moment. The theme this season is Cutie Mark Magic so that would also make sense. I'm really excited for this finale and it kind of feels like Magical Mystery Cure if it was done in 2 parts and not as rushed.

So we found out a while ago that Lena Hall was going to feature in an episode of My Little Pony. I didn't know who Lena Hall was actually until I research and found out she was a Tony Award winning musical actress and now I've heard this song I can see why, it's breathtaking. During the Q&A, we were told that they had used a Frozen vibe to one of the songs and I feel it's this one as all I can feel is Let it Go. Alot of people are already thinking about who this pony is. My first thought was a celebrity pony who needed help and after reading comments and watching it again I noticed different things. Applejack tears up during the song so she must be a family member or someone extremely close to her as nobody else is crying. People are suggesting it's AJ mum and she was ashamed that her cutie mark wasn't an apple so she ran off and the map calls them to help her but then we see the CMC and I'm not sure why they would be there. I also noticed that when she shows her cutie mark, they is a big light kind of like when we see the Mane 6 get their cutie marks in 'The Cutie Mark Chronicles' so is she an adult blank flank and just gets her cutie mark while singing and accepting who she is?? I'm not sure but either way the song is beautiful and I've heard it over 10 times now. It could be my favourite song of the season..or even the whole show! It just reminded me why I love these little ponies and gave me hope for the future :)

So that's all I'm sharing today from SDCC, hope your as excited as I am :) 
Bye Guys!

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games Trailer: First Thoughts!



 So this time it's all about the Friendship Games and competition between the two rivalling schools, Canterlot High and Crystal Prep. When it's announced by Principal Celestia, nobody seems too thrilled. Sunset Shimmer is confused as she thought the games were about getting along but Applejack explains that it's hard to get on with something who beats you at everything. 
We also get our first look at the other Twilight. Since the movies started it has always required Equestria pony Twilight coming through a portal but it doesn't look like that will happen this time as they have introduced this world's Twilight. We saw her at the the end of Rainbow Rocks, studying Canterlot High and all the magic that has been going on and Pinkie talked about another Twilight who lives there with a dog called Spike but then it never got spoken about again..well till now.

Twilight actually goes to Crystal Prep aswell so plays against Canterlot High in the games. I don't know why but I always thought that Twilight was going to be like the villain in the movie, wanting to steal the other magic, but from the trailer it seems the girls know that this is the other Twilight and she seems abit misunderstood actually. After watching the trailer for the 100th time, I realised that Twilight wears a necklace throughout and it what she opens at the end of the trailer that makes the big explosion thing, so I feel that will play a massive part. When Sunset Shimmer tells everyone that magic has been popping up around the school during practise and pep rallies, we see a peek into the magical portal-looking thing and it kinda looks like the Everfree Forest..so do the worlds merge?! 

 Since it's the Friendship Games sport plays a big part and there are some really cool sports involved. From the trailer and dolls we can tell there is archery, motorcross and roller-skating. I'm not sure if there will be other mini ones with background ponies playing in or not at the moment, but that would be cool. I also love the new outfits, they are adorable! I love how they are all wearing dresses for school spirit and they better make dolls for them all as right now all I have seen is Pinkie and Rarity, and I would love a Dashie as she hardly ever wears dresses with like no leggings or anything! I also love Twilight's look with the super cute bun and glasses, it's very Twilight :) The design for the Crystal Prep characters look pretty awesome too especially the one who seems like the leader, who plays archery.

 As always with My Little Pony and Equestria Girls music is a must and this movie is no exception. I'm not sure if there were multiple songs in the trailer or just one that had been spilt up abit but either way the song/s played in the trailer were awesome! They sounded amazing and I'm super excited as the music is one of my favourite things about the TV show and movies :) I also love songs when they are singing in like a battle like Welcome to the Show from Rainbow Rocks and the song in the trailer kind of sounds like they are.

So whose team are you on? 
Wondercolts or Shadowbolts?

 I'm so excited! I literally can't wait :) I also have some PMVs I recently made that I added to my Youtube so check those out below!

 Hope you like them and I'm super excited for the movie to come out so I have more Equestria Girl clips to use! That's all for now, bye guys :)