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My Overview of 2014 ♥

2014 is nearly over and it's been one magical year for me. I've grown so much over the past year and really found out who I am. I was thinking and I felt the need to do an overview of the year to really embrace how much I've gained in confidence and courage so join me in my magical journey through 2014..

We start in January, the beginning of 2014 and fresh start. I had really started to accept myself in the New Year as Frozen had really helped me embrace my difference and really shine. I bought my first ever Disney doll plush, which was Anna from Frozen, and for the first time I didn't feel embarrassed to be a 14 year old buying cuddle toys. It was a great feeling and I finally accepted myself for me! I remember I also started my Frozen collection that day as I bought some books and a poster and at that moment I could have never imagined how big my collection would be at the end of the year! January was a good start for me and that was only the beginning...

March was a massive month for me as it was my birthday month! I was turning 15 finally but I have to say my choice of presents was probably more like a 7 year old..I went to London to go to Oxford Street with my Mum and Auntie. I visited the Disney Store as that was my main reason for wanting to go to Oxford Street of course. It was amazing! If you want to hear a full post all about it and what I got you can read them here and here :) I also finally got to see Wicked in London for my Mum's birthday and it was breathtaking, I loved every minute! I hope to see it again someday as it really sparked my imagination. I'd love to see it in America on Broadway as I love the American accents to the songs! Frozen also came out on DVD at the end of March and I had preordered a few months before so I could get the extra goodies. I was actually ill that day and watched other Disney movies all day and when Frozen arrived in the post, I couldn't wait to finally watch it with my family! We all loved it and I wanna watch it with them all again soon ♥ 

May was a probably the best month of my year as I went back to Disneyland Paris! I convinced all my family that it was the best idea over going to a cold barn..and it was believe me! We had another magical time and I love every single moment. It was the Swing Into Spring Festival and it was super cute. We met some many amazing characters including Rapunzel (who I wanted to meet the most) and we saw all the shows and parades. I got to see Dreams! again and I fell in love all over again. I actually cried abit when I was walking out the park :'( I felt home and it was a great feeling. You can read all about my trip here, here, here, here, here and here! I'm now trying to persuade my parents to go for a short trip for my birthday as I just feel safe and home ♥ 

Summer 2014 was probably one of my best summers ever! We went aboard for the first time in over 5 years to Spain and it was amazing. We spent a week in beautiful villa with our own pool in Nerja. It was such a great holiday and we spent some of the most wonderful family time ever! We spent loads of time together enjoying the heat and fun of Spain :) I was really happy as I even found Disney in Spain including some cool Frozen things. We had non-stop smiles and happiness through our holiday and I can't wait to go back to Spain in 2015 for more family time ♥ 

We took another unexpected short break to my Mum's favourite place in the world, Cornwall. We had only booked to go a few weeks before but we really enjoyed it even though the first few days were so misty and foggy we couldn't see anything! It was really funny though as we were there during Halloween and the mist gave it the perfect spooky feel!! We stayed in a barn on a small family farm with sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats. I really enjoyed it and loved the sheep so much, I even bought a sheep plushie to remember them :) I was so happy when we were shopping one day and I found a clothing print shop and they were printing Frozen designs. I got a jumper and had Anna and Elsa printed on the back in silver glitter! I was the first ever person to get one and it was just magical ♥ 

So we got guinea pigs at the end of August last year and over this past year I've just grown closer and closer towards them. I love them so much and don't know how I lived without them. They are my little bundles of hope and faith and they mean so much to me. Whenever I'm sad or low I just give them a hug, they don't run away or say mean things to me..they are just quite and loving being hugged :) This month my Auntie got a new kitten called Purrrfect and he is a dark brown (charcoal) colour with big blue eyes. He is the cutest little kitten ever and I can't wait to see him when I visit my Auntie as he just always makes me smile and laugh. All my life I'm never liked animals at all, I've been afraid but since last year when my sister decided she wanted guinea pigs I've grown so much as now I love all animals and I'm not really scared of any pets I might run into :) 

Before I continue..I'm not saying that there aren't 'creepy' people online but most of them are nice..all I say is be careful. It's easy to get caught out, so stay safe and always tell your parents/carers if your talking to someone new online..anyway.. I'm not great at making or keeping friends when you have to see them 24/7 or talk for hours so over this past year I dived head first into the online community. I've been using Instagram for a while now but never really saw a point of it..now it's my life and it contains some of my best friends! I looked into different communities and found out that people still penpal but not just to your friends next door! I found out that people penpal and send things all around the world and that really started my online life. I started posting on my instagram more often and asking people if they wanted to penpal and now I write to loads of friends all over the globe! I have made some hopefully life long friends that I talk to daily on our social media and I really found my place. 
We're coming to the end of my overview of 2014 and the finish I needed to include Disney. Disney has been my escape this year BIG TIME! This year has been a rollercoaster of up and down emotions but I know that when I need to escape my real life, I can go to any place I want from Arendelle with Anna and Elsa to Neverland with Peter Pan and Pride Rock with Simba to Corona with Rapunzel..the worlds are endless and I can escape mine for a while. I use Disney everyday in my life to help me understand things and express my emotions. I couldn't live without Disney and over the past year I've talked to some amazing people who love Disney too. Thankyou Walt Disney for creating an escape for many people ♥ 

