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My Current Obsessions! ♥ January 2015 ♥

Hey Lovelies! I have so many blog posts set up and I can't wait to post them all for you! I thought I would do a current obsessions since over the past year I have joined so many other fandoms and I love so many other things that I thought it would be worth it ;) I'm thinking of making a page about it since my blog is mainly about most of these things. There alot so better get going...

So of course my first obsession would have to be my biggest, which is Disney..if you didn't know ;) I've loved Disney since I was younger since my Dad is a massive fan himself but over the past years it has really taken over my life and I couldn't live without it! It means so much to me and it sounds stupid but all the characters are my friends :') I love Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies the most, oh and the musical ones! 

I have to follow Disney with their partner, Pixar! Pixar have made some of the best movies of my childhood. I have always felt Pixar are normally most emotional and scary than Disney movies but as I grown up, my love for Pixar has just grown :) 

Next on my obsession is one of my favourites the web series, Ever After High. It tells the stories of the daughters and sons of fairytale characters and how they had to fulfil their destinies but when Raven Queen, the daughter of the Evil Queen, doesn't want to follow her destiny the school changes forever! I love this show so much and can't wait for Spring Unsprung!! My favourite has to be Madeline Hatter as she is just too adorable ♥

It would only make sense to introduce this as my next obsession since it is like a sister to Ever After High. I'm talking about Monster High of course! I only recently got into Monster High over Christmas and I actually was surprised when I liked it. I haven't seen the web series as the animation isn't too great but I love the movies so much so I will keep to watching those. 13 Wishes is my favourite movie by far and I can't wait till Haunted :') 

This is actually my newest obsession but properly one of my favourites! I only started watching it 2 days ago but I'm obsessed! I absolutely love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it is just so good. I love all the different characters and personalities but my favourite is Rainbow Dash..if you haven't guessed by the banner ;) I'm only on Series 1 so I have some catching up to do but I can't wait!!

My next obsession is one I've had for a while but never really gone full obsession with it. I remember watching the 12 Dancing Princesses and absolutely loving every minute but then I saw Swan Lake and it scared me to death! I know alot of people who grew up with the classic Barbie movies don't really like the newer ones but I do. My favourite is Barbie Princess Charm School by far but I love like The Princess and Popstar, Mermaid Tale 2 and The Secret Door. Barbie just makes me happy and that ok right?!

The next one is abit different to my other obsession since it is aimed at children over 5 ;) Marvel is my next obsession. I really love superheros so much..way too much actually..and I get into the movies too much aswell! My favourites are The Avengers but I also all the others. I remember growing up watching Fantastic Four movies since they were on all the time for some weird reason! My favourite is Captain America and Iron Man but I also Black Widow and Hulk alot. I'm super excited for Avenger 2 and the new Fantastic Four reboot movie!!

As many of you know I'm a massive Once Upon a Time fan and have seen all the episodes so far. My favourite character is Hook..duh?! I also love Regina and I loved Elsa and Anna when they were on the show. The Frozen season was definitely my favourite of all the seasons as it had the best story line in my opinion and I didn't get bored :) I can't wait for the Villain season in March!! 

So I thought this deserved it's own category even though it's still My Little Pony. This is actually what got me obsessed with My Little Pony in the first place. I saw the Equestria Girls movies on Netflix and decided to try them out and I got addicted! I sat and watched both movies in one day and loved them both especially Rainbow Rocks because so much music! My favourite is still Rainbow Dash...surprise surprise ;) This is actually quite strange for me since I normally like the girly ones and Rainbow Dash is probably the most tomboyish in the group but I love her so much aha! 

And that's it for my January Current Obsessions! I have defiantly widen my likes in the past year from just Disney and I'm proud of myself. I think Disney, Ever After High and My Little Pony/Equestria Girls are my favourites but I do love them all :) Until next time..bye lovelies ♥

January Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ So it's been a few weeks I think since I last blogged but I just been unwell and not in the mood to blog but I felt a little spark of inspiration so I decided it was time to try again and blog :) I have alot of blog posts set up including disney merchandise, reviews and collections, don't be afraid to request anything! Anyway let's get on with my January Favourites...


I've been LOVING music this month! My January playlist might be my favourite ever as they music is just perfect ♥ As you know if you've been following my blog I have been loving Wicked for a good few months obsessively now and the love is only growing stronger! My newest musical that I'm in LOVE with is Into the Woods. I never got to see the broadway version but I absolutely love the new Disney movie (review coming soon) and the music is some of the best soundtrack music I've ever heard, I can't stop listening..I'm actually listening now! I also love the Cinderella trailer music, which I found on youtube and it just purely stunning ♥ Lastly I have been watching and listening non-stop to Barbie like the 6 year old I am!


