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Happy Birthday Frozen ♥

I can't believe..actually I can..that it's been a year since Frozen graced our screens and took over the world! I remember seeing the first concept art for the movie and everyone slating it saying it looked terrible and then came the first look of Anna and everyone went crazy as she looks 'extactly' like Rapunzel. I remember seeing some other movie in the cinema and seeing the first teaser trailer with Olaf and Sven and getting so excited..and then the trailer came and I couldn't wait! I'd been excited since the beginning and thought it looked and sounded amazing and that day I went to see it in cinemas I fell in love with Frozen and it took over my life, literally. 

My love for Disney only grew bigger when I saw this and thought of how proud Walt would be if he saw this. I felt Disney actually grew during this movie as it really broke the sterotypical princess film. I fell in love with all the characters and to me Elsa and Anna are very real, they help me through daily struggles I face and mean the world to me. It might sound really stupid but I don't care. 

I was going through a really tough time when Frozen came out as I had just found out that I had Aspergers which was massive for me. Once I got diagonsed it struck me that I was different and didn't know if I belonged but watching Frozen really helped. I've said this alot in my blog posts but Elsa really helped me to come out of my shell and to just LET IT GO! I need to accept I was different and that was good and I'm perfect just the way I am. Not everybody ran away or left and most were very supportive, I just had to accept myself so they could accept me. 

It was also very touching as I have a younger sister, Zoe and we are pretty close. When I watch videos of my and my sister when I was younger I realised I was in my own little world and ignored her alot...that was just me..of course I was shutting her out to protect her from icy powers..I didn't even know I was ignoring her but now I do feel kinda bad I did. Even though me and my sister are very different, we still hang out and she understands me. I'm her Elsa and she's my Anna..we need each other to carry on :) 

Frozen has been such a massive part of my life and I'm glad it still is. Frozen is still one of my favourites and I hope that like The Lion King it continues to trumiph for many many many years! 

Happy Birthday Frozen! 

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