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Guinea Pigs ♥

Hey Guys ♥ I thought I would talk about my Guinea Pigs today..they are actually my sister's but I LOVE them! We have two boys called Fig and Oreo ♥ I call them Figgles and Mr Oreo :D They are super cute!

The Guinea pig on the left is Fig and he is like white and ginger ♥ He is super fat and adorable and LOVES to be stroked all the time :) The Guinea pig on the right is Oreo and he is black and white ♥ He loves being stroked under the chin and hand fed food! They are brothers and are born in February.

I honestly have abit of an obession with Fig because he makes me squee when I see him and he is just a fat little thing ♥ I LOVE Fig soo much and I give him so much attention :) Fig loves lettuce and spinach and cuddles too :) 

Oreo can sometimes be abit shy from time to time but he can get totally relaxed when he lays on your lap. Oreo lays in his cage like a dog in a curled postion and it is extremely cute! Oreo loves carrot and pepper and he loves attention ♥

I LOVE them so much and will probably have Guinea Pigs for the rest of my life because they just comfort me when I feel all stressed out ♥

Hope you liked finding out about my family's Guinea Pigs and I wanted to just Thank my Sister for getting them because they are just PERFECT and I don't know how I lived without them ♥

Bye Guys ♥

40 Things About Me ♥

Hey Guys ♥ I thought I would let you get to know me better today! I wrote these facts for a Youtube video I was gunna do..but decided not too. Since I didn't use them..I thought to use them on my blog! 
I'm going to try and make my Sims 3 post really soon because I'm making a new family :) I think rather than make a page that not many people see I'm gunna just do a blog post every now and then about them :) Anyway I'm going on..let's get started!

1) I have never ever broken a bone!
2) I LOVE Disney...I have an obession!!! 
3) My birthday is in March :) 
4) I have school phobia :(
5) I hate the sound of balloons screeching!
6) I'm a Belieber :) Justin Bieber is just PERFECTION ♥
7) I have a strong obession with Sims if you didn't know ;)
8) I want to be a graphic designer, work at Disney or EA for Sims. I would love to be the graphic designer for magazine or website about Disney and Sims! 
9) Peter Pan and Tangled are my favourite Disney movies but I'm looking forward to seeing Frozen soon :D
10) I bite my nails all the fricking time!
11) I LOVE LOVE LOVE food..but who doesn't!
12) I'm pretty socially awkward with people I don't like.
13) I have two guinea pigs called Fig and Oreo..I will be doing a blog post on them soon :D
14) I have Aspergers :)
15) I HATE spiders!
16) I spend my life watching Youtube videos!
17) I HATE anything medical.
18) I struggle with anxiety and depression :(
19) I have only been to Disneyland Paris once..
20) I'm only loud with people I really know.
21) I really wanna travel America..I feel I belong there to be honest!
22) I LOVE talking about my obessions too much.
23) My favourite Youtubers are...LifeSimmer, XUrbanSimsX, JordynIsMyName, StilaBabe09, LivinLikeLindsey, Zoella and loads more..I spend too much time on Youtube!
24) Music is a massive part of my life..I couldn't live without it!
25) Pink, Blue and Purple are my favourite colours but they change all the time..
26) I LOVE scrapbooking and photography..my camera is just PERFECT ♥♥♥
27) I love to draw even though I'm pretty crap at it..I will be sharing some of my drawings with you soon ♥
28) My cheeks blush really easily :(
29) I HATE HATE HATE my weight!
30) I LOVE murder mysteries :D 
31) I do think that some Disney characters in real life would love AMAZING ♥
32) I LOVE to watch Miranda and Sherlock on repeat.
33) I have to watch movies sometimes to get to sleep..
34) I HATE Mayo, Nutella and Oreos too much!
35) I asked Santa every year for a sweet machine when I was younger but never got it!
36) I don't like coffee but tea is just so good ♥
37) I recently got into Once Upon A Time and it is just PERFECTION ♥♥♥♥
38) I have 62 Disney songs on my Ipod but I need to add more really soon!
39) My dream wedding would be in Disneyland or DisneyWorld and my first dance would be to Tale As Old As Time from Beauty and the Beast or I See The Light from Tangled ♥♥
40) I LOVE making lists...I have too many!!

