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My Summer Bucketlist 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Since my official summer break started just a over a week ago I thought I would do another summer bucketlist! I did one last year and didn't really keep up with it but this year I'm going to..well I'm gunna try anyways ;) If you didn't see my bucketlist from last year then here it is - http://theperksofbeingme-x.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/my-summer-bucketlist-2013.html I did a scrapbook page on it last year and loved doing that so if it goes well I will probably add this to my summer scrapbook aswell :') That was alot of random rambling...let's get the ball rolling with a summery olaf..oh go on have two summery olafs!!

1. Go to the beach...such a general bucketlist want..
2. Get over 14000 views of my blog..ambitous I know ;)
3. Get an ice cream from an ice cream van...I did this last year and want to do it again last year as it was quite challenging..
4. Go swimming.
5. Have proper seaside chips at the beach..proper english seaside chips!
6. Eat something new..I'll be suprised if this happens :/
7. Try the 100 baby challenge on Sims 3 again?!..I started it but then the game went funny but I loved playing it..you never know?
8. Go to the zoo...yay I love the zoo now!
9. Feed a giffare or elephant..ok so this would have to be done at the zoo ;)
10. Get an ice cream from an ice cream parlour...another one from last year but didn't actually do it, this year it's a MUST!
11. Bake more and blog! I want to bake more and blog about it..like a regular baking post :')
12. Read a book..I have recently started reading again and no it's not the fault in our stars sorry guys..
13. Get a tan..like this is gunna happen! I'm litterally laughing at myself right now :|
14. Go to london..I really wanna go to the disney store on oxford street again or the harrods one!
15. Have a BBQ...burger addict right here..
16. Take a picture of the sunset...hopefully a nice one with loads of awesome colours :')
17. Make ice lollies...I've been wanting to do this for ages and finally bought some ice lolly maker/holder things so yay!
18. Buy a Disney movie...I will be shocked if this doesn't happen!
19. Have a Disney marathon with a friend...this is gunna happen no doubt ;)
20. Go to an Indian Resturant...gotta love some indian food :D
21. Finish LA Noire..I don't want to finish it as it's such a good game but I would love to try GTA again sometime ;)
22. Finish my Frozen Sticker Album..and hopefully my Disney Princess Trading Cards one too!
23. Go to the cinema...I don't know what I would see but oh well!
24. Teach the guinea pigs a trick...this is just a dream really..but a dream that you wish will come true!
25. Duvet Day..I do this everyday what am I talking about?!
26. Movie Night..I don't care what movies but movie night!
27. Play with bubbles...gotta love bubbles ♥
28. Family Game Night...it normally ends in arguements but oh well!
29. Buy a polaroid..I would really love a poloroid to expand my photography passion ♥
30. Go bowling...I haven't been in ages and it would be nice to try and go :')

That's my summer bucketlist for 2014! It's smaller than last year as I feel these are more achieveable for me :) I hope you lovelies get creative and make some summer bucketlists for this summer!!
I gunna end in a true disney addict way with more summer olafs :')

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