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Sims 3 Current Household: Evans Family ♥ Part 1 - Meet Olivia ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Firstly I want to thank everyone of you even if your only just found my blog for 3000 views! I'm so suprised..I was only making this blog to express my obsessions, feelings and troubles and now I have over 3000 views!! Remember if you want to keep up with my blog and my posts, sign up for an email everytime I post or follow me on bloglovin :) If I get enough followers then I might make a facebook page for the blog so I can share even more!

I have been playing Sims alot recently and I decided to just play instead doing challenges as I'm not very good at rules! I'm hoping of doing a like legacy thing but as freely as possible and I hope this will be like a blog lp with parts and story lines..! I downloaded alot of new content and I love all of it! I will first introduce you to my founder :)

This is Olivia Evans, my lovely founder ♥
She lives in Storybrook County which is a custom world from MySimsRealty.
She is a Natural Cook, Family-Orientated, Nurturing, Genius and Childish sim :)
She is in the Educational Career and is Level 1.
Her lifetime wish is to be surrounded by family.
Olivia's favourites are Sushi, Pop and Spice Brown.

She owns an penthouse in Storybrook Country with two bedrooms and a balcony. I love it and I think it's perfect for Olivia as she can fit at least one baby in the penthouse before she has the money to move out to her dream house! Everything is pretty plain as I'm trying to move Olivia out as soon as possible so she can have loads of children.

On her first day she met Matt, who was a stylist at the time, and they instantly had chemisty bubbling. She really got to know Matt over the first few days of living in Storybrook County and over those few days, Olivia knew that she wanted to be more than friends with Matt and settle down first to start her family!

She eventually took Matt out to dinner and they had a wonderful. They talked all the time and even got abit flirty! Olivia knew that it was the right time to make her move and went in the heat of the moment kiss..and she kissed her back! They made it official by going steady and Olivia was totally loved up. The next move was getting him to move in :)

Olivia soon decided it was time for their second date and invited Matt to The Boardwalk where they rode all the rollercoasters and screams their lungs out! It is so much fun and they both had a great date. Olivia had so much fun she asked Matt to move in with her and he accepted of course. He changed his career to be in the Professional Sports. She was so happy and Matt gave her a dip kiss. 

It was the day before leisure day and Matt had a suprise for Olivia up his sleeve. She went to work and then meet him at The Business as Usual Bistro for a romantic dinner. They both ordered Sushi as it was both Olivia and Matt's favourite food! During the dinner they started chatting about babies and their future looked very promising.


Matt's plan was working perfectly and soon he took her to a beach at sunset. The sky was beautiful, the perfect time to pop the very important question. Matt gave her flowers and even surprised her with a lovely dip kiss! It was getting darker and he knew now was the right time. He got down on one knee and pulled out a lovely shiny ring! Olivia couldn't believe it, she had dreamt of getting married since she was little and now her dream was finally coming true! She of course said YES and gave Matt and massive hug.

Olivia looked at her ring and knew that tomorrow would her Dream Wedding day..even though it was extremely soon! It was leisure day tomorrow and that ment everybody would be off work and school..it would also be HOT! She had to plan everything so they quickly drove home and Olivia got planning!! 

Bye Lovelies ♥ next part coming soon...


Disney Haul ♥ February 2014 ♥

Hey Guys! I'm sorry it's been about a week since my last post but it's been half term and I have been quite busy. I have been playing Sims and Disney Infinity, going to the cinema and spending time with my family :) I have also been shopping quite alot and bought alot of Disney things to add to my collection. My collection is getting bigger and bigger now and I'm loving it! I thought since I showed my Disney Collection to you guys in a post..I would keep you updated on my hauls and collection every now and then. So here we go!

Sorry these pictures are quite small but I bought some Disney Princess 3D stickers which I'm using in my scrapbook. It has all the princesses up to Rapunzel so that's cool :) I also bought some emery boards for nails but since I bite mine I don't have much nail to file so I just bought them because I love the pictures. There is Alice, Minnie, Snow White, Bambi and Tinkerbell :)

I have really got into buying Disney books recently and found these two books in a Poundshop and had to buy them! I love the Monsters Inc one because the pictures are drawn compared to The Lion King which are just pictures from the movie. I love these so much and it's just more to my collection :D

I also found these Disney Princess chapter books for 99p each in 'The Works' which I thought was amazing because they are normally about £3 or £4 :) I got two Cinderella stories..one which is about the movie and another random story. I haven't read them yet but can't wait too :D 