I can't believe that in just a few hours 2014 will be gone and January 2015 will arrive! I can't wait for the year ahead to grow more and more. I'm really embraced myself this year and even though I had extremely low points this year, I've never felt more happy to be me! My advice that I have learnt this year is..Do what makes you happy! 

I can't wait to keep blogging next year and sharing my journey and I hope you can come along once again for another magical ride...

Before I go I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year! 

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a magical day!

December Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!! I'm so excited that Christmas is nearly here.. can't you believe it?! So I've been thinking and I have decided that I will do my december favourites before Christmas as I want to tell you before I get new things (which will be in another post!) and at the end of the year I will do Favourites of the Year :) So relax with your hot chocolate and fluffy slippers and let's go on a magical journey to find my December favourites..(that was so cheesy!)...


This month I've really been loving Taylor Swift especially her newest song Blank Space. I love it so much! Of course I have also been listening to Christmas songs all month because who hasn't?!


So my favourite game this month is actually the same as last month. I'm in love with Animal Crossing at the moment on my 3DS! It is snowing and wintery for christmas and it's adorable. I'm also actually dressed as Elsa using a QR code that I got. If you wanna dress as Disney characters just type in Google 'Disney QR code' and then the movie you want so like Frozen or Tangled and then you will get a picture with four QR codes in order...go to the Able Sisters and use the QR machine at the back to make the dress :) I've been building like crazy and I really want the cafe..so wish me luck! 


So I'm a massive fan of Ever After High and loads of people were telling me that Monster High is pretty good too so I decided to give one of the movies a try! I watched the trailer for them and picked 13 Wishes are it really looked good and I love movies about wishes and stuff so I watch it and I loved it! I really enjoyed it and since then I have watched Frights, Camera, Action! and Freaky Fusion which I also enjoyed. I will be trying to buy 13 wishes as I loved it so much and I'm trying to watch the others too :)


My favourite book this month is of course sometime Disney and Frozen! I saw a lovely book in my local ASDA the other day which included these two new stories from Arendelle. It includes Phantoms of Arendelle and Olaf & Sven on Thin Ice, which are great in my opinon. I've read the Phantoms of Arendelle and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend these books and I know they are mainly on kindle here in the UK but I think you can only get the double book in ASDA ;)


So all the TV reality shows that we wait for every year finally ended..Foggy won I'm a Celeb, Ben Haenow won X Factor, Caroline Flack won Strictly Come Dancing and Mark won The Appearance. I have watched all these shows from start to finish like the loner I am, and enjoyed some of them so reality TV shows have to be my TV favourite of December, other than cheesy Christmas TV and movies!


I don't really have a proper favourite toy for this month but other the past few months I've loved my Pluto Pillow Pet that I bought from Disneyland Paris this year for 30 euros. I have never regretted this purchase and would love to have more actually!! I sleep with it every night and it a great thing to cuddle :) 

That's it for my December Favourites! If you have read my other favourites you might realise I have missed out the app/website for this month and that is because I don't really have a favourite as I'm using the ones I already use over and over again so I decided it wouldn't be worth it ;) Anyway Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I'm planning on blogging tomorrow so look forward to that :') 

Currently I Am ♥ December 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies! I can't believe this the last currently I am post for this year! Can you also believe that there is now less than a week till Christmas..excited doesn't even express it!? 

Reading...a new frozen book, which I'm loving called Stories from Arendelle :)  
Watching...the strictly come dancing final tonight with my mum ♥ Playing...Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 3DS, it's snowing at the moment!  
Trying...to control my pin addiction ;)  
Eating...lots of crackers and cheese!  
Drinking...Hot chocolate..perfect winter drink ♥ 
Cooking...still nothing but I'm trying to cook something in the next few days!  
Texting...my friend about her new disney job, congrats Mckenna if your reading :)  
Pinning...I haven't pinned in a while but I wanna try and start again.
Tweeting...about my new blog posts.
Crafting...nothing at the moment really..  
Doing...sticker swaps on facebook :)  
Going...nowhere, I'm all cosy inside!
Loving...the new art released for the upcoming frozen short, which I'll post about about christmas!  
Hating...that I can smell my dinner but it isn't ready to eat!! Enjoying...the christmas feel in the air...  
Thinking...about how cold my feet are at the moment! Feeling...excited for christmas but fragile as I'm not feeling great right now ;)  
Hoping...that everyone has a magical christmas ♥  
Listening (to)...christmas songs all the time :)  
Celebrating...that Christmas is nearly here!!  
Thanking...my family for supporting and sticking with my this last month in my tough times..♥  
Considering...if I should do another blog post after this but might save it for tomorrow..  
Finishing...this blog post ;)  
Starting...to turn a new page in my book :)

