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Guinea Pigs ♥

Hey Guys ♥ I thought I would talk about my Guinea Pigs today..they are actually my sister's but I LOVE them! We have two boys called Fig and Oreo ♥ I call them Figgles and Mr Oreo :D They are super cute!

The Guinea pig on the left is Fig and he is like white and ginger ♥ He is super fat and adorable and LOVES to be stroked all the time :) The Guinea pig on the right is Oreo and he is black and white ♥ He loves being stroked under the chin and hand fed food! They are brothers and are born in February.

I honestly have abit of an obession with Fig because he makes me squee when I see him and he is just a fat little thing ♥ I LOVE Fig soo much and I give him so much attention :) Fig loves lettuce and spinach and cuddles too :) 

Oreo can sometimes be abit shy from time to time but he can get totally relaxed when he lays on your lap. Oreo lays in his cage like a dog in a curled postion and it is extremely cute! Oreo loves carrot and pepper and he loves attention ♥

I LOVE them so much and will probably have Guinea Pigs for the rest of my life because they just comfort me when I feel all stressed out ♥

Hope you liked finding out about my family's Guinea Pigs and I wanted to just Thank my Sister for getting them because they are just PERFECT and I don't know how I lived without them ♥

Bye Guys ♥

40 Things About Me ♥

Hey Guys ♥ I thought I would let you get to know me better today! I wrote these facts for a Youtube video I was gunna do..but decided not too. Since I didn't use them..I thought to use them on my blog! 
I'm going to try and make my Sims 3 post really soon because I'm making a new family :) I think rather than make a page that not many people see I'm gunna just do a blog post every now and then about them :) Anyway I'm going on..let's get started!

1) I have never ever broken a bone!
2) I LOVE Disney...I have an obession!!! 
3) My birthday is in March :) 
4) I have school phobia :(
5) I hate the sound of balloons screeching!
6) I'm a Belieber :) Justin Bieber is just PERFECTION ♥
7) I have a strong obession with Sims if you didn't know ;)
8) I want to be a graphic designer, work at Disney or EA for Sims. I would love to be the graphic designer for magazine or website about Disney and Sims! 
9) Peter Pan and Tangled are my favourite Disney movies but I'm looking forward to seeing Frozen soon :D
10) I bite my nails all the fricking time!
11) I LOVE LOVE LOVE food..but who doesn't!
12) I'm pretty socially awkward with people I don't like.
13) I have two guinea pigs called Fig and Oreo..I will be doing a blog post on them soon :D
14) I have Aspergers :)
15) I HATE spiders!
16) I spend my life watching Youtube videos!
17) I HATE anything medical.
18) I struggle with anxiety and depression :(
19) I have only been to Disneyland Paris once..
20) I'm only loud with people I really know.
21) I really wanna travel America..I feel I belong there to be honest!
22) I LOVE talking about my obessions too much.
23) My favourite Youtubers are...LifeSimmer, XUrbanSimsX, JordynIsMyName, StilaBabe09, LivinLikeLindsey, Zoella and loads more..I spend too much time on Youtube!
24) Music is a massive part of my life..I couldn't live without it!
25) Pink, Blue and Purple are my favourite colours but they change all the time..
26) I LOVE scrapbooking and photography..my camera is just PERFECT ♥♥♥
27) I love to draw even though I'm pretty crap at it..I will be sharing some of my drawings with you soon ♥
28) My cheeks blush really easily :(
29) I HATE HATE HATE my weight!
30) I LOVE murder mysteries :D 
31) I do think that some Disney characters in real life would love AMAZING ♥
32) I LOVE to watch Miranda and Sherlock on repeat.
33) I have to watch movies sometimes to get to sleep..
34) I HATE Mayo, Nutella and Oreos too much!
35) I asked Santa every year for a sweet machine when I was younger but never got it!
36) I don't like coffee but tea is just so good ♥
37) I recently got into Once Upon A Time and it is just PERFECTION ♥♥♥♥
38) I have 62 Disney songs on my Ipod but I need to add more really soon!
39) My dream wedding would be in Disneyland or DisneyWorld and my first dance would be to Tale As Old As Time from Beauty and the Beast or I See The Light from Tangled ♥♥
40) I LOVE making lists...I have too many!!

That's it guys! I'm gunna try and make my next blog about my Sims 3 Current Household so I hope your excited :D And ThankYou Guys for nearly 2000 views!!!!