I got another Disney Princess chapter book of Sleeping Beauty at the same place I got the other ones. I bought some sticker and colour books from 'Wilkinsons' for £1 each because I needed some stickers for my scrapbook and I thought that it was good value :)

I went to TKMAXX next and bought the Disney Princess Magical Story Collection which includes the stories of Tangled, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. I love the Tangled book as the pictures are drawn like the Monsters Inc one. I love the The Little Mermaid one too as I love Ariel and I always have loved Cinderella so I was really happy about finding this. It was only £4 aswell :D 

While I was in TKMAXX I found this other Disney book called 365 Stories for Girls and just had to get it. I was looking at buying this book off the Disney Store website but it was £13 and that was pretty expensive but I got it for only £5 so I was so happy with this find! It has a story everyday with all different films in which I LOVE! It's up to date to Tangled and there is a boys version too..which I will probably get aswell in the future! 

Hope you enjoyed looking at my Disney Haul..I would make these on Youtube but I prefer blogging to be honest ♥ 
I'm going to play Sims now and hopefully take some pictures to upload to here ♥♥

Remember to follow my tumblr and instagram which are linked on my blog on the sidebar :)

Bye Lovelies ♥

Life Update - Feb 2014 ♥ Living in the cinema, Future blog posts and Guinea Pigs ♥

Hey Lovelies! I'm sorry it's been about a week since my last post but it's been half term and I have been quite busy. I have been playing Sims and Disney Infinity, going to the cinema and spending time with my family :) I thought I would give you a life update to keep you up to date with my life and future blog posts.

Living at the Cinema 

First I wanna tell you guys about my hectic half term! It was going well but then on Tuesday night my Sister had to go to hospital as she has a suspected nut allergy! I had to go to my Auntie's but it was cool because we watched Tangled and the beginning of The Little Mermaid. I also have been like living in the cinema...let me explain. I hardly ever go to the cinema but over the past 3 months I have gone 4 times which is alot for me! I saw Frozen in December which as you know I loved! I saw the Frozen Sing-Along last month and sang my head off! Then this week went to see The Lego Movie and Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy.

Blog Posts 

I have also recently been thinking about future blog posts as I'm loving blogging at the moment! I really love making my personal posts and I feel by the amount of views I get that you guys like them too. I feel it helps me feel better and get somethings out in the air :) I'm also going to do some reviews and opinon posts soon about the movies I have seen and some games that I have bought recently like Disney Infinity and Sims Into the Future.

Sadly..my Sims Baby Challenge save file has messed up, I have tried to play it 3 times and each time freezes at the same point :( I am thinking of starting a Legacy Challenge so if I do I will post that instead. Sorry Guys!

Guinea Pigs

Today is Figgles and Mr Oreo's 1st birthday! We don't know if they were actually born today but they were born in February and today is my Grandad Norman's birthday who passed about 2 years ago so to honour him we decided that it would be the boy's birthday! They are 1 today and are looking so big and healthy..I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Happy Birthday Figgles and Mr Oreo ♥

I will post again later as this wasn't that big and I haven't posted in a while ♥
Bye Lovelies ♥♥

Why Me? ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I got alot of views on my 'Normal' post so I thought I would do another personal post for you guys.

I have a often asked myself 'WHY ME?!'...why did I have to have such stuggles and tough times..? I used to blame myself alot for my problems but now I really do feel Everything happens for a reason because if I never got diagonsed alot of things wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. I hope that anyone going through a diagnosis at the moment will get there and be happier. If you already have a diagnosis then I hope it wasn't too tough and you are feeling better now. 

I blamed myself alot and told myself that I was making all my issues up just to not do things but now I know that I wasn't and it's a great feeling knowing the truth. It's amazing thinking of all the people that were in my life and thought I was stupid and lying all the time and knowing that they were wrong!

With Aspergers, when you get diagnosed you don't really get much help (well..I didn't)..it's pretty much just a get on with it approach. But my family has really supported me during me diffcult times and found different groups for me to try out even though I pretty anti-social :/. I feel that Aspergers needs to be recognised more and not just Oh she's just weird...and I hope in the future that changes. 

I have often thought even now 'Why did I have to have this? Why couldn't it be easier?' but now I think I'm honored to have Aspergers because even though I have alot of stuggles and hard times, I still love life and feeling special to be here. My Mum was scared the other day incase everything just got to much and I decided to just give up but I said 'I'm not going anyway! I might have Aspergers but I have a busy life to live..and I have so much too do! I can't go now!!' and she laughed and gave me a hug. I might not be great at socialising or doing something massive but I'm still a determined person and my austism won't limit me to anything. 