I finally got Disney Magical World 3DS for Christmas and it is just amazing! I've never been to any Disney Park other than Disneyland Paris and I don't go there everyday so for me this game is more than just another game, it's my escape :) I've also playing Sims 4 abit since the newest game pack released 'Outdoor Retreat' and it's been good actually.


My two favourite movies this month was pretty easy as two favourite films came out this month for the UK :) I will start with my favourite movie right now which is Into the Woods. I will doing a full review and soundtrack review soon but for now I will just say...it seems kinda like marmite, you either love it or hate it but go and see it and decide for yourself! My other favourite movie has to be Big Hero 6, which still isn't out in the UK yet why?!? Anyway it's finally out this friday, YAY! So go and see it..and bring plenty of tissues!!


I was able to buy The Art of Big Hero 6 and it is just another stunning Disney art book. I absolutely love these kind of books to pieces and will be trying to do an overview soon so you can just embrace the beauty of this book. It contains so many great concept pictures and some of the art is just so different. It really shows how much effort when to make another Disney masterpiece. 


I only got this app a few days ago since I had seen alot of people sharing pictures and things from it so I decided to dive in and give it a try. I was actually surprised and really like looking at it everyday and some of the things I said make me laugh way too much!


So I've never properly watched Celebrity Big Brother all the way through before but my sister got me into it and now I'm addicted! It makes me laugh so much since they are all so ridiculous! But the real question is..are you Team Perez or not ;) Dance Moms also started again on Lifetime last Monday and I just love it so damn much even though it's so stupid but it entertains me so oh well!


My favourite toy this month has to be my Baymax plush. I love Baymax too much and he just makes me feel safe. I really want an inflatable Baymax like in the picture on the right..so if anyone can get me one, thankyou in advance ;) I need a real Baymax in my life and if nobody invents him in the next few years I will, aha! I'm being totally serious when I say once you see the movie you will love him even more ♥

That's my January Favourites, can you believe it's actually the end?! This favourite post might actually be my favourite of them all actually :')

Before I end I have to add this in for my sister Zoe as I know it makes her laugh and it's probably her favourite part! 

Anyway until next time, bye lovelies ♥ (link will follow below)

Into The Woods Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pjy5MK1X70
Big Hero 6 Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IdMPpKMdcc&spfreload=10
Into the Woods Soundtrack - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Into-Woods-Various-Artists/dp/B00PKXPFW0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1422388133&sr=8-2&keywords=into+the+woods
Cinderella Trailer Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Paqvq7XZGs
Wicked Soundtrack - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wicked-Original-Broadway-Cast-Recording/dp/B000GPAPW2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422388171&sr=8-1&keywords=wicked
Barbie Soundtracks - http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=barbie&rh=n%3A229816%2Ck%3Abarbie
Disney Magical World 3DS - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Disney-Magical-World-Nintendo-2DS/dp/B00MOJLJBY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422388221&sr=8-1&keywords=disney+3ds
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/buy/sims-4/pc-download/addon/the-sims-4-outdoor-retreat
Art of Big Hero 6 - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Art-Big-Hero-6/dp/1452122210/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422388249&sr=8-1&keywords=art+of+big+hero+6
TimeHop - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/timehop/id569077959?mt=8
Dance Moms - http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/dance-moms
CBB - http://www.channel5.com/shows/celebrity-big-brother
Baymax Plush - SOLD OUT but normally find on Disney Store

Currently I Am ♥ January 2015 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm not great at all right now but I haven't blogged in a few days and thought why not? It is only going to be a basic simple post since my mind just isn't in the right place to do anything serious or big but nevertheless enjoy!

Reading...the newest ever after high book with all different stories in it :)  
Watching...celebrity big brother..I blame my sister..it's addictive!
Playing...my magical disney world on 3DS. I need to do a review soon!  
Trying...to feel better everyday :')  
Eating...alot of crisps and cheese strips by Dairylea!  Drinking...lots of tea and apple juice :)  
Cooking...i've been baking some disney cakes recently.  Calling...nobody..    
Texting...my friend about pintrading and disney as always..it never ends!  
Pinning...loads of big hero 6 ♥  
Tweeting...about disney..forever and forever...  
Crafting...nothing at the moment really..but I wanna scrapbook soon :)  
Doing...alot of instagramming!   
Going...to see Into the Woods tomorrow with my Dad and I can't wait!  
Loving...the new Ever After High and Monster High dolls being released..oh and pins!!  
Hating...that Big Hero 6 isn't in UK cinemas yet but is on DVD in the US next month! 

