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Beauty and the Beast Final Trailer Overview

So this morning I woke up to the Final Trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast movie by Disney. It premiered on The Bachelor last night in the US, but of course I was asleep here in the UK. It was a lovely surprise to wake up to and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to write my personal opinion down somewhere and decided that my blog was the place. 

This movie looks genuiely stunning. Before I start I just want to say that I personally can't wait for this movie! I think the cast, sets, costumes & music look amazing. Alot of people thought Emma Watson didn't suit Belle but I think this trailer proves that she looks great as Belle. You have to remember this is a different movie to the Disney classic, things are going to look & be different. It's like going to see a West End show of a movie, it's going to be different somehow. I think Emma Watson is a perfect Belle, she looks kind & caring, but has that bit of feistiness just like how I'd picture Belle. I was actually more afraid of what Beast looked like as I've grown to love Beast and in the classic movie he has his scary side but he doesn't look too scary alot of the time. I felt that this Beast looked terrifing and that they were going for a much darker movie but after this trailer I can see that funny gentle Beast I love. 

One of my favourite villains is Gaston as I just find him hilarious with his vain, egotistic, small-sighted personality. I was worried about finding a guy to be Gaston but I really love Luke Evans as him. I feel from the trailer that he just captures the right sides to Gaston. I'm excited to see all the other cast too, from Lumiere & Cogsworth to Lefou & Maurice. I'm sure they will all do an amazing job!

When the movie was first announced I didn't expect music as the live action Cinderella didn't have any, but the music is such a part of Beauty and the Beast, I think it would be wrong to make a movie without it! I'm so excited to hear the cast sing the classic songs but also abit scared as they are such classics. I just have to remember it's going to be different. The sets look outstanding from the village to the castle to Gaston's Tavern. 

I personally think this movie looks magical and I can't wait to finally see it after all the hype! I'm so happy aswell as it comes out so near my birthday, which is just amazing.
Remember you can book your tickets from today!!

Are you going to see it?
Are you looking forward to it?

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