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Hola! I'm back from Spain! ♥

HOLA LOVELIES! I'M BACK, YAY! I've missed blogging so much but now I'm back from Spain which you will know if you follow me on instagram (nevergrowup_x). I have been posting abit on instagram while I've been away but now I'm back and ready to blog :D 

Spain was beautiful ♥ My family stayed in Najera (I think thats how you spell it :/) and it was stunning. I loved it so much! It's no disney park but it's a brillant second best :') I had a great time while I was there in our private pool, shopping and eating out, I even found Disney things! I did post some pictures on instagram but no worries a full spainish haul will be on it's way super soon. I can't wait to get blogging again and since it's summer I have more time!

I did some pin trading while I was on holiday on Instagram so be sure to check out my traders or find me on pinpics at nevergrowup_x, which shows you all my wants and traders. You can even email me! Since I'm new to the pin-trading community I haven't got many traders but it's worth a shot! I have also been loving my penpal mail recently too, so yay for pins and penpals! 

That's it for today but check back soon for more posts and adventures ;)

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