Enjoying...cuddling my baymax plush daily :)   
Thinking...about how adorable my new weighted blanket will look when I get it! 

Feeling...excited for my birthday even though it's only january, aha!   
Hoping...that I feel better soon ♥   
Listening (to)...barbie, fall out boy (immortals), wicked, into the woods and many others!   
Celebrating...that my family is so supportive and amazing ♥♥♥ Thanking...my family for being so super amazing and supportive and patient with me ♥  
Considering...my future..which path to take..  
Finishing...my nesting doll pin set soon, yay! 
Starting...to live each day as it comes :')

January 2015 Playlist ♥

Hey Lovelies! It's been a while since I made a music playlist but last time I made one I really loved it and it also seemed to get alot of views so I hope you enjoy my January Playlist..oh and don't expect loads of top 40 hits ;)

1. Immortals - Fall Out Boy from Big Hero 6
2. On the Steps of the Palace - Anna Kendrick from Disney Into the Woods
3. I Believe - Christina Perri from Pan
4. Take on the World - Girl Meets World
5. Opening Sequence song - Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

6. Popular - Wicked
7. What is this Feeling? - Wicked
8. I'm Not that Girl - Wicked
9. No Good Deed - Wicked
10. For Good - Wicked

11. The Wizard and I - Wicked
12. Top of the World - Greek Fire
13. Harlem - New Politics
14. Ever After High theme song - Ever After High
15. We are Monsters - Monster High

16. Last All Night - Oliver Heldens (feat.KStewart)
17. Up - Olly Murs (feat.Demi Lovato)
18. Real Love - Clean Bandit & Jess Glyne
19. Night Changes - One Direction
20. Blank Space - Taylor Swift

21. Heroes (we could be) - Alesso (feat.Tove Lo)
22. Here I Am/Princesses wanna have fun - Barbie: The Popstar and the Princess
23. I wish I had her life - Barbie: The Popstar and the Princess
24. Perfect Day - Barbie: The Popstar and the Princess
25. To be a Princess/Popstar - Barbie: The Popstar and the Princess

26. Look how high we can fly - Barbie: The Popstar and the Princess
27. If I had Magic - Barbie and The Secret Door
28. What's Gonna Happen - Barbie and The Secret Door
29. The Rest of my Life - Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure
30. New York's Best Kept Secret - Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

That's my January Playlist! Hope I inspired you to listen to some of my favourite music for the past two months actually. You can find all these songs on youtube and some of them on spotify :) I will have the last of my Christmas posts and my other posts coming soon aswell. Bye Lovelies ♥

More Disney Questions! ♥ Big Hero 6, Frozen, Tangled and more!

Hey Lovelies ♥ Another Disney tag today since I enjoyed doing the BH6 one so much. I found this one on a picture of pinterest and I will link in at the bottom :) There is 39 questions so let's get started!

1. Favourite Character? 
I can't pick one but my favourite characters are Hiro, Elsa and Peter Pan followed by Baymax, Rapunzel and Tinkerbell :)

2. Favourite Villain?
I love the villains so much but my favourite has to be Scar followed closely by Dr Faciler, Captain Hook and Hades.

3. Favourite Hero?
I had search up a list of Disney heroes as I'm not sure who is actually classed as a hero but out of the first list I found my favourites have to be Hiro&Baymax, Flynn Rider, Kristoff&Sven, Hercules, Tarzan and Peter Pan :)

4. Favourite Heroine?
Again I had to search for a list and my favourites are Anna, Rapunzel, Belle, Honey Lemon, Meg.

5. Favourite Princess?
Elsa and Rapunzel even though Elsa is a queen ;) ...followed by Anna, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel. 

6. Favourite Prince?
Kristoff and Flynn but next is Naveen and Aladdin :)

7. Favourite Animal Sidekick?
Sven, Pascal, Flounder!

8. Favourite Human Sidekick?
What's does Olaf count as? Tinkerbell and Baymax :)

9. Favourite Princess Movie?
Frozen, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast!

10. Favourite Non-Princess Movie?
Peter Pan, Big Hero 6 and Lady and the Tramp ♥

11. Favourite scene? 
Peter Pan flying to Neverland,  Tangled lantern moment, Elsa letting go, Belle and Beast dancing and Baymax's first fist bump ♥♥

12. Favourite song?
Let it Go! I love loads of Disney songs but Let it Go is my favourite :)

13. Favourite couple?
Anna and Kristoff or Rapunzel and Flynn ♥♥

14. Favourite Kiss?
Belle and Beast, Anna and Kristoff, Rapunzel and Flynn :) 

15. Favourite Hair?
My favourite female hair is Elsa, Anna, Tinkerbell, Ariel and of course Rapunzel. My favourite male hair has to be Hiro and Flynn. 