Before I say goodbye, I was going through my pictures the other day and found these amazing family pictures we took near the beginning of the year and they made me smile so much :) I wanna personal thank my family for supporting me and helping me such a tough dark time in my life and hopefully I'm getting out now ♥ I want to also really thank my sister Zoe for being there and being brave through this and I know it can get scary and you are amazing ♥ I love you all! 

Some Random Things About Me!

Hey Lovelies ♥ So I thought, while me and Sister were singing Let it Go at full blast, that I haven't done a general about me kind of post in a while so I decided to do another one today for any new readers or even the ones that have been here since day 1 to learn some more about me :) I haven't been great at ALL recently with myself and my moods so I might not be blogging so much but I still love it and will when I feel good :') Anyway let's get onto learning about me...

What is Your Name? Gina
How old are you? 15
Occupation? No job ;)
What is your height? 5’ 7”
Do you have any siblings? A younger sister called Zoe :)
What is your eye colour? Blue
What is your hair colour? Naturally Blonde
Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses :)
Are you right handed or left handed? Right
Do you have any piercings? Nope..Pierce free! 
Do you smoke? No
Do you get along with your parents? I sure do, they are my world ♥
Your fears? Feeling alone, death and spiders, oh and sometimes myself :(
Most overused phrase on an instant messenger? I use emoji faces way too much :|
Best Physical Feature? My totally unique fun loving childish personality that I hope someday someone will love :')
Your bedtime? Normally in the 11-12pm zone..total night owl!
What time do you arise in the morning? At the moment as late as 10
First thoughts waking up? Fig!
Do you shower daily? Well..I shower but I hate water as part of my 'aspie greatness' so I don't shower daily otherwise I would be too tired of stress to continue my day :/

This Or That?
Bright or dark room? I guess I'm awkward as I like to not to bright but not too dark :/
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla (I'm guessing this is ice cream..)
Dogs of cats? Cats
Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi
McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds girl at heart ♥

Have you ever…
Drank alcohol? Nope..and in my generation that normally means I haven't fully lived! ;)
Gone to a mall? Yeah, normally to buy disney!!
Eaten a box of Oreos? No I hate them..
Eaten sushi? Never
Been on stage? Yes if school and group performances count ;)
Been dumped? Yes 
Stolen Anything? No..good girl ;)
Laughed for no reason? I'm so sure I've done this sometime in my life!
Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do? dunnooo...
Been in love? Not really...forever alone..loving fictional characters ;)
Fired a gun? No
Been drunk? Let's guess since I've never drank alcohol..
Been called a Tease? Not that I know of
Been beaten up? Nope..aren't I lucky ;)

What was the last….
Furry thing you touched? Fig my fat ginger guinea pig :)
Thing you’ve said? Does singing let it go count?
Song you’ve listened to? I Believe - Christina Perri
(Who was the last) person you’ve spoken to on the phone? Mum..I think..
Movie you watched? What Women Want
Thing you were doing before this? Watching High School Musical on Disney Channel!!
Time you cried? I can't remember properly..
Song you’ve sang? Let it Go - Frozen
Time you looked at the clock? 18:24
Food and drink you’ve had? Pizza, Chips and Peach juice :)
Flavour of gum you’ve chewed? Mint
Shoes you’ve worn? my little brown uggs :)
Store you’ve been in? ASDA

Planet? I hate anything to do with space/solar system but I guess the one with the ring around it ;) Age you’ve been so far? Definatly my younger years when everyone was carefree..
Season? Summer
Number? 22
TV show? Once Upon a Time
Flower? Rose
Favourite Movie: Mean Girls
Favourite Disney Movie: Peter Pan for classic and either Tangled or Frozen for newer movie ♥
Favourite Disneyland Trip: May 2014 ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Least Favourite Disneyland Trip: I haven't had one yet!
Artists? Jessie J, Michael Buble, Christina Aguilera..
Actor/Actress? Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawerence, Bradley Cooper and so many more!
Make-up Brand? I don't really have a favourite as I don't use any :|
Colour? Pink
Season? Spring

In a boy… Favourite eye colour? Blue  Favourite hair colour? Blonde or Brown Short or long hair? Any really :) Height? Either just a bit taller or the same..not a massive difference!

