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30 day Snap Challenge July 2014 - Day 10 and 11 ♥

Day 10 ♥

I missed yesterday and I'm super sorry but I was busy writing loads of penpal letters to all my friends! I also went shopping (haul coming) for quite a while and bought alot while I was out including the outfit I'm wearing in the picture. I'm now proudly head to toe Disney :D I have a disney top, leggings and socks on..more details to come :') 

Day 11 ♥
It didn't take long to catch up though! Today was quite a long day..I didn't feel to good and had abit of a meltdown in the evening but I'm use to that now :/ I got some Disney Princess Trading Cards through the post which I was really happy about :) I hadn't seen Snow White in years so my family sat down and watched it together..it was beautiful and it meant alot to me. My sister said she found it abit boring but I think that since it's so old, only a true disney fan can love it ♥

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