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The Big Hero 6 Tag!

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm loving Big Hero 6 at the moment so I found this tag and decided to give it ago. If I enjoy this I might do another Disney tag tomorrow not sure yet though..anyway let's get to it :)

1. Hiro or Tadashi?
Hiro all the way. I absoultely love Hiro and I can't wait to watch it again soon as I can experience it all over again. I love how Hiro isn't your typical Disney sexy guy but its a genius and is different. 

2. Whose your favourite?
Aha this is like choosing a favourite child?! I love the all the characters and the whole team but my favourite have got to be Hiro, Baymax and Honey Lemon. I couldn't pick one so have three! I love Hiro as I've said above, Baymax is TOO ADORABLE and I love how Honey Lemon is a girly nerd! 

3. Who would you date? Hiro, Wasabi or Fred?
Hiro again all the way plus he is meant to be 14 and 15 so it could totally work out ;)

4. Favourite part?
I have alot of favourite parts but my favourite of all was defiantly Baymax's First Fist Bump with balalala as it's just too cute and it gets me everytime!! 

5. Are you a nerd?
I would say I am as maths is probably my one of favourite subject and I like science too especially chemisty but I'm also a super geek with all my fandoms and obsessions. I'm a girly geek nerd..aha!

6. Favourite Baymax scene?
As I've said it's definitely the first fist bump and all the fist bump moments after that but I also love when Baymax and Hiro meet in the bedroom..oh and when he has low battery!

7. Who would you be? 
Probably either Hiro or Honey Lemon. I would say Baymax but I don't think I'm as caring as he is! I would say Hiro since I'm apparently smart and my Mum would be my Baymax ♥ I also think I'd be like Honey Lemon since I'm a girly girl but I'm nerdy too :) I bet some people would say I have a touch of Fred in me too since I can be quite random!

8. Do you like heights?
Yeah I actually don't mind heights unlike Wasabi! I'd love to fly with Baymax ♥

9. What do you rank Big Hero 6?
It's definitely in Top 10 Disney movies and I can't wait to see it again and cry all over again!

10. Would you see it again?
I normally watch a sad movie and say 'nope never seeing that again' like Up and then someday in the future I will watch it again but I actually wanna see this one again as it was just so powerful and I loved the characters :) 

That's it for The Big Hero 6 Tag! Hope you've enjoyed my recent posts about it :) I've been loving it and can't wait to get the art book as ART+BH6=PERFECTION ♥♥

I also wanna spend some the amazing fandom work including an amazing drawing I found on tumblr which I love and I LOVE this video so much..and if your like me..get the tissues! WARNING THE VIDEO CONTAINS SPOLIERS!!

I also have been making some new disney edits and I did the whole Big Hero 6 team so I could show it on this post. So here are my new posts..they aren't fantasic but I've been fidling around with photoshop and getting used it ;)

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