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Beauty and the Beast Final Trailer Overview

So this morning I woke up to the Final Trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast movie by Disney. It premiered on The Bachelor last night in the US, but of course I was asleep here in the UK. It was a lovely surprise to wake up to and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to write my personal opinion down somewhere and decided that my blog was the place. 

This movie looks genuiely stunning. Before I start I just want to say that I personally can't wait for this movie! I think the cast, sets, costumes & music look amazing. Alot of people thought Emma Watson didn't suit Belle but I think this trailer proves that she looks great as Belle. You have to remember this is a different movie to the Disney classic, things are going to look & be different. It's like going to see a West End show of a movie, it's going to be different somehow. I think Emma Watson is a perfect Belle, she looks kind & caring, but has that bit of feistiness just like how I'd picture Belle. I was actually more afraid of what Beast looked like as I've grown to love Beast and in the classic movie he has his scary side but he doesn't look too scary alot of the time. I felt that this Beast looked terrifing and that they were going for a much darker movie but after this trailer I can see that funny gentle Beast I love. 

One of my favourite villains is Gaston as I just find him hilarious with his vain, egotistic, small-sighted personality. I was worried about finding a guy to be Gaston but I really love Luke Evans as him. I feel from the trailer that he just captures the right sides to Gaston. I'm excited to see all the other cast too, from Lumiere & Cogsworth to Lefou & Maurice. I'm sure they will all do an amazing job!

When the movie was first announced I didn't expect music as the live action Cinderella didn't have any, but the music is such a part of Beauty and the Beast, I think it would be wrong to make a movie without it! I'm so excited to hear the cast sing the classic songs but also abit scared as they are such classics. I just have to remember it's going to be different. The sets look outstanding from the village to the castle to Gaston's Tavern. 

I personally think this movie looks magical and I can't wait to finally see it after all the hype! I'm so happy aswell as it comes out so near my birthday, which is just amazing.
Remember you can book your tickets from today!!

Are you going to see it?
Are you looking forward to it?

Top 10 Favourite Disney Pins

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! Late last year I got into a new school but couldn't go for months due to anxiety. I've become determined to try and make it work so I've been in since Wednesday and it has just tired me out. I will be back to blogging regularly! 
Anyway today I'm sharing my Top 10 Favourite Disney Pins from my main board. It was so hard to pick as I have over 400 pins at the moment & I love them all but these 10 are my favourites.
 I'm not doing this in any particular order either.

First up is a pin from the Designer Fairytale Heroes & Villains Collection. I wish I could own all the Designer Disney pins but most of them cost a fortune! Luckily I knew a guy selling some of his Peter Pan pins & sold me this for just £10!! This is one of my most prized and treasured pins in my collection, aswell as one of my favourites as it features two of my favourite characters from my favourite movie. 

One of my main collections is Disney Dreams, the firework show at Disneyland Paris. This collection is my favourite collection out of all my pins as they are all so different & unique, celebrating a fantastic firework display that I love. In the collection there are some Open Edition pins & Limited Edition. One of my hardest to get is this Limited Edition Tangled pin normally going for £80 and over but I got it in a sale for £40, which I'm so happy about as I never thought I'd be able to complete my collection as this pin was always too expensive!

As soon as I saw this pin I knew I need it in my collection as I love any Disney quote pins or any relating to Walt. This pin includes the famous quote 'It was all started with a mouse'. It is a locket pin & opens to reveal some pictures of Walt Disney, which I love so much! I love that it's shaped as Mickey's head & the colour is just perfect. 

Another Peter Pan one now. I got this from the same guy that I got my Designer one from for only £5, which I was hyped about as it's just so pretty!! It's based from the Disney ride 'Peter Pan's Flight' & spins around to reveal the Darling children & Peter Pan flying over Big Ben. I love the glitter on this pin and how old it looks compared to the newer modern pins. 

I was surprised that there was only one Frozen pin in my Top 10 as when I started pin-trading Frozen was at the top of it's hype. I collected so many Frozen pins, but recently sold & traded some that I wasn't too keen on. This is one I could never trade as I never thought I'd own it when it came out. I love the size of this Frozen Jumbo pin from Disney Soda Fountain. It includes all the main characters from the movie with a stain glass snowflake in the background. The detail of the characters on this pin is amazing.

This is another pin I never thought I'd own but I'm so happy to have it as it's so beautiful. Rapunzel & Flynn are one of my favourite Disney couples and I love pins with them both on. This is actually an envelope that opens to reveal Flynn & Rapunzel together. I love the purple glitter and sun symbol to represent Rapunzel, it's just the detail on these Disney Soda Fountain pins that stuns me. 

I saw this pin when I went to Disneyland Paris this summer and could not stop thinking about it, so I had to have it! I love that it's a badge style pin and it looks exactly like the Ellie Badge from the movie. Again with the detail on this pin, it just blows me away. 

As I've said some of my favourite pins to collect are Walt Disney pins. Walt Disney is my inspiration and these pins just feel more special & sentimental that the others. As you can see from the picture, this pin is Walt walking through Disneyland. It's not the most extravagant pin but it's purely special & meaningful.