That's it guys! I'm gunna try and make my next blog about my Sims 3 Current Household so I hope your excited :D And ThankYou Guys for nearly 2000 views!!!!

Bye Guys ♥

This or That?! Beauty Tag ♥

Hey Guys! I'm loving doing tags at the moment so I thought I would do the Beauty Tag :) I don't wear makeup that often because I can't normally be that bothered...lazy me! I saw this tag on StilaBabe09 Youtube Channel and thought it looked fun :D I will link the Youtube channel at the end if your interested ♥

Blush or Bronzer? - I don't really use either but I think blush because it gives your cheeks a nice colour.
Lip Gloss or Lipstick? - I LOVE both of these and I use lip gloss more than lipstick because I hate when my lips look really bold coloured!
Eyeliner or Mascara? - Mascara because you can make your eyelashes look amazing!
Foundation or Concealer? - I don't use either again but I did try foundation once and it felt funny so I think I would go with concealer :)
Neutral or colour eye shadow? - Neutral because it looks nice and femine on girls.
Pressed or loose eye shadows? - I don't know what these are as I'm not a Beauty Guru so I don't know!
Brushes or Sponges? - I like the look of those little beauty blenders but I don't have one so probably brushes!

OPI or China Glaze? - OPI because I have never heard of China Glaze and OPI is just PERFECT ♥
Long or Short? - I like medium nails that are slightly longer than normal but not too long!
Acrylic or natural? - It depends but I would love Acrylics because I have no nails as I bite them!
Brights or dark? - Brights in the summer but I like dark in the winter :)
Flower or no flower? - If you mean on your nail then I do like the flower..it looks pretty ♥

Perfume or Body Splash? - I use perfume alot more and it think it so amazing ♥
Lotion or Body Butter? - I prefer Lotion because it's less sticky :)
Body wash or Soap? - Defiantly body wash..I LOVE this Strawberry Milkshake body wash at the moment :D
Lush or other bath company? - I LOVE Lush because I love the bath bombs and FUN they do.

Jeans or Sweatpants? - I like jeans for going out and sweatpants for lounging around but I LOVE sweatpants more because I like how they just feel nicer :)
Long sleeve or short? - I don't really like long sleeve tops only short sleeve but I LOVE long sleeve pjs and jumpers.
Dresses or Skirts? - Dresses because I'm a total princess and LOVE dresses ♥
Stripes or Plaid? - I don't really like either but I guess Stripes :)
Flip Flops or Sandals? - Flip Flops because they are super comfy :D
Scarves or Hats? - Scarves..I don't really wear hats!
Studs or Dangly Earrings? - I don't have my ears pieced so I don't had either but I do LOVE studs ♥
Necklaces or Bracelets? - Bracelets I think I loved those Shambella bracelets loads last year!
Heels or Flats? - I only have 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of wedges but I do LOVE heels more..they are just perfection ♥
Cowboy boots or Riding boots? - Cowboy Boots :)
Jacket or Hoodie? - Well I like jackets with hoods more than hoodies...so abit of both!
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? - In the UK we only have a Forever 21 so I'm gunna have to say that!
Abercombie or Hollister? - I have never been to a Abercombie but I think that it is the same type of shop as Hollister but I will have to say Hollister because I have loads of things from there!
Saks 5th or NordStorm? - I have never heard of either of these shops because I live in the UK :(

Curly or Straight? - I have curly hair and want straight but I am liking my curly hair at the moment...I guess though everybody who has straight hair wants curly and everybody who has curly wants straight hair!
Bun or Ponytail? - I like buns in the doughnuts and high ponytails but I hate when my hair is up so I don't have either!
Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips? - I have never had butterfly clips but I have had so many bobby pins and I'm probably typing for alot of people when I say 'THEY JUST DISAPPEAR!' I have lost so many!!!
Hair Spray or Gel? - Hair Spray on girls..I have never use gel...
Long or Short? - I do like long hair..and always have but there is nothing wrong with short hair either!
Light or Dark? - Being a blonde I have to say light but I do like dark hair too :)
Sweep Side Bangs or Full Bangs? - I have more of a sweep side bang but I do like full bangs especially when Jessie J started her career and had the full bangs!
Up or Down? - Down..I hardly wear up..I hate it!

