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Small Disney Collective Haul...Again! ♥ July 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm sorry I haven't posted since Saturday but I haven't been feeling great and it's also the last week of school here in the UK so YAY SUMMER! I promise I'm going to start posting more as usual and keep up with my photo challenge (I know I'm seriously behind..photos coming soon!). I thought I would do something simple today as I'm feeling kinda sad but here we go!

I found this Ariel shimmer lip balm at my local pound shop. I only actually bought it because I loved the case that it was in. It has a super cute picture of Ariel on it with her autograph. I love disney lipbalms and this one wasn't actually too bad but the case was lovely :')

I also found this super cute Disney photo frame in the same pound shop and had to get it. I put a picture of my family with Baloo at Disneyland Paris and it looks super cute! I love Donald's face on this frame and the other characters look funny too.

My Dad bought me this Disney Princess shopper from The Disney Store when I was in there buying something else. I love this so much and it's probably one of my favourite ones as I love the Disney Princesses ♥ It has the princesses in their new designs and I quite happy that Belle was quite big on this bag as she normally isn't. I collect these now and wish I got The Little Mermaid one last year and the Tangled one from years ago :/

I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS TOWEL! I saw this beach towel on the American Disney store site months ago and was so sad that they didn't have it in the UK and then one day it just popped up on the UK website and I was super happy as I could finally get it without having to pay tons of postage! I loved this concept art when I saw it in the Art of Frozen book so I'm glad it made in onto a towel :D YAY OLAF!!

This is a kinda random buy and I only bought this because it's Disney. I saw Disney Princess ones when I was in Next but decided that the pound shop might have some and I found this! I bought Donald, Daisy, Minnie and Mickey. I've never had a PEZ in my life so this was totally new to me. The sweets are ok but I'm not going to probably eat them..they have such a weird texture..I bet you don't that everyday..I'm going to shut up now :/

I'm so happy with this buy. I found this on Ebay on auction with about 2 days to go and decided to chance it and bid. It started at 0.99p and I actually won it for £1.50 which I couldn't believe. I had seen some of these pins go for £10 to £15 on ebay so for £1.50 I was excited! It's my first Rapunzel pin of my collection so YAY!

I didn't actually buy this pin. I got some penpal mail today from my amazing friend from Florida and  she sent me this Belle pin as she knew I had just started collecting and she had been collecting for years so I have super excited when I saw this in my package today! I'm going to try and collect the whole set of these as I think they are stunning ♥ I have such a long list of pins that I love it's incredible..why are they all so beautiful?!

That's it for my small disney haul ♥ My photos for the challenge will be up soon but my ipod with all the photos on is charging at the moment :/ I have some more posts planned but it's also my summer starting so the blogging maybe abit random and scattered.

Bye Lovelies ♥

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