16. Favourite Fairy?
I really love Periwinkle and Zarina from Disney Fairies but Tinkerbell is my all time favourite forever ♥

17. Favourite Dance?
Hands down Belle and Beast dance in the ballroom ♥

18. Favourite Sequel?
Peter Pan 2 is my favourite and I love it. I also think that Lion King 2 and The Little Mermaid 2 aren't that bad either :)

19. Favourite Outfit?
I love so many Disney outfits! I love all the princess outfits but my favourites have to be Elsa's ice dress, Anna's coronation dress, Belle's yellow ballroom dress, Rapunzel's dress and Tinkerbell's little green dress :) I love Peter Pan's and Flynn Rider's outfits too, oh and Honey Lemon's is super cute too!

20. Favourite wardrobe?
Ooo..I'm not sure probably either Anna or Belle's, I love all their outfits ♥ Had to add Anna's coronation dress..it's so pretty!

21. Favourite setting?
I'm a massive lover of the different Disney settings but my favourite's are San Fransokyo (BH6), Arendelle (Frozen), Corona (Tangled) and Neverland (Peter Pan) ♥

22. Favourite Disney soundtrack?
I'm obsessed with Disney music and listen to it on repeat but my favourite is Frozen. I also love Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules and Tarzan. I think I'm going to fall in love with the Into the Woods soundtrack!

23. Favourite Ride at Disneyland?
I've never been to Disneyland so I'm not sure what my favourite ride would be :/

24. Favourite Ride at DisneyWorld?
Again I've never been but I think I would love New Fantasyland :)

25. Favourite Resort at Disneyland?
Since I've never been I don't know but I'd love to stay in the main big one ♥

26. Favourite Resort at DisneyWorld?
I would love to stay in the Art of Animation Resort someday! 

27. Favourite Show at the Parks?
Disney Dreams! in Disneyland Paris is my favourite show and I think it will be for quite some time ♥

28. Favourite Restaurant at the Parks?
I love the Lucky Nugget at Disneyland Paris and I also love Cafe Mickey :)

29. Favourite Food at the Parks?
I love the Disney popcorn..it's so different to normal popcorn but I also love the Mickey Pretzels and Churros ♥

30. Favourite Face Character at the Parks?
I love the face characters in America more than in Disneyland Paris since they seem more like the actual character and I always think Merida, Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel are as cute as buttons :)

31. Favourite Piece of Disney Clothing?
Probably either my Disney mickey leggings, my Frozen hoodie or my Peter Pan top..I have alot of clothing!

32. Favourite Piece of Disney Accessory?
Mickey and Minnie Ears all the way!

33. Favourite Piece of Disney Merchendise?
I have so much but I'll always treasure my Disney art books, dvds, pins, plushies (especially baymax!) and my snowglobes. My Peter Pan snowglobe that I got for Christmas is probably my most treasured item ♥

34. Favourite Disney Pin?
My favourite pin is one I don't own yet but my favourite pin I own is probably my Disneyland Paris Teatime Macaroons :)

35. A Scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience?
Either going to Neverland with Peter Pan, meeting Baymax or the lights with Rapunzel :)

36. Which world/setting would you want to live in the most?
As I already said I would go to all my favourite settings including Sanfranokyo, Corona, Arendelle, Wonderland and Neverland :) 

37. Which Disney/Pixar character are you like the most?
I would say either Elsa, Hiro, Rapunzel or Peter Pan :) 

38. Which Disney/Pixar character do you relate to the most?
I seem to relate to Hiro at times but I relate most to Elsa from Frozen ♥

39. A scene/moment that never fails to make you cry or tear up? *SPOILERS TO SAD MOMENTS*
I have a few..
  • When Carl reads the Adventure Book and Ellie has left a message (UP)
  • When Peter Pan leaves (Peter Pan 2)
  • When Hiro says goodbye to Baymax (BH6)
  • When Tasdashi dies (BH6)
  • When Mufasa dies (TLK)
  • When Ray dies (TPATF)
  • When Sully has to leave Boo (Monsters Inc.)
  • When Beast is dying and talks to Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
and I think that's it, ahaa I cry way to many times!!

Anyway that's the tag over and alot of questions answered :) 

the tag btw :)

My Art of Big Hero 6 book has been dispatched today and will be here soon, I can't wait! Until next time..bye lovelies ♥