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The After Christmas Haul 2015 ♥

Hey Lovelies. It's haul time again, I'm super excited for this one! I will have my overview of my snowglobes in the new few days but I forgot to upload the pictures so I decided this one was easier and I couldn't wait! Again..I'm not trying to brag..bah bah bah..you've heard it all before but I just got say it ;)

First of all are my Monster High and Ever After High purchases. I heard so many good things about Monster High and so many people think I thought why not give it ago and I actually really liked it. I've watched 4 movies so far but 13 Wishes was my favourite by far. I hadn't seen Scaris City of Frights so I bought that one too, I saw it last night and it was pretty good :) I also got the next book in the Ever After High series and I'm really looking forward to reading this one as it's a story collection for all different characters. 

So as I have said in a previous post Laura (@journeytodisney on twitter) really helped me embrace my inner Barbie girl and I bought my first 3 movies! Barbie Princess Charm School is my favourite but I've always loved the 12 Dancing Princesses so I need to get one soon as well but I really wanna collect them all as they make so happy :) I think I'm gunna save for some of the boxsets on amazon as it's just a cheaper way then buying them all seperately!

I had £30 to spend in Whsmith, which is a book and stationary shop so I decided to buy some Disney books I've been wanting. I also bought 13 wishes there aswell :) I finally got the two Sofia the First books I needed to complete my set and they were on offer so I was super happy! I can't wait for the other books to be released here in the UK..I need that Rapunzel one ♥ I also got the Princess Storybook Collection for only £5! I was so happy as I've wanted to buy this all year, I can't wait to finally read it. 

I also was lucky enough to finally find the Frozen Zanini eggs. I've seen them so many times in videos especially American toy videos and I really wanted to see them for myself. I will be doing an overview of them with what I got and what you can get as I know some people might be interested :) Surprise..more Ever After High!? I bought the 2015 annual with my Whsmith voucher too as it was in the sale for only £2 since Christmas is over and people stop buying them..so yay!

I thought these little beauties deserved bigger pictures and they are so adorable! I finally caved after a good 5 years of not going into Build a Bear but I couldn't cope they had FROZEN!! I swear Frozen will be the death of me...! I was originally going to buy the Elsa dress but I didn't really like the texture as it had squequins and netting on :/ I thought Anna's was SO cute so my Mum conviced me to buy it as I loved it so much and it's super soft ♥ I also had to buy some Frozen pjs for my bear since I have some Elsa ones plus they are really cute too! 

BAYMAX PLUSH ALERT!!! The UK Disney Store FINALLY started stocking Big Hero 6 merch and I got my Baymax!! I can't even talk about him without exclamtion marks as I'm so happy!! I love him so much! He goes everywhere with me and it my little mascot. I even dressed in my the Frozen outfits I bought..but I didn't know if that was toture or cuteness! He is the cuddliest softest thing EVER and I can't stop hugging him. Everyone needs a Baymax in their lives!!!!

That's it for my After Christmas Haul, I hope you enjoyed and maybe got some inspiration and ideas :) I'm off to hug Baymax...bye lovelies! 

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McKenna said...

You must watch some of the older Barbie movies! My sister and I have watched them since the Nutcracker first came out, and to this day we still love them <3