Hope you now know more about me! I got these questions from ThatDisneyLover FAQ on her blog so check her out here :) And I'm also in a Big Hero 6 mood so I thought Baymax could help me make this post look adorable ♥ Bye Lovelies ♥

Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Addicts!

Hey Lovelies ♥ Another christmas post today since it's nearly here, less than 2 weeks now! I thought that some people might still have gifts to buy and thought this might be useful :) I've seen ALOT of these on youtube and blogs but I find them very hard as when I see gifts for teenage girls they are normally makeup and perfumes, which I don't really like so I decided that if I was to do a gift guide then it would have to be about something I'd like and would fit in with my blog so I've decided to make a Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Addicts, just like me! I actually watched a video which is below yesterday by one of my favourite youtubers and it gave me the inspiration to try it out so thankyou Noodlerella! 

Number 1  - Snowglobes
I think that snowglobes are a great gift to someone as they are beautiful and look lovely when they are displayed. I actually have got about 6 for Christmas, which I can't wait to share with you! Disney make snowglobes about literally everything from the movies to the parks so I'm sure you would find one that you loved :) You can buy snowglobes online most the time and from the parks. I don't know if you can buy them in shops in the US but I know that you can't in the UK. I think the only Disney Store you can buy snowglobes in is the Harrods Disney Store in London as they get Disneyland Paris imported there (I'm not completely sure if Harrods stocks snowglobes, so you would be better ringing first!). 

Number 2 - Disney Figurines
Disney Figurines are massive these days which loads of different types and characters to choose from! You can choose the beautiful Jim Shore Disney Tradition Figures or the bold Britto figures. I absoultely love both and there are so many others that they now make such as Disney haute couture, Disney Enchanting and the Grand Jester busts. I love the Haute Couture figures and Disney Tradtions mostly but they are all beautiful :) I know that H Samuels sell them in the UK but I'm not sure about the US but you can get them online aswell. 

Number 3 - Movies
Of course you can't make a Disney addict list without Disney classics! I know that alot of addicts will probably already have alot of the movies but there might be a few rarer ones that don't come out often that they are missing...luckily Disney have recently released all their Disney classics on DVD and Bluray with all new Limited Edition Slipcovers that are stunning! I'm yet to buy one but I really need to as they are beautiful and I'm still missing some of those adorable classics. Also as we all know Disney films can be quite expensive depending on how rare they are but now you can get most of these newly released classics from £6 to £10 at most stores, which is fantastic! I can't wait to continue my collection with these amazing offers :) Oh and if you already own the DVD but just want the slipcover you can buy them on ebay from different sellers or use your Disney Movie Rewards points (in the UK) to buy them!

Number 4 - Books
There are tons of Disney books out there but I'm not talking about your average storybook..recently I've been loving Disney art books with all the sketches, ideas and concepts inside. I have the Art of Walt Disney and The Art of Frozen which I adore. I hope to try and collect as many as I can in my lifetime as I find them so inspiration and breathtaking :) I really reccommend these kind of books to disney addicts and lovers plus art lovers as they will find it just as amazing. You can buy most of them from amazon and they are normally worldwide.

Number 5 - Tsum Tsums and Plushies
What people doesn't love soft cosy plushies?! I love them and have a good collection of doll plushies and tsum tsums :) If you've been to the Disney Store you will have seen their massive display of plushies for literally every character from the beginning to right now..and there are so many to choose from. I've also been loving Tsum Tsums which are sadly not available in the UK at the moment but are in Disneyland Paris, US and Japan so if you want some you might wanna order yourself some :) I know that DLP can sometimes take orders which they can send to you from their parks so you can always try emailing them ;) 

Number 6 - Video Games
People love gaming at the moment and there are plenty of Disney games to choose from but today I'm going to talk about my 2 personal favourite for a Disney addict :) Disneyland Adventures for Xbox Kinect is an amazing experience that lets you explore Disneyland Park while meeting characters, dressing up, riding rides and doing missions. I haven't fully explored this game as my kinect doesn't work great in the small space I have to stand in my bedroom but once I move the kinect downstairs and have a bigger space I can't wait to fully explore! The other game is for 3DS and 2DS and is pretty new in the UK..it's called Disney Magical World and it seems to be alot like Animal Crossing but a Disney version. I haven't played this game yet as I'm getting it for Christmas but I can't wait for it and really wanna review it once I play :) 

I hope this little Gift Guide has helped some of you or you've just enjoyed reading all about Disney again! I can't wait till Christmas and I might actually do another gift guide for younger girls and boys in the next week as I know more about toys and fun than makeup and clothes for teens!!