Rain or Shine? - Shine!
Summer or Winter? - I do love wearing winter jumpers but I love the summer weather!
Fall or Spring? - I have to say Fall because you get to wear jumpers :D
Chocolate or Vanilla? - Vanilla all the way baby!!
East Coast or West Coast? - I live in the UK :(

Thats it Guys ♥ Hope you enjoyed, I Tag All Of You!!! 

Bye Guys ♥

The Winter Tag ♥

Hey Guys! Thought I would do another blog post today because my last post was only an Update :) It's nearly December now so I thought the Winter Tag would be cool to do! 

1) Top 2 Winter Beauty Essentials
I defiantly think a like lip balm or a Baby Lips because lips can get really chapped! And some really nice moisturizer as skin gets dry in the Winter :(

2) Top 2 Winter Fashion Essential
A oversized jumper because Jumpers are just perfection ♥ and a snood because I love those at the moment :)

3) What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?
A pair of high tops normally because they are super comfy :)

4) Favourite Winter Accessory
Scarves defiantly because they are cosy and I LOVE the patterns you can get on them ♥

5) Favourite Winter Nail Polish
I would love to wear a like dark red one if I had long nails.

6) Hot Cocoa or Apple Cinder?
Hot Cocoa because I've never had Apple Cinder.

7) Favourite Winter Candle?
A Yankee Candle...probably Christmas Cookie or Christmas Eve ♥ They just smell like PERFECTION ♥♥♥

8) Snowboarding or Skiing?
Neither because I'm terrible at any type of sport!

9) Have you ever gone Ice Skating? Are you any good or do you FAIL miserably?
I actually never have although I have always wanted to but I'm afraid that I'm gunna totally FAIL!

10) Does it snow where you live?
Yeah sometimes but not that much..I like snow but the ice after it just erghhh....! 

11) Have you ever made a snowman?
Yeah but it hasn't been very good because the snow is never that deep here in the UK :(

12) What holidays do you celebrate?
Urmm..Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day :) I can't wait..I'm soooo excited!!!

13) Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
There is so many and I haven't heard them all year so I dont know but the first one that comes to my mind is Slade's 'Merry Xmas Everyone'.

14) Favourite Christmas Holiday Movie?
Elf probably because I watch it every year but I also LOVE Nativity..it's too funny!

15) What's your favourite winter treat? 
Gingerbread probably because I love the taste of the spices :)

16) If you were to ask Santa for one thing and you were guaranteed to get it, what would it be?
A Holiday to Disneyland in Florida and Disneyworld in California because I really wanna go there!!

17) Do you have anything planned for this winter?
I'm going to the Capital Jingle Bell Ball which I'm looking forward too and I'm going to see Frozen with some friends..I'm too excited for that!! And I'm going to see Peter Pan: The NeverEnding Story in the New Year which I'm over excited for too!! I'm also looking forward to spending time with my family ♥

That's it guys for The Winter Tag ♥ Hope it gets you into the Wintery Mood and I tag all of you!! 

Bye Guys ♥

November Update ♥

Hey Guys ♥ I'm going to do a November Update today because it's nearly December! I'm going to announce something that is hard for me to do :')

New Look and Music
As you may have noticed I have been playing with the design of my blog for a few weeks...and I have finally finished. I searched and searched for different templates and then found a website that showed my step by step to make my on blog and I'm happy with the result :). I also updated the music abit, I added Demi Lovato singing 'Let it Go' from Frozen and Jessie J's new song 'Thunder'. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and I hope you love my new design!

New Page Possibly?
I have been thinking of adding a new page to my blog with my Current Sim Households on..I really enjoy sharing my Sim Households with other people and I also take tons of pictures on it too so I thought I might as well post some pictures and update you guys every now and then on my current households :) 

Big News!
This is the Big News I am going to announce..it's not to important to any of you but I recently found out that I have Aspergers which is a type of High Functioning Austism. I have had it all my life and have only just found out as it normally hard to diagonse girls. It makes me no different then I am but I feel that I should tell you because it is a part of me but my blog won't change and I just wanna support other people who are struggling with Aspergers because it doesn't have much support at all and I really wanna change that! I really LOVE watching and reading Willow Hope's blog, she is an inspiration to me and I really feel she is amazing! If you haven't heared of her then check her Youtube or Blog out ♥ 

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday
Lastly I just wanna wish all my American Blog Readers an amazing ThanksGiving! And I hope that Black Friday goes well for anyone doing that :) I hoping to do some tomorrow because only a few shops in the UK do it so far!

