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My Summer Bucketlist 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Since my official summer break started just a over a week ago I thought I would do another summer bucketlist! I did one last year and didn't really keep up with it but this year I'm going to..well I'm gunna try anyways ;) If you didn't see my bucketlist from last year then here it is - http://theperksofbeingme-x.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/my-summer-bucketlist-2013.html I did a scrapbook page on it last year and loved doing that so if it goes well I will probably add this to my summer scrapbook aswell :') That was alot of random rambling...let's get the ball rolling with a summery olaf..oh go on have two summery olafs!!

1. Go to the beach...such a general bucketlist want..
2. Get over 14000 views of my blog..ambitous I know ;)
3. Get an ice cream from an ice cream van...I did this last year and want to do it again last year as it was quite challenging..
4. Go swimming.
5. Have proper seaside chips at the beach..proper english seaside chips!
6. Eat something new..I'll be suprised if this happens :/
7. Try the 100 baby challenge on Sims 3 again?!..I started it but then the game went funny but I loved playing it..you never know?
8. Go to the zoo...yay I love the zoo now!
9. Feed a giffare or elephant..ok so this would have to be done at the zoo ;)
10. Get an ice cream from an ice cream parlour...another one from last year but didn't actually do it, this year it's a MUST!
11. Bake more and blog! I want to bake more and blog about it..like a regular baking post :')
12. Read a book..I have recently started reading again and no it's not the fault in our stars sorry guys..
13. Get a tan..like this is gunna happen! I'm litterally laughing at myself right now :|
14. Go to london..I really wanna go to the disney store on oxford street again or the harrods one!
15. Have a BBQ...burger addict right here..
16. Take a picture of the sunset...hopefully a nice one with loads of awesome colours :')
17. Make ice lollies...I've been wanting to do this for ages and finally bought some ice lolly maker/holder things so yay!
18. Buy a Disney movie...I will be shocked if this doesn't happen!
19. Have a Disney marathon with a friend...this is gunna happen no doubt ;)
20. Go to an Indian Resturant...gotta love some indian food :D
21. Finish LA Noire..I don't want to finish it as it's such a good game but I would love to try GTA again sometime ;)
22. Finish my Frozen Sticker Album..and hopefully my Disney Princess Trading Cards one too!
23. Go to the cinema...I don't know what I would see but oh well!
24. Teach the guinea pigs a trick...this is just a dream really..but a dream that you wish will come true!
25. Duvet Day..I do this everyday what am I talking about?!
26. Movie Night..I don't care what movies but movie night!
27. Play with bubbles...gotta love bubbles ♥
28. Family Game Night...it normally ends in arguements but oh well!
29. Buy a polaroid..I would really love a poloroid to expand my photography passion ♥
30. Go bowling...I haven't been in ages and it would be nice to try and go :')

That's my summer bucketlist for 2014! It's smaller than last year as I feel these are more achieveable for me :) I hope you lovelies get creative and make some summer bucketlists for this summer!!
I gunna end in a true disney addict way with more summer olafs :')

30 day Snap Challenge July 2014 ♥ Day 24 ♥

Well today you lovelies get 4 photos! Somedays I find it so hard to take pictures as nothing much goes on or I forget and yet other days I have more than one! Today I said goodbye to the guinea pigs as they go to pet hotel while we go on hoilday. We take them in advance to help us so it was sad for me to hug Figgles and Mr Oreo for the last time in a while. The pet hotel place also had a hedgehog (SUPER CUTE!!) and a baby tortoise staying too along with loads of guinea pigs and rabbits :') I love my pictures with Mr Oreo and Figgles ♥ 

Currently I Am.. ♥ July 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I've completely lost track of time and realised that it is actually time for my currently I am post! This month seems to have gone so quickly. I would normally do this post half way/beginning of the month but since I have been busy it will have to come now :) 

