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My Current Obsessions! ♥ January 2015 ♥

Hey Lovelies! I have so many blog posts set up and I can't wait to post them all for you! I thought I would do a current obsessions since over the past year I have joined so many other fandoms and I love so many other things that I thought it would be worth it ;) I'm thinking of making a page about it since my blog is mainly about most of these things. There alot so better get going...

So of course my first obsession would have to be my biggest, which is Disney..if you didn't know ;) I've loved Disney since I was younger since my Dad is a massive fan himself but over the past years it has really taken over my life and I couldn't live without it! It means so much to me and it sounds stupid but all the characters are my friends :') I love Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies the most, oh and the musical ones! 

I have to follow Disney with their partner, Pixar! Pixar have made some of the best movies of my childhood. I have always felt Pixar are normally most emotional and scary than Disney movies but as I grown up, my love for Pixar has just grown :) 

Next on my obsession is one of my favourites the web series, Ever After High. It tells the stories of the daughters and sons of fairytale characters and how they had to fulfil their destinies but when Raven Queen, the daughter of the Evil Queen, doesn't want to follow her destiny the school changes forever! I love this show so much and can't wait for Spring Unsprung!! My favourite has to be Madeline Hatter as she is just too adorable ♥

It would only make sense to introduce this as my next obsession since it is like a sister to Ever After High. I'm talking about Monster High of course! I only recently got into Monster High over Christmas and I actually was surprised when I liked it. I haven't seen the web series as the animation isn't too great but I love the movies so much so I will keep to watching those. 13 Wishes is my favourite movie by far and I can't wait till Haunted :') 

This is actually my newest obsession but properly one of my favourites! I only started watching it 2 days ago but I'm obsessed! I absolutely love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it is just so good. I love all the different characters and personalities but my favourite is Rainbow Dash..if you haven't guessed by the banner ;) I'm only on Series 1 so I have some catching up to do but I can't wait!!

My next obsession is one I've had for a while but never really gone full obsession with it. I remember watching the 12 Dancing Princesses and absolutely loving every minute but then I saw Swan Lake and it scared me to death! I know alot of people who grew up with the classic Barbie movies don't really like the newer ones but I do. My favourite is Barbie Princess Charm School by far but I love like The Princess and Popstar, Mermaid Tale 2 and The Secret Door. Barbie just makes me happy and that ok right?!

The next one is abit different to my other obsession since it is aimed at children over 5 ;) Marvel is my next obsession. I really love superheros so much..way too much actually..and I get into the movies too much aswell! My favourites are The Avengers but I also all the others. I remember growing up watching Fantastic Four movies since they were on all the time for some weird reason! My favourite is Captain America and Iron Man but I also Black Widow and Hulk alot. I'm super excited for Avenger 2 and the new Fantastic Four reboot movie!!

As many of you know I'm a massive Once Upon a Time fan and have seen all the episodes so far. My favourite character is Hook..duh?! I also love Regina and I loved Elsa and Anna when they were on the show. The Frozen season was definitely my favourite of all the seasons as it had the best story line in my opinion and I didn't get bored :) I can't wait for the Villain season in March!! 

So I thought this deserved it's own category even though it's still My Little Pony. This is actually what got me obsessed with My Little Pony in the first place. I saw the Equestria Girls movies on Netflix and decided to try them out and I got addicted! I sat and watched both movies in one day and loved them both especially Rainbow Rocks because so much music! My favourite is still Rainbow Dash...surprise surprise ;) This is actually quite strange for me since I normally like the girly ones and Rainbow Dash is probably the most tomboyish in the group but I love her so much aha! 

And that's it for my January Current Obsessions! I have defiantly widen my likes in the past year from just Disney and I'm proud of myself. I think Disney, Ever After High and My Little Pony/Equestria Girls are my favourites but I do love them all :) Until next time..bye lovelies ♥

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