That's it for my November Update so I will try and post again today but if not..Keep look for tomorrow ♥

The Movies Tag ♥

Hey Guys! As promised I'm doing another tag today..The Movies Tag! It isn't about Disney movies but just movies in general :)  I saw this on Youtube and thought why not give it ago!

1) Favourite movie of all time? 
This is hard because I don't really have a favourite movie but I guess Peter Pan, Mean Girls or Elf because I LOVE Peter Pan, Mean Girls is just a classic and it's so true! Elf is just the perfect christmas movie..and I saw it the other day I laughed so much!!

2) Favourite scene from that movie?
My favourite scene in Peter Pan is when you them fly out of the window and then you see Neverland for the first time! Mean Girls is probably the hardest because I LOVE the whole movie..but probably when Cady meets The Plastics and then Karen asks 'If she's from Africa..why is she white?'. My favourite part in Elf has to be when he buys his Dad Lingerie accidently because he doesn't know what it is!

3) Favourite actors/actresses?
I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Lawerence, Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Adam Sandler and Sandra Bullock! I LOVE all of these actors and actresses but I'm sure theres loads more..but these are the ones I thought of on the top of my head :)

4) Most annoying actor/actresses?
I honestly have no clue..I can't think of someone off the top of my head!

5) Best director?
I don't know the names of many directors but I think Steven Spielburg is probably one of the best because he has made amazing classics like Jaws, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones.

6) Favourite gulity pleasure film?
It's probably like Grease or Mamma Mia because they are super cheesy but I love watching them when I feel sad!

7) Favourite tear jerker?
I don't watch like sad movies because I hate knowing something terrible is going to happen at one point but I saw The Last Song once years ago and I'm sure I cried then. 

8) Character from a movie that scared you the most?
I'm am gunna use Disney for this one because when I was younger Ursula from The Little Mermaid scared me but now I think she amazing! One character that always scares me is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty..its the like horns she has they freak me out! I have never seen Sleeping Beauty because I hate Maleficent!

9) Movie you love that everyone hates?
This is hard because alot of movies I see everyone likes! I guess Mean Girls 2 because loads of my friends are like it just loads of Disney girls in it and it isn't as good as the first one but I didn't think it was too bad and I have watched it a couple of times...

10) Movie you hate that everyone loves?
I don't hate it but Twilight definatly! I remember loads of girls loved Twilight and I just never got into it..the whole Vampire vs Werewolf thing?! It just didn't interest me at the all even the love story in it...I prefer Disney! Sorry Twilight fans..

11) Favourite movie duo?
Timon and Pumbaa are the most amazing movie duo because they are just so funny and I love both of them!!

12) Favourite animated movie?
I can't chose honestly because I love most animated movies. I love Peter Pan, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Rise of the Guardians, Finding Nemo, Gnemo and Juilet, A Bugs Life, Madgascar, Shrek, Ice Age, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Despicable Me and so many more! I pretty sure I will love Disney's upcoming animated movie 'Frozen' aswell!

13) Actor/Actress crush?
I LOVE Ryan Reynolds so much so that probably my actor crush ♥

14) Favourite movie villian?
I absoutely LOVE villians...I think they are normally more interesting than the heros! I couldn't pick a favourite but I love Joker, Scar, Ursula, Hades, Dr Facilfer, Randall, Loki, Voldemort and loads more!

15) What movie suprised you the most?
I don't know probably Now You See Me because I loved the idea behind it and I love the twists in it. If you haven't seen it you NEED too! I couldn't guess the ending..I was totally suprised.

16) If you could keep one movie what would it be?
OMG I think I would actually die! Probably a Disney movie either like Peter Pan, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid! 

17) Movie Reccommendation and for whom?
As I said before I saw Now You See Me a few weeks ago and I loved it..it was amazing! And I reccomend it to everyone!!

18) If you could go back in time and marry actor/actress from back when (now old) who would it be?
 Leonardo Dicaprio because he was really fit and cute..!

