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Getting into the Disney Pin Community ♥ My Collection - July 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Here is my disney pin post that I have been talking about for the last couple of posts! I felt in the mood and well enough to do this today so yay for double blogging days :') I just want to say how much I love the artwork that I made transparent for my banner. I don't know who did this but I love it! Anyways...I've never really been into pins as I had never been to a disney park before last year so there was nowhere to really buy them. When I knew we were going to Disneyland Paris I knew I had to buy a pin. Then this year I bought two and over the past week I decided to start collecting Disney pins and even give pintrading ago at some point! I felt like it was a cool thing to collect as a Disney addict and they are all so beautiful ♥ I bought quite a few to start with..more than I expected so here's my pin collection of July 2014!

I will start from the very beginning but if you have been with me on my blog for a while or read my disney collection post then you will have seen this. This is the first ever pin I bought and it was a general Disneyland Paris one. I got it with Stitch one since he is one of my favourite characters and I thought it looked cute ♥ 

This is one of the two that I bought when I went to Disneyland Paris this year. I saw this one first of all and couldn't leave without it as it has the original characters one it and I love them all. I don't think it was badly priced either, the lowest price band :') 

 For a Disney Princess addict like me this was amazing and a must buy! I saw it the first day but put it back as I didn't know what I was gunna spend my money on but on the last day I bought it. I think is is really beautiful as it has all my favourite princesses right up to Rapunzel except Mulan and Pocahontas which I didn't actually mind as they aren't some of my favourites. They are all in their new designs aswell and I couldn't let it. It was the lowest band too which was fantastic!

This is the start of my newest pin buys from the past week really. I bought all these pins from trusted ebay sellers and hoped I didn't get any scrappers. This was one of the first pins I found and I fell in love. It is the 2014 pin with Donald on, it was perfect ♥ Donald is my favourite original character and 2014 means alot to me in Disney terms I guess. It was the year I went to DLP and started pin collecting. I also hope to buy a 2013 so everytime I go to Disneyland I can buy a year pin :)

I thought I would put these together as they are very similar. I bought a Tinkerbell Hidden Mickey pin and a Peter Pan Hidden Mickey pin. I love these as the picture as very cartoony and cute which is right up my street. I like that they are a silver colour and I also really wanted to get some Peter Pan ones :)
I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS PIN! I have never seen this pin in my life at the parks or online and when I found it I knew it had to be mine. It is from DLP and it just says Mickey with some gems. It is stunning and I wouldn't trade anything for this ever!

Two Tinks together. I won Toddler Tink on a bid for a really low price and bought the other one. I love baby Tinkerbell and would love to collect all the toddler including the princesses and boys. She is super sassy and I can't get over how cute her shoes are! The other Tink is beautiful too and I loved it as soon as I saw it. I'm trying to get as many Tinkerbell/Peter Pan pins so this was a great add to the collection.

I saw all the princess pins at Disneyland Paris for these but never bought one. I found this Aurora one for a great cheap price and had to have it. I'm not the biggest Aurora fan but I love disney princesses and I hope to complete this set and the shield one of the princesses too :)

This is probably my second favourite pin of all my purchases. This was the first pin I bought that started it all off! I wanted to collect the Princess shoes in the decoration orament style but they were so weirdly sized and I had no where for them so when I found out they do them in pin form I was jumping up and down with excitement! I will defiantly collect all the princess shoes and villian shoes as I love them all. I have also seen pictures of the new ones coming out featuring Tink, Anna, Elsa and Mary Poppins so YAY!

This is my favourite pin of them all and this was actually my last purchase. I found this little Minnie dressed as Tinkerbell and knew she had to be mine. I searched ebay to make sure I wasn't missing out on a cheaper deal and they were either more expensive or american so I was super happy that I had found her! I didn't think she was as big as she is until I opened her a few days ago! I thought she was gunna be tiny but she is actually quite a big pin. I love her and will keep her forever ♥

I stuck them all on my pinboard for the moment as I don't have a lanyard yet. I don't have many as you can see but I love all the ones I did buy. I can't wait to get more in a few months..as I can't go over the top in pin trading!!

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