Reading...OMG I'm in love with a Geek by Rae Earl! 
Watching...Lifesimmer's youtube videos from Sims 3 Showtime and Generations S2 to The Walking Dead and Animal Crossing :') 
Playing...Disney Tsum Tsum App, it's so addictive!!!!
Trying...to be more postive towards myself :)
Eating...Fab ice lollies.
Drinking...Fanta Fruit Twist, so refreshing.
Cooking...nothing yet again!
Calling...nobody I'm such a little loner ;)
Texting...my friend about meeting up soon :') 
Pinning...can I just take this one out next time, I never pin :/
Tweeting...all about my not so interesting life ;)
Crafting...all my lovely penpal letters!
Doing...getting ready for summer :')
Going...on holiday soon!
Loving...this hot weather!
Hating...how I can find clothes to fit me..stupid fat me :(
Enjoying...feeling part of the big disney family ♥
Thinking...about my future...*shivers* ergh growing up :(
Feeling...okay but VERY HOT!
Hoping...that I finally finish my Frozen sticker album soon!!
Listening (to)...Disney soundtracks especially the scores, oh and the peter pan soundtrack scores from the 2003 movie...I suggest the flying one ♥
Celebrating...I've actually finishing Year 10!!!!!
Thanking...all the wonderful people in my life for helping me through this tough year :)
Considering...what to do after this?
Finishing...I actually don't know if I'm finishing anything other than this blog post :/
Starting...to get in a summer mood ♥

And that's what I'm currently doing lovelies ♥ what about you? :')
Have a summer olaf to make you feel summery!

30 day Snap Challenge July 2014 ♥ Day 23 ♥

So Day 23 has arrived and it's now summer! I got some penpal letters through today from different friends so thankyou if your reading this! I love this card that I got it's SUPER CUTE!! It's really hot again today as I decided to take the picture in the garden and I'm feeling kinda shy today actually because I went shopping for some shorts and the world ovibously hates me and my fat body :( I eventually got some..sorry this is a really boring story..Anyway I kinda like this picture although my cheek looks extremely chubby as it's pushed up against the card :/ Forever failing as a teen...

Disney Summer Haul - July 2014!

Hey Lovelies ♥ I have yet another haul for you guys..I swear I didn't use to shop this much?! Anyways I went Summer shopping last weekend and picked up some clothes and other stuff for my holiday and just summer in general. I didn't actually mean to pick out Disney things but I just get naturally drawn to them so most of my shop except 2 things was actually disney related :/ This isn't a massive haul at all but I thought I would show you lovelies anyway! 

I'll start with the two non-disney items so if you wanna just see Disney then scroll on down :) It's really weird for me to buy a nail varish as I don't actually have any nails since I bite them but I thought that I would paint my toes for my holiday and this colour is perfect ♥ I have wanted a Tanya Burr nail varish since she brought them out as I love to watch her on youtube! I picked Mini Marshmallows as I loved the sugar soft pink colour for summer :') I hope to get one of her lipglosses next :D

I got this plain pink vest top at Forever 21 in the sale for £4.99. It's super soft and comfy..I can't say anymore..it's a plain soft comfy vest top!

I got this Little Mermaid vest top from Primark for £6. It's so super comfy and is great because it's so hot right now! I love this so much and have been looking for this forever!! I love it so much and haven't taken it off since I bought it!!!

I also found this amazing Lady and the Tramp top in Primark too for £6. I have a pj top of this but loved it so much I had to buy the top version. I love this scene so much and I love this movie too so I was super happy when I found this in my size as my local Primark didn't have my size :/ 

 I think this might be my favourite top I bought from my small summer disney haul. It is another Little Mermaid top from Forever 21. It was £10.50 and it is stunning. I love the picture and colours they used for the print and it is just beautiful. I can't wait to wear it ♥

I finally found these beautiful Cinderella Pjs from Primark! I had seen these on some many of my disney friends instagrams and twitters and I was looking for them everytime I went to Primark! I'm also on the hunt for the little mermaid ones :D They are super cute with a soft pink top with the original Cinderella poster on and lovely blue checked shorts :)

I actually bought these a few weeks ago but forgot to show them on my recent hauls :/ I got these in my local primark for £8 (i think). I only saw this one and no others so I was so happy it was my size! They are Daisy Duck PJs with 'Can't sleep, won't sleep' on which is so totally me in everyway!! I love the colours and print they used aswell plus they are super comfy ♥