Bye Guys ♥

This or That?! Beauty Tag ♥

Hey Guys! I'm loving doing tags at the moment so I thought I would do the Beauty Tag :) I don't wear makeup that often because I can't normally be that bothered...lazy me! I saw this tag on StilaBabe09 Youtube Channel and thought it looked fun :D I will link the Youtube channel at the end if your interested ♥

Blush or Bronzer? - I don't really use either but I think blush because it gives your cheeks a nice colour.
Lip Gloss or Lipstick? - I LOVE both of these and I use lip gloss more than lipstick because I hate when my lips look really bold coloured!
Eyeliner or Mascara? - Mascara because you can make your eyelashes look amazing!
Foundation or Concealer? - I don't use either again but I did try foundation once and it felt funny so I think I would go with concealer :)
Neutral or colour eye shadow? - Neutral because it looks nice and femine on girls.
Pressed or loose eye shadows? - I don't know what these are as I'm not a Beauty Guru so I don't know!
Brushes or Sponges? - I like the look of those little beauty blenders but I don't have one so probably brushes!

OPI or China Glaze? - OPI because I have never heard of China Glaze and OPI is just PERFECT ♥
Long or Short? - I like medium nails that are slightly longer than normal but not too long!
Acrylic or natural? - It depends but I would love Acrylics because I have no nails as I bite them!
Brights or dark? - Brights in the summer but I like dark in the winter :)
Flower or no flower? - If you mean on your nail then I do like the flower..it looks pretty ♥

Perfume or Body Splash? - I use perfume alot more and it think it so amazing ♥
Lotion or Body Butter? - I prefer Lotion because it's less sticky :)
Body wash or Soap? - Defiantly body wash..I LOVE this Strawberry Milkshake body wash at the moment :D
Lush or other bath company? - I LOVE Lush because I love the bath bombs and FUN they do.

Jeans or Sweatpants? - I like jeans for going out and sweatpants for lounging around but I LOVE sweatpants more because I like how they just feel nicer :)
Long sleeve or short? - I don't really like long sleeve tops only short sleeve but I LOVE long sleeve pjs and jumpers.
Dresses or Skirts? - Dresses because I'm a total princess and LOVE dresses ♥
Stripes or Plaid? - I don't really like either but I guess Stripes :)
Flip Flops or Sandals? - Flip Flops because they are super comfy :D
Scarves or Hats? - Scarves..I don't really wear hats!
Studs or Dangly Earrings? - I don't have my ears pieced so I don't had either but I do LOVE studs ♥
Necklaces or Bracelets? - Bracelets I think I loved those Shambella bracelets loads last year!
Heels or Flats? - I only have 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of wedges but I do LOVE heels more..they are just perfection ♥
Cowboy boots or Riding boots? - Cowboy Boots :)
Jacket or Hoodie? - Well I like jackets with hoods more than hoodies...so abit of both!
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? - In the UK we only have a Forever 21 so I'm gunna have to say that!
Abercombie or Hollister? - I have never been to a Abercombie but I think that it is the same type of shop as Hollister but I will have to say Hollister because I have loads of things from there!
Saks 5th or NordStorm? - I have never heard of either of these shops because I live in the UK :(

Curly or Straight? - I have curly hair and want straight but I am liking my curly hair at the moment...I guess though everybody who has straight hair wants curly and everybody who has curly wants straight hair!
Bun or Ponytail? - I like buns in the doughnuts and high ponytails but I hate when my hair is up so I don't have either!
Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips? - I have never had butterfly clips but I have had so many bobby pins and I'm probably typing for alot of people when I say 'THEY JUST DISAPPEAR!' I have lost so many!!!
Hair Spray or Gel? - Hair Spray on girls..I have never use gel...
Long or Short? - I do like long hair..and always have but there is nothing wrong with short hair either!
Light or Dark? - Being a blonde I have to say light but I do like dark hair too :)
Sweep Side Bangs or Full Bangs? - I have more of a sweep side bang but I do like full bangs especially when Jessie J started her career and had the full bangs!
Up or Down? - Down..I hardly wear up..I hate it!

Rain or Shine? - Shine!
Summer or Winter? - I do love wearing winter jumpers but I love the summer weather!
Fall or Spring? - I have to say Fall because you get to wear jumpers :D
Chocolate or Vanilla? - Vanilla all the way baby!!
East Coast or West Coast? - I live in the UK :(

Thats it Guys ♥ Hope you enjoyed, I Tag All Of You!!! 

Bye Guys ♥