Another collection I have is the Once Upon a Time Mystery Box Set from Disneyland & Walt Disney World. I love that they are a big chunky pin & include a name tag, which can be turned into a stand! I got this Seven Dwarfs pin a while back & I love it as it has all 7 on, which is hard to find. They all unique & express themselves but are all together.

The last pin I'm sharing today is such a special pin to me as my amazing best friend Mckenna bought me this all the way from California! It was the first in a set of diamonds for Disneyland's 60th Celebrations. This is actually the hardest to get out of the set as it was before the craze of Disneyland 60th pins started. I'm very lucky to have it in my collection. The glittery diamond folds out to reveal a picture of Walt Disney working on Disneyland, which is just so amazing! 

That's my Top 10 pins in my collection but I wanna know..
Do you collect pins?
What's your favourite ones?

Aladdin the Musical Review

I was very lucky in August last year as I got to go and see Aladdin the Musical. I'd been excited for this since we booked it & knew it was going to be amazing. I thought today I'd review the show with you guys, spoiler free! 

Aladdin the musical is based off the classic Disney movie. If your a fan of Disney, west end shows or even the movie you'll really enjoy this show. It includes the fantastic songs from the movie that you love & loads of new songs by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman. My favourite new song is 'Proud of Your Boy', it's really emotional & touching song sang by Aladdin, that was originally meant to go into the movie but didn't make it. All of classics are of course amazing especially 'Friend Like Me', that whole sequence it a reason to see this show, it's spectacular! 

One of the things I was worried about is how some of the sets & scenes would be shown like The Cave of Wonders. But I shouldn't have worried at all as they are amazingly translated onto stage. From the breathtaking special effects to the stunning Arabian sets, it's really one not to miss.

All the actors performances were outstanding but for me the stand out performance had to be Genie played by Trevor Dion Nicholas. I honestly didn't think anyone could match the amazingness of Robin Williams as Genie but I have to say Trevor really matched it for me. He brought the Genie to life once again & reminded me why I love Genie so much! He was hilarious at the right moment & his singing voice was expectational. I've never been to a show where there was a complete standing ovation & encore after one song. Friend Like Me was perfect, he added his own spin but it wasn't too much. I would go to see this show again just to see Trevor play Genie again. But as I said all the actors performances were amazing & of course all the ensemble was awesome too.

If your thinking about going, just do it, you won't regret it & your in for such a Disney treat! I would personally go into this show blind, no spoilers as the surprises are totally worth it and will be more breathtaking. If you want a small sneak peek then I recommend watching this short clip from Children in Need, it shows just enough to get you ready. 

Have you seen the show yet? Are you going to see it? 
I'd love to know what you thought or what part your looking forward to!

Top 10 Disney Soundtracks

So today I'm sharing my personal Top 10 Disney Soundtracks. These are my personal choices so they might not be your favourites and I might miss out your number 1 but I'd love to know your favourites in the comments! 

10. Tangled

Just making into my Top 10 is Disney's 50th Animated Classic, Tangled. This may come as a surprise as Rapunzel is my favourite princess but the music isn't my favourite. I think the musical scenes are amazing & perfectly animated but I just think Disney have made better songs.

9. Brother Bear

I feel that Brother Bear is such an underrated Disney movie and it's so good especially the music. Phil Collins really knocks the soundtrack out the park, giving us all the feels with every beat & word. When a song is meant to be sad you feel sad & when a song is happy you feel happy, it's just perfect! 

8. Mulan

While finding my Top 10, Mulan actually surprised me as I didn't expect it to be in my list. I often discount Mulan from my favourite Disney movies but I do love it and need to mention it more! I love the difference in every song in this movie, you have the sad princess song, followed by a tough hard song. It is just perfectly balanced.

7. The Princess and the Frog

This was another one that surprised me but listening to the New Orleans beats just makes me feel good. Again I love the songs so much especially When I'm Human & Friends on the Other Side. They have so much feeling that I just wanna dance when I hear Going Down the Bayou!

6. Aladdin

This was actually the last soundtrack I thought of but it shot straight the number 6 when I thought of it! I can't believe I nearly missed it off my list and Aladdin has some of my favourite songs. I feel the songs in Aladdin are used in the right places to keep the story on track & progressing in the right way. I wouldn't say that there is a song just put there because they felt they didn't use enough songs, if you know what I mean..? Great songs and great placement!

5. Moana

Disney newest classic has gone straight into the Top 5 in my books. When I first heard a sample of the music online I didn't think I'd like it, but I was surprised as now I can't stop listening to it! I loved the movie as you probably know and the songs were just perfect. They gave the movie the right feeling & that hint of culture that it needed to feel complete. 

4. Tarzan

Phil Collins once again graces my list with his amazing songs from Tarzan. I don't think this movie would have been complete without these songs. They just have so much meaning & depth to them that immerses you into the story.

3. The Lion King

Now we are into the Top 3, and I don't think this list would be right without them. The Lion King is such a special Disney movie as it has all the right components to be amazing, which is was! The Lion King has some of Disney best songs in my opinion and I couldn't imagine the movie without them. They give such feeling to the movie & gives the characters such personality. 

