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Currently I Am ♥ December 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies! I can't believe this the last currently I am post for this year! Can you also believe that there is now less than a week till Christmas..excited doesn't even express it!? 

Reading...a new frozen book, which I'm loving called Stories from Arendelle :)  
Watching...the strictly come dancing final tonight with my mum ♥ Playing...Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 3DS, it's snowing at the moment!  
Trying...to control my pin addiction ;)  
Eating...lots of crackers and cheese!  
Drinking...Hot chocolate..perfect winter drink ♥ 
Cooking...still nothing but I'm trying to cook something in the next few days!  
Texting...my friend about her new disney job, congrats Mckenna if your reading :)  
Pinning...I haven't pinned in a while but I wanna try and start again.
Tweeting...about my new blog posts.
Crafting...nothing at the moment really..  
Doing...sticker swaps on facebook :)  
Going...nowhere, I'm all cosy inside!
Loving...the new art released for the upcoming frozen short, which I'll post about about christmas!  
Hating...that I can smell my dinner but it isn't ready to eat!! Enjoying...the christmas feel in the air...  
Thinking...about how cold my feet are at the moment! Feeling...excited for christmas but fragile as I'm not feeling great right now ;)  
Hoping...that everyone has a magical christmas ♥  
Listening (to)...christmas songs all the time :)  
Celebrating...that Christmas is nearly here!!  
Thanking...my family for supporting and sticking with my this last month in my tough times..♥  
Considering...if I should do another blog post after this but might save it for tomorrow..  
Finishing...this blog post ;)  
Starting...to turn a new page in my book :)

Before I say goodbye, I was going through my pictures the other day and found these amazing family pictures we took near the beginning of the year and they made me smile so much :) I wanna personal thank my family for supporting me and helping me such a tough dark time in my life and hopefully I'm getting out now ♥ I want to also really thank my sister Zoe for being there and being brave through this and I know it can get scary and you are amazing ♥ I love you all! 

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