19) One remake you wish a had never been made?
Grease 2 because Grease was great and then they didn't need to make a sequel because it just wasn't as good :( 

20) About to die but could only watch one more movie what would it be?
Tangled because I love it and it makes me laugh and the songs are amazing! But I probably watch one of my Disney ones..or Mean Girls! 

21) Favorite movie genre/favorite movie from that genre?
I LOVE thrillers but I haven't seen many so my other favourite genre is Animated..so a Disney one probably or one I mentioned in Question 12 :)

22) What's the first movie you remember watching in theaters?
Laura's Star..I loved that movie but I found it really sad :(

Thats it and I tag everyone ♥♥

Bye Guys ♥♥

The Music Tag ♥

Hey Guys! Thought I would post again today because I haven't posted in months! I'm gunna do another tag because I have done a few a really enjoyed them :) I have found some on Youtube so I thought of doing on my blog. The Music Tag is the first one I have picked because I haven't really done anything on music really so this should be fun!

1) Favourite band/musician of the moment?
At this moment it's Jessie J because I went to her concert about 3 weeks ago and I LOVED it. She released her new single 'Thunder' recently and I'm in love with it. It's so perfect and her voice is just stunning! I can't wait to get her Alive album for Christmas.

2) One band you've always come back to..
I don't know..I like One Direction but recently I heard Mcfly sing some of there old hits and I was like OMG I remember loving these so I guess Mcfly but I'm really into One Direction and Lawson at the moment. 

3) Favourite Movie Soundtrack?
This is super hard because I adore movie soundtracks more than pop music! I love loads of Disney soundtracks but I would have to say either The Little Mermaid or Tangled for Disney soundtracks but I do absoultely love the Burlesque soundtrack with Christina Agulera on, she just sings amazingly!! 
I am also extremely excited for the new Disney movie soundtrack to 'Frozen' because I love Let it Go and For the First Time sounds great on the trailer!



4) What is/are your favourite song(s) of all time?
This is so hard because I often have a favourite song and then listen to it too much then I get bored of it! I honestly haven't got a clue..I will listen to certains songs and then be like 'OMG I love this song!'.

5) What's your most embrassing song on Itunes? 
Probably my musical songs because I love musicals and I normally get the soundtracks and put them on my Ipod. I know all the words to Matilda the Musical now!! I have also bought the BBC Sherlock theme tune on Itunes before but it's not on my Ipod anymore.

6) Top 3 songs played on your ITunes? 
1. Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid 
2. I Won't Say I'm in Love - Hercules
3. When Will my Life Begin? - Tangled
See a pattern right....!

 7) Favourite Concert you've attended?
I loved seeing Justin Bieber and Jessie J but probably the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012 because I got to see loads of artists including Jessie J and Justin Bieber so it was amazing!!

8) Most underrated musician in your opinon?
I don't know really probably Ariana Grande. I think she is pretty big in America for her music but in the UK I never hear her songs in the charts or on the radio...I think she is an amazing singer with stunning vocals and I think more people need to know about her! 

9) Favourite quote or song lyrics?
I'm gunna make this non-disney so my favourite quote/song lyrics is probably...
'Brushing my hair, do I look perfect?
I forgot what to do to fit the mold, yeah
The more I try the less it's working, yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause everything inside me screams
No, no, no, no, no,no,no,no'

From Jessie J's Who You Are, the song means alot to me because I understand most of the lyrics and I think it a stunning song.

Thats the music tag but I think I will do another tag tomorrow to keep my blog flowing :) If you want to do the Music Tag then I would love to see them! 

Bye Guys ♥

Gaming Geek ♥

Hey Guys! I'm gunna do a blog about gaming today, I know some people don't do gaming but I gunna try and talk about all different types of gaming from new games to new consoles! Since Christmas is coming it's a big time for gaming companies so theres plenty to cover :)

It's Clash of the Consoles!
The Xbox One was released today with several launch games and even though I don't play Xbox I kinda want one! They look cool and my sister who uses her Xbox 360 all the time would LOVE one! They are currently sold out in alot of places because of people pre-ordering but I'm postive there will be more in by Christmas luckily! The Xbox one now includes the Kinect 2.0 which makes the console about £429! Some of the launch games include Call of Duty: GHOSTS, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4 and Just Dance 2014..to name just a few.