2. Beauty and the Beast

Just missing the number 1 spot is Beauty and the Beast. I love this movie & can't wait for the new live action one especially as they have kept the wonderful soundtrack. Beauty and the Beast has so many rememberable songs from Tale as Old as Time to Gaston to Be Our Guest. I don't know about you but whenever I hear the songs I can picture the movie scene in my head..that how amazing the whole soundtrack is.

1. Frozen

Finally number 1 goes to Frozen! Did you guess?! Frozen has a special place in my heart & always will have as it really captured me back into Disney. Of course I've always loved Disney but Frozen was when I started to obsessed and become addicted & start collecting again outside of my childhood. I can't say how many times I've listened to the Frozen soundtrack! I even went to a sing-along as I loved the movie and the music so much. The music just complements the movie perfectly and gives it such power. Frozen is my favourite Disney soundtrack & it will take some beating to change that.

That's my Disney Top 10 Soundtracks, but what's your favourite?

Disney Store Moana Doll Review

Is anyone else totally obsessed with Moana?! Writing my review the other day really reminded me how much I loved it & now I'm obsessing..like I'm listening to the music over and over again, I just bought the sticker album and another Moana post today! 

I recently got the Classic Moana Doll in Disney's Black Friday Sale when it was 20% off everything so I got Moana for a really good price. I knew as soon as I saw her I needed her for my doll collection as she is stunning and so unique. I love Moana's style and chunkiness compared to the other princesses. Yes I know she isn't a princess, but she will be going with my princess collection! 

 Moana is wearing her signature outfit from the movie with the Polynesian designs that I LOVE. She also has her amazingly textured hair that I feel is just better than some of the normal classic princess dolls. It has a better texture & volume in my opinion. This could be best Moana is abit more expensive than the other classic dolls...I'm not sure but I love her hair! Her special necklace is also included, it doesn't open like the Limited Edition version but it's still a pretty version of the actual design. She also comes with her oar from her boat, which I thought was a cool accessory to include and it really gives her personality & makes you feel like she's about to go on an adventure!

I love this doll alot and had alot of fun taking photos of her as she is designed so well that she is just busting with personality. If your debating whether you need her or not..you DO! 

You can buy Moana here
 And you can explore the whole range here

Moana Review

This has come a little later than I wanted but as Christmas was so crazy I just didn't have time. 
I went to see Moana on Christmas Eve Eve, and it was stunning. I've decided to keep this review SPOILER FREE so anyone can read it, but I will be telling you some of the basic background & exploring the songs, characters and visuals. 

I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. I remember seeing the first picture of this and being told it was a mix between Pocahontas & Hercules. I was worried at first as I'm a huge Hercules fan but could never really get into Pocahontas as there wasn't enough fantasy for me. I was happily surprised with Moana, it really is a treat for the eyes.

Moana, the protagonist, is the daughter of a chief living on an island called Motunui. Moana is excepted to become the next leader and continue their way of life, but Moana wants more. She feels connected to the ocean & beyond the island. She wants to lead the people away from the ordinary life on Motunui and have an adventure, but her father is against it.
When Moana's island is put in danger like a prophecy foretold, it's up to her to travel beyond the line of the ocean, find demi-god Maui and save her people & island. 

The visuals and animation in this movie are stunning. I didn't think that the animation could get any better than Frozen but I was wrong. The colours are so strong & the scenery really immersed you into the story. I came out in the middle of winter thinking I been on holiday in the middle of summer. The animation of the characters is so clear too, every movement is clean & beautiful. 

The characters are also awesome! Moana is strong female, who once again proves you can be brave and strong without a man, which is the one of the most refreshing things about this movie. Of course I love the Disney romance but it was nice having a Disney movie that didn't involve any romance like Brave. Maui is a great character and his personality was on point, he really reminded me of Discord from My Little Pony. I really liked his character and loved seeing all the sides to his personality from his angry moody side, to his cheeky side to his soft sad side. I really wish that Pua was it in more as he was ADORABLE! Hei Hei was hilarious and Grandma Tala reminded of my Nan as she is pretty crazy but wise and I love her so much.

Even though I loved the visuals, my favourite thing about this movie has to be the music. I really associate Disney with music and their soundtracks and I really miss the music in a Disney movie if there isn't any. The music in Moana is perfect. They really embraced the culture & sounds, whenever I listen to it (which I doing right now..) I really just wanna do some hulu dancing! 
I really love the voice of Auli'i Cravalho for Moana. If you didn't know, when they were casting Disney sent a request for people to send in videos of themselves singing & reading Moana lines and 14 year old Auli'i won. I think she is a perfect Moana and her singing voice is beautiful. 
My favourites are Where You Are, How Far I'll Go, Your Welcome but I think my favourite is 'I am Moana'. I really recommend the album if you looking for some new Disney songs.

Overall, I love Moana. It one that's definitely worth a watch in the cinema if you can as the visuals look amazing on such a big screen & the sound sounds fantastic.
I can't wait to see it again when I get it on DVD later in the year!

Have you seen Moana? What did you think?