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What I got for Christmas 2014!

Hey lovelies. I'm super pumped today to finally do this post as I know alot of people love these kind of posts and I love them too! I love reading and watching people's christmas present videos and they just make me feel happy and can also give me some pretty cool gift ideas. I have about 3 posts lined up to do with the christmas kinda season..I have this one, christmas money haul, my new year resolutions and my wishlist for 2015 :) I also am going to do my 2014 favourites as promised so watch out for all those! Before I start this I have to make the disclaimer that I'm not trying to brag, it's just another christmas post that you can read if you want...right let's get to it! 

This is an overview of my Christmas morning :) I loved everything I got and picked everything as I'm really not great with suprises so I just prefer knowing what I'm getting. Let go into a little more detail..

So first off is the newest addition to my little Ever After High collection. Madeline Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and is my favourite character in my series. I love her clothes and colourful bouncy personality. I have been looking for this doll for a while and found it on Christmas Eve when I was doing some last minute shopping. I couldn't believe it and I love her! When I have more Ever After High dolls I might do an overview with proper photos of detail as they are stunning.

I also expanded my Frozen collection with a new calendar, Top Trumps and a Frozen book tin. I love my Frozen calendar and my month is Olaf as I'm born in March, which is super cute! I absoutely love my Magical Frozen Top Trumps (which is a card game..if you didn't know) and they have every character from Anna and Elsa to the Arendelle baby, which makes me and my Dad laugh alot ;) I actually got the tin in like October since I saw it and it was really cheap and I knew I wanted it. It comes with a big tin and inside is a puzzle book, colouring book and the storybook. They are really good quality and I'm using the tin to put penpal letters I need to reply to in  :)

My Christmas was filled with Disney goodies including a new Disney 3DS game, Sofia the First boxset and Tinkerbell diary. I'm in total love with Disney Magical World for 3DS and I can't wait to try and do an overview on it as it's so good and a must for every Disney fan that has a 3DS or 2DS! I'm a MASSIVE fan of Sofia the First just like the child I am so I had to get the 3 DVD boxset. It has Ready to be a Princess, The Floating Palace and Holiday in Enchania with all extra episodes so you can about 20 episodes and The Floating Palace special. Each disc includes an episode with a princess and in this boxset it includes Ariel, Jasmine and Aurora. I just need Once Upon a Princess with Cinderella and I will have all the DVDs so far! I didn't actually expect the Tinkerbell diary, my nan and grandad bought it for me and it was a total surprise (which I handle very well!) and it is adorable. I love tinkerbell so I can't wait to use it this year :) 

Surprise! No Disney items here!! I got Keith Lemon's new kids book called The Beaver and The Elephant and it's amazing. It does feature Disneyworld as they go on a trip there! It includes three stories and they were all written and drawn by Keith on his Ipad :) I also finally got Zoella's debut book Girl Online and finished within 2 days as it was so good. It is defiantly one of my favourites book and I don't care who wrote it, it was blood good, aha!!! I also got Jessie J's newest album Sweetalker, which I wanted since it came out. I haven't listened to it yet and honestly I'm a little scared incase I don't like it, although I'm sure I will as I LOVE Jessie so much.

More Disney! I also expanded my Disney book collection with two annuals and another Disney art book. I haven't had an annual for a few years especially a Disney Princess one. I remember getting them when I was little all the time with Angelina Ballerina, then suddenly I felt like I had to start getting boring celebrity ones but this year I thought NO I'm getting a damn princess one if I want to..and I did! I got the Disney Princess and Sofia the First annuals and they are both adorable and I love them very much ♥ One of my favourite presents was defiently The Art of Disney Golden Books, it is a massive book full of images from Disney Golden Books throughout the years including Frozen. I wanted to buy all the golden books but then realised that I should just get a big book with pictures from most of them it :) I love it so much and can't wait to properly read it. 

Some more disney and ever after high..feeling a pattern yet?! I finally got a Frozen duvet! *CHEER* It is beautiful and every night I just feel happier :) I tried the girly patchwork duvet for a few years now but that just isn't me..I LOVE CHILD DUVET COVERS!! I hope I can get some others in the future..♥ I also got the Cinderella notebook from the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection and everytime I write in it I just feel like a princess. And my last Ever After High present this year was the third book in the series and I'm about half way through and I'm really enjoying it. I have loved the other two books so this one had alot to live up to and it did :)

Some of the last things on my present list and I actually forget to take pictures of some things but you can just about see them in the middle picture. I'm talking about the Funko Pop! Elsa and Anna and the Tinkerbell bookset. I have wanted Elsa and Anna for ages now and I love them so much! I really want Sven and Tinkerbell next but I'd love to collection the princesses :) I found the Tinkerbell bookset in TK Max and it includes a book for every movie up to The Pirate Fairy and The Pixie Hollow Games. The pictures are lovely and I can't wait to read them. The guinea pig book was also a surprise from my Nan and Grandad and it's adorable. It means so much to me for personal reasons but it's probably one of my favourite ever gifts ♥ I also love this little unicorn keyring that my sister got me. I have a medium one that I love so I'm super happy with a mini version!

The last thing I'm going to share today is my pin filled Christmas! I got over 30 pins for Christmas and I loved every single one ♥ Since I got so many, I'm going to do a seperate post with my updated pin collection and a more detailed look at my Christmas pin haul :) I also got 6 snowglobes for Christmas which I feel deserved their own post as they are so stunning so that will be coming too! For a sneak peek you can check out my instagram - nevergrowup_x

That's it for my What I got for Christmas post this year but remember I have my pin and snowglobe post plus loads more coming so get excited! 

I couldn't finish this post without a little GIF to make it just feel happy so here is another Baymax to make you feel happy :) I'm actually going to see Big Hero 6 at a preview at my local cinema on Sunday and I can't wait but I'm also slightly nervous :| If you don't really understand what I mean read this post I found.. http://uk.eonline.com/news/595585/the-one-big-reason-i-m-terrified-to-go-see-disney-s-big-hero-6
Anyway I can't wait and I know to bring a massive box of tissues!! I will be doing a review (hopefully spoiler free!) after I've seen it so that is coming too :) 

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