The new Playstation 4 is going to be released just next week, going into a full battle with the Xbox One. The Playstation is actually cheaper than the rival console by £80,  being only £349. It doesn't included a Playstation camera (move) like the Xbox One but you can connect it with your PSP Vita if you have one. You can buy a PS4 camera though for about £55 if you need one. The launch games are pretty much the same as the Xbox One's with Call of Duty: GHOSTS, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4 and Just Dance 2014 making a appearance.

I don't know who is gunna win this battle of the consoles but I guess by Christmas we will find out!

The End of The Sims 3
Sims 3 recently launched it's newest and last expansion to the franchise 'Into the Future'. I haven't got it yet..Christmas present :/ but I have seen alot of Lets Play's on Youtube. Alot of the simmers I have watched said within a few parts they really didn't know what to do next as they felt they had explored everything..I'm looking forward to get really into the Bot Building Career and Legacy Statues as some the Simmers didn't get to into it. I think it's something different and I'm excited to give it a go. As I said that this was the last expansion pack to The Sims 3 because Sims 4 is on it's way! It has been annouced that it should be arriving in Fall/Autumn 2014..Yeah I know so far away!!!! They did show off some of CAS features at a GamesCom event during the summer and the official trailer has been released so I will give you a link to them incase you missed it and your interested!

R.I.P Wii
I generally don't know what this means but the Nintendo Wii has apparently died :( I grew up with the Wii and I seriously love it. It brings the whole family together and we always have a laugh even if it does sometimes break into arguements! I loved the Wii..I'm guessing that by the Wii dieing that it means that there will be no more games made for it?! I actually don't know but I don't plan to buy a Wii U just because of it! I guess the Xbox will be more handy now :)

3DS, Wii U and a new Nintendo family member
The 3DS and Wii U still live on and there's a new console in the Nintendo family...The 2DS. It plays all the 3DS but without the 3D. The idea is cool but you could just buy a 3DS and decided whether you want to play 3D or 2D..like I do! The 2DS doesn't close either as it almost like a tablet..I won't be buying one of these as I have a 3DS and I don't really like the fact the 2DS doesn't seem too portable.

My Top 5 Games for Christmas

1. Disney Infinity - I'm a massive Disney fan myself and I think this game looks amazing! I haven't played it before but I think it looks cool. I would get it on Xbox or Playstation because of updates and memory plus the Wii is dead...! I love the idea of the figures and they are all so cute! There is a new wave of characters coming out in time for Christmas with princesses joining like Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa. Vanellope and Ralph are also making there way to the game. A classic Sorcerer Mickey is in the mix aswell which I think is pretty cool!

2. LEGO Marvel Superheros - Superheros + Lego = Awesomeness!!! I love Marvel Superheros especially the Avengers and LEGO games are just so exciting to play. I really want this for Christmas but again I would personally get it on Xbox or Playstation for the updates, content and memory. You can play as a range of Marvel Superheros and I think the game just look fun! I played a Xbox demo with my sister and I can tell you that we just wanted to keep playing it :D

3. Sims 3: Into the Future - If you are mad Sims fan like me..you should get the last expansion because it's different and it looks alot of fun. It gives you awesome technology funiture like Dream Pod Beds and hologram computers...Also flying cars, jetpacks and hoverboards...! It is also the last expansion so if you have a big collection like me then you should definatly try and get it :)

4. Just Dance 2014 - Just Dance is just a fun way to exercise and have fun with friends! This year theres loads more great tunes and artists to rave to such as Ariana Grande, Will.I.am, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and One Direction..and there are also some classics like ABBA, Disney, Bob Marley and the song everybody knows ' Y.M.C.A'!!!

5. Batman: Arkham Origins - My friend (you know who you are..) LOVES the Batman games and finished this one in less than 2 weeks I think..I played it with her and I was amazing! I have played Arham City but this is the sequel to the past two games. I think the graphics really help the game look perfect. The storyline is abit confusing if you don't know you Batman facts but I'm sure that youwould get the grips of it.

Thats my round up the current Gaming and I will update it next month probably if I remember!!

Bye Guys ♥


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2DS - http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=2ds

Disney Infinity Official Website -https://infinity.disney.com/en-gb
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