That's it for my small summer haul :') I have so many more posts for you lovelies including summer bucketlists and currently I am's/favourites plus just that extra sparkle of disney ♥ 

30 day Snap Challenge July 2014 ♥ Day 21 and 22 ♥

Day 21 was such a massive day in my house as my younger sister was finally leaving primary school and had her leavers assembly and prom. I took so many pictures and made a video out of them to celebrate the day. She offically left today so well done Zoe, I'm super proud! It was amazing seeing all her friends coming out of the limos and going into their last disco together as I had seen so many of them grow up from Nursery/Reception to Year 6. Love You Zoe and Well Done!

Day 23 is here and it's another busy day! My sister offically left primary school today so yay and well done to her! My day involved stickers, princess cards and penpals..not as busy :/ I also went to see Figgles and Mr Oreo this afternoon just before writing this to check up on them and Figgles was sat in the bedroom like this (left photo)..silly Fig! He was super cute and I couldn't not take a photo..he's just such a fig!!

30 day Snap Challenge July 2014 ♥ - Finally the last week of pictures!

The past week of my july life has been and gone and I'm super late with the pictures for my snap challenge :/ I'm sorry for not keeping up, I've been super busy with summer and stuff! I will keep going with this but will probably start again in September as I will be less busy (hopefully). Here's the photos from the past week!

Day 13 is actually here even though it was a week ago :/ I'm sorry for being super late with this but oh well there here now! On Sunday I won this little beauty on ebay for only £1.50! I was so happy with this as I know that this is actually quite an expensive pin to buy normally and will go for alot on ebay. Rapunzel and Tangled pins are one of my collections so this will be staying in my personal collection as my second tangled pin! 

On day 14 I had tons of post including some of these Frozen stickers and Disney Princess trading cards. I also bought some of these in my local co-op and a poundshop. I have sold all my disney princess doubles now but have more coming so yay! I have loads of frozen left aswell so if you wanna buy or swap then feel free to message me on instagram or twitter or you can just email me :)

If you've read my small disney haul you will have seen this already but since summer has started for me I bought this towel. I didn't buy it on Tuesday but I was getting ready for summer and holidays so this can be my picture for day 15! I love this towel so much, yay for Olaf!

On day 16 I got a huge penpal letter from my lovely penpal in Florida. She sent me an amazing letter with loads of Disney goodies from Disney World! I also received this beautiful Princess Belle pin from the princess heart series. I have just started pin collecting as you probably know and she has been collecting for years so we have decided to pin trade together! I love this pin so much and now want the whole collection of princesses! 

Okay so I ovibously didn't take this picture but I needed to include it in my week as it was a big day for all Disney lovers :) It was Disneyland's 59th Anniversary which is insane! Disneyland has been spreading magic to everyone for 59 years!! There was a big parade with 59 characters and they even annoucned some of the 60th anniversary plans for next year. I would love to go to the original Disneyland next year for the big 60th as it would be pure magic :') 

Day 18 was a huge day in my life as my sister finally performed her Year 6 perfomance. I remember doing mine a good 4/5 years ago and it brought back so many good memories. She shined so bright on the stage when she had to say her lines as a reporter and she totally rocked the blouse and skirt buisness look! Well Done Zoe for an amazing end of primary school performance!!


Day 19 bought another pin to my collection. My Mum and Dad bought me this pin for finally finishing Year 10 as it was a hard year with up and downs for me. I saw this in a cupcake pack in Disneyland Paris but didn't buy it but when I saw this stunning Tink cupcake on ebay I had to grab her so luckily I got her for my end of school year present :D Another stunning Tinkerbell pin for my collection. 

I love really funny in the picture but oh well it's so hot today I don't care! It's been super hot all week here in the south east and I've found it hard! I love the heat but my body just isn't use to it as it's normally raining or dull :/ I decided to rock my inner Ariel today and be a mermaid so I wore my Little Mermaid tank top, Ariel hair clips and knew that Ariel had to be in the picture! 

Finally caught up!! I have hauls and summer posts to come this week so watch this blog :)