Right now I'm embracing my aspie qualities by doing things I want to do without feeling stupid even if it is childish or werid. I'm expressing my obsessions and letting go. I sometimes have to obsorb myself in social situations but I know when I get home or by myself I can just let go and be myself :D 

I'm learning everyday about myself and finally feel like I belong. 

Hope this helps some people ♥ 
Bye Lovelies ♥♥♥

My Disney Collection ♥ February 2014 ♥

Hey  Lovelies ♥ I'm really enjoying blogging at the moment so I thought I would keep on my roll :) I was thinking hard about what to blog about today and I know I promised you guys a Disney post so HERE IT IS...!!
I have quite alot of Disney items in my life and are continually collecting. I have DVDs, toys, books and other bits so I hope you enjoy taking a peek at my collection ♥ By the way..I will leave all the prices of the items at the bottom if I know ♥

As most of my readers know I have an obsession with Frozen at the moment..so recently I went to 'The Disney Store' and bought some merchandise from Frozen including my new Anna soft doll :) I absoultely LOVE her so much! I want to buy both sisters but Elsa was sold out :( so when I go to 'The Disney Store' for my birthday I going to try and buy her :D I also bought the Frozen Poster with Elsa and Anna on..I love this too. I haven't put this up on my wall yet but I'm going to buy a picture frame for my above my bed and display all different posters for different movies in it :D 

I also got this little tin for Christmas and it had marshmallows in it..personally I just LOVED the tin but the marshmallows were yummy ♥ I'm also loving my Frozen shopper from 'The Disney Store' which my Mum got me when she bought me something else from 'The Disney Store'..it is amazing ♥♥♥

When I bought my doll and poster I went on abit of a Frozen spree and bought the book of the movie and the sticker book. I have read the Book already and loved every minute of reading it..I'm going to use the stickers from the book in my scrapbook :)

I got a few DVDs for Christmas including The Little Mermaid boxset and Peter Pan 1 & 2. I also got Hercules and just ordered Alice in Wonderland and The Princess and The Frog. I am also trying to preorder Frozen with 'The Disney Store' offer :) I have seen all the dvds I got and love them. The Little Mermaid boxset has all three movies in and I think it's a really good deal. I also have Brave, Wreck it Ralph and others on DVD. I have alot of them on video because my Dad used to collect them too :) 

My Sister picked these peas for my from Toy Story in 'The Disney Store' which I have wanted for ages and so glad I finally got these :D I bought this Stitch toy at Disneyland Paris and I wanted to purchase it all the week I was there..and bought it on my last day there and it was so worth it! It is just amazing and since it came from Disneyland I treasure it so much ♥

I bought the rapunzel tumbler at 'The Disney Store' and I have used it soo much since I got it. It is amazing! It had like water in it with glitter and floating flowers. I have had my Tinkerbell pillow for years now. I got it one Christmas from my sister and I use it all the time ♥

I got two Disney calendars from Christmas..one big one with Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams collection and a mini 365 day Disney calendar. I love them both especially the mini one because it's a different movie everyday with like a fact or something about that movie :) I would recommend both ♥

Thanks for taking a peek at some of my Disney collection and I hope you liked it ♥

Bye Lovelies and remember to check my tumblr and instagram :) 

Where I bought my things and prices

  • Anna Soft Doll - Disney Store - £16
  • Frozen Poster - WHSmith - £4?
  • Frozen Tin with Marshmallows - Iceland - £4
  • Frozen Shopper- Disney Store - £2
  • Frozen Sticker Book - £3
  • Frozen Book of Movie - £5/£6?
  • The Little Mermaid Boxset - ASDA - £20
  • Peter Pan boxset - ASDA - £10
  • Hercules DVD - ASDA - £5
  • Tangled, Aladdin, Princess and the Frog, Alice in Wonderland DVDs - Disney Rewards - FREE!
  • The Peas Soft Toys - Disney Store - £7
  • Stitch - Disneyland Paris or Disney Store - £18
  • Rapunzel Tumbler - Disney Store - £5
  • Tinkerbell Pillow - won't sell anymore..I'm pretty sure..
  • Disney Thomas Kinkade Calendar - amazon 
  • Disney Mini 365 Calendar - amazon