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Chessington World of Adventures in a Aspie World ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Second post of the day and I know this might not be for everyone but I haven't talked about my aspie life in a while so I thought this was a good opportunity :) Beware this post is gunna be mostly writing as it's a review/personal experience and opinion!

My family went to Chessington World of Adventures last week (which is a theme park in the UK btw) and it was great fun. We looked in advance to see if they did any help for myself and my difficulties and they actually do. I will link the website at the end with all the details on for any fellow aspies or anyone with a disability. We entered my details in advance onto their system to help time which is a good idea. The disabled guest pays full price but the carer gets in for free and the second helper gets in for a discounted rate which I think is great. 

Once you get in the park you make your way to the Adventure Services in the Market Square, this is where you will get your ride access pass. In order to get the ride access pass you need to provide a doctors letter stating your disability so we used to same one as we did for Disneyland Paris. You have to wear a yellow wristband which I didn't like as the vibrant yellow colour which hurt my head ALOT! I would suggest using a dark colour or less vibrant colour that doesn't effect people like me :) I also didn't like the wristband idea as you always felt so much more different and excluded to others as you were wearing a 'silly band'. I did like getting a high five snap from another little boy in the queue though with the same band as me! 

Anyway you also get a piece of paper with your name on and loads of time boxes. The Chessington ride pass works differently to Disneyland Paris as in DLP you could go on any ride you wanted and they would send you back if there was a extra long wait which didn't happen. In Chessington if you skip a 75min queue they will give you a 45min ban of the pass which I didn't like as you still have to wait really. Luckily we only got one 45min pass ban so we used that to have some lunch as it was about midday :) The pass helped amazingly and made the day so much more enjoyable so thankyou Chessington for your great help :) 

The link to the disability page is - http://www.chessington.com/plan/disabled-guide-for-chessington.aspx

Hope this helped others and I have one more post coming :)

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