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August Music Playlist!

Hey Guys! Sorry it's been forever again but I haven't been feeling into blogging and haven't had the right mind set. I'm hopefully going to try blogging again so I thought I'd start with my August Music Playlist since it's the beginning of August and I'm finally listening to things other than ponies ;) So here we go! 

Human - Christina Perri

I heard this song a few months ago and liked it but never got into it properly, then a few days ago my Sister started singing it as she likes it too and decided to listen again and I fell in love. I think the lyrics are perfectly true and come from the heart. I even made a PMV for the song, which will be uploaded to my Youtube Channel really soon :) 

Black Magic - Little Mix

This is one of my favourite songs and music videos in 2015 so far. From the first time I heard it, I loved it and have had it on repeat since. I think it's my favourite song from the girls and I just can't stop listening. I knew as soon as heard that it was made for a PMV as it just had that cheesy movie film. The PMV will be on my Youtube soon too, which I love since I got to work with The Dazzlings ;)

Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon

This is tied with Black Magic as my favourite song in 2015 so far. I haven't liked alot of pop music in a long time really and I was surprised to hear one I loved. This song has a very 80s feel to it and I LOVE IT! It just makes me feel good and happy. I also made a PMV for this one too, which will be up soon ;)

Easy Love - Sigala

When I first heard this song I thought what the hell is this?! Then I heard it more and more and now I really like it. I don't have much to say about it actually, but I love the beat alot.

Come and Get It - John Newman

I've liked John Newman since I first heard him and I'm so excited that he has a new AWESOME song. It's such a simple song but it's perfect. I really love everything about it and listen to it way too much!

Make a New Dance Up! - Hey Ocean!

A while ago I decided to check out 'Hey Ocean!' as I found out that my favourite voice actress on MLP was the singer of the band. I'm talking about Ashleigh Ball, who voices Rainbow Dash & AppleJack..plus loads of other random ponies ;) I've listened to most of their songs and this is by far my favourite, it just makes me wanna get up and dance! 

Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin 

I'm pretty sure they use this song for the X Factor maybe..I'm not sure but I've heard the background music before. I first heard the song on a recent trailer for 'The Little Prince', which looks amazing, by the way (too sad for me..I cried at the trailer!). I took an exist love to the song and had to find it. Now I can't stop listening to it as it just such a peaceful song and the background music is so powerful. I LOVE THIS SONG!

Set it Off - Disney Descendants 

Disney Descendants finally premiered yesterday in the US..sadly the UK have to wait till Fall but thanks to the Internet I've seen it ;) I remember following this movie from the beginning, when I first heard about it and internally screamed..then I realised it was a Disney Channel movie and cried inside as they don't have the greatest reputation anymore. I loved Disney Channel movies when I was growing up and kids these days probably still do, but the recent ones I've seen haven't been the best. I'd say the best recent one (after Camp Rock 2) is Teen Beach Movie. There are some newer Disney Channel movies that I don't even get why they are movies or on Disney Channel..like 'How to Build a Better Boy' and 'Zapped'?! Anyway..then it was announced that Kenny Ortega was going to direct and they were making it a musical..my life had been made! I love Kenny Ortega, since he made the movies that shaped my childhood massively, High School Musical! I didn't have too high hopes for this movie but it surprised me alot. I felt it kept with that classic Disney magic but almost added that Once Upon a Time feel. I also thought some of the songs were pretty good, such as Set it Off, If Only, Did I Mention and Evil Like Me. I might do a full overview/review soon but for now this is what I thought ;)

SDCC MLP Song - Lena Hall

I'm not sure what this song is called at the moment but I called it 'Just a Pony' on my Ipod..anyway it doesn't matter, I love it! I can't stop listening! It's addicted and already one of my favourite pony songs, even though it hasn't even aired yet ;) Today Daniel Ingram, one of the songwriters for MLP, announced that there are 30 upcoming songs to release. I'm guessing that includes part 2 of Season 5, Friendship Games and maybe Season 6. I don't care but 30 new pony songs sounds amazing to me! 

That's my August Playlist, I hope you liked it :)
Before I go I just wanna share this new Exclusive Short for the Friendship Games. Yesterday the MLP Facebook Page announced that like Rainbow Rocks, they are releasing shorts before the movie airs. They are going to be on the MLP Facebook page every Saturday up till the release (26th September), so get excited! Here's the first one for you :)

I've read the forth Equestria Girls book, which was 'Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine' and it was alot like this short as she wants to find out how Equestrian Magic works in this world and she tests all her friends out to help her. I wonder if the shorts are going to be the Sunset Shimmer book in shorts or about the Friendship Games and them doing their sports, like in the Rainbow Rocks ones, where you saw them get their instruments. It would make sense for them to make the book into shorts as the second Equestria Girls book was all about the shorts they released for Rainbow Rocks. Guess we will have to wait ;) 
I also just wanna say how I love the new powers they are getting with the ponying up thing...rainbows, butterflies..unlimited apples?! And I LOVE SCIENCE SUNSET SHIMMER! She reminds me so much of Twilight..but not as annoying..in my opinion ;) I can't even believe that Sunset Shimmer was a villain in the first movie anymore!! Anyway, I'm super excited for next Saturday's short :)

Until next time, bye guys :)