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Movies I'm Excited for in 2015!

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm super excited about doing this post today! I'm a massive movie fan and can't wait for all the amazing movies being released next year :) I'm gunna tell you the movies I'm most excited for along with a trailer (if there is one) so you can be as excited as I am! I have quite a few to get through so let's get cracking..

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

So this movie actually comes out next month for the UK but I promised its the only one that comes out this year on my list :) This is the 6th movie in the Tinkerbell franchise and actually the last which I'm quite sad about as I do love them even though Tinkerbell isn't totally herself ;) I'm looking forward to this movie as the last two (secret of the wings and the pirate fairy) have been my favourites so I hope they end on a good film. I also heard the main song (watch here) included in this movie which I really liked so I'm feeling quite positive about it :) I really wished they had made the last one about Tink finding Peter and I kinda wish they include that in the end as it was amazing having Hook in the last one...well I can wish!

Big Hero 6

Right I know this is already out in America but sadly in the UK we have to wait till the end of January to see this!! :'( I can't wait any longer..it's killing me slowly! I have seen so many of the trailers and already love the characters especially Honey Lemon, Baymax and Hiro ♥ I just need to see this movie and once I do a review will be up! I know alot of people love it and have cried so I'm ready with my box of tissues as I cry alot of animated movies ;)

Into the Woods

This is probably one of the movies I'm most excited for and can't wait! I've seen the behind the scenes, all the interviews and trailers and I can't wait, it looks amazing! The cast is just perfection and I love alot of the actors anyway. I can't wait to see the dark twist on this as I love Once Upon a Time and things like that so I'm really excited to see dark Disney will take it. I love that it's a musical and I hope that once we see this in the UK somebody will bring the broadway show here so I can see it ;) 


I'm not the most excited person on the planet for this movie as there has been SO MANY Cinderella movies but I can't wait to see what Disney will do with it. If you haven't watched the trailer and don't want much of the magic spoiled before you see it then don't watch it as it shows the whole movie really and all the special effects and magic within the like 3 minute trailer, which is quite sad as I love seeing the Disney magic as surprises in the movie. This movie does look very magical and it actually reminded me abit of Saving Mr Banks and it looks very powerful more than Cinderella normally is. I hope that Disney take this and step the story up abit and give it more of a emotional feeling than just another live action Cinderella movie...


I cannot contain my excitement for this movie! I remember when it got announced and I was pretty excited as Peter Pan is my favourite fairytale and I love the live action ones..except Hook sorry all Hook fans but Peter Pan isn't meant to grow up ;) I absolutely love the Disney classic of course and the 2003 live action version was amazing! I also liked the Sky Movies movie called Neverland and how he began Peter Pan. Sadly I can't say I love what Once Upon a Time did to my favourite little boy but oh well..Hook is amazing in OUAT so that makes up for it :) I'm really excited that Warner Brothers are actually taking a different route and the actors look great. I started to read the book on my old tablet but then I got rid of that tablet and lost the book :( so now I really wanna read it as I know people say it really changes your thoughts on it. I'm really excited for this movie as it seems quite dark and I love dark Pan movies..but I will be a very TOUGH critic ;)  

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

I LOVED the first Avengers movie and I'm a really big superhero fan especially Marvel (again sorry to all the DC fans) and this new movie looks bigger than everything they have even done. It looks epic and tense and I'm actually think someone might die. But my main problem is I don't know if Loki is in this movie?! I heard rumours saying he is then he isn't...he needs to be! I'm looking forward to this and I'm excited to see where it takes the next movies ;)

Pitch Perfect 2

I can't believe this is actually happening, I loved the first Pitch Perfect especially Fat Amy and can't wait for the second one. It looks better than the first one and I loved the singing in the first one so I can't wait for more :) I don't have much else to say about this as I've only seen the trailer and nothing else has really been said about it yet ;)


I don't know much about this movie as there is only a teaser trailer out at the moment and that doesn't give much away but it looks amazing and really intriguing. I can't wait to see the trailer :)


I love Despicable Me 1 and 2 and I can't wait for Minons as they are ADORABLE! I do actually think my Dad is more excited than me..which is slightly worry but cool at the same time ;) It looks really good and I can't wait to see it in the Summer. I like it will be as good as Despicable Me if not better but it does have alot to live up too...

Inside Out

I'm SO EXCITED for this movie as I'm not great with emotions so this looks right up my street, aha! I love the characters especially Anger and Sadness. I think this will probably be up there with Pixar's best movies as it looks great. I love the teaser trailer with all the other movies and emotions and I'm excited for the actual trailer. I can't wait to see what this movie is actually about like the plot as at the moment all I know it's in about the emotions inside your head. I think Pixar have got a winning movie her with emotions as Pixar do emotions so well..I cry at most of their movies so this should be fantastic! 

To end the post I just wanna say I'm also excited for Hotel Transylvania (my mum will be too when she finds out, aha), The Jungle Book and Fantastic Four even though I don't really know why there making another Fantastic Four..I love the old ones ;) 
Anyway bye lovelies ♥

Happy Birthday Frozen ♥

I can't believe..actually I can..that it's been a year since Frozen graced our screens and took over the world! I remember seeing the first concept art for the movie and everyone slating it saying it looked terrible and then came the first look of Anna and everyone went crazy as she looks 'extactly' like Rapunzel. I remember seeing some other movie in the cinema and seeing the first teaser trailer with Olaf and Sven and getting so excited..and then the trailer came and I couldn't wait! I'd been excited since the beginning and thought it looked and sounded amazing and that day I went to see it in cinemas I fell in love with Frozen and it took over my life, literally. 

My love for Disney only grew bigger when I saw this and thought of how proud Walt would be if he saw this. I felt Disney actually grew during this movie as it really broke the sterotypical princess film. I fell in love with all the characters and to me Elsa and Anna are very real, they help me through daily struggles I face and mean the world to me. It might sound really stupid but I don't care. 

I was going through a really tough time when Frozen came out as I had just found out that I had Aspergers which was massive for me. Once I got diagonsed it struck me that I was different and didn't know if I belonged but watching Frozen really helped. I've said this alot in my blog posts but Elsa really helped me to come out of my shell and to just LET IT GO! I need to accept I was different and that was good and I'm perfect just the way I am. Not everybody ran away or left and most were very supportive, I just had to accept myself so they could accept me. 

It was also very touching as I have a younger sister, Zoe and we are pretty close. When I watch videos of my and my sister when I was younger I realised I was in my own little world and ignored her alot...that was just me..of course I was shutting her out to protect her from icy powers..I didn't even know I was ignoring her but now I do feel kinda bad I did. Even though me and my sister are very different, we still hang out and she understands me. I'm her Elsa and she's my Anna..we need each other to carry on :) 

Frozen has been such a massive part of my life and I'm glad it still is. Frozen is still one of my favourites and I hope that like The Lion King it continues to trumiph for many many many years! 

Happy Birthday Frozen! 

November Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry I haven't blogged too much since Saturday but I've been struggling yet again :( I have small struggles which last normally up to a week at most but every now and then I can have a big one where I find life just too tough and I shut down, that's the best why to describe it really. I know I have just uploaded my 'currently I am' post but I wanted to get this up before the end of the month. I've decided to probably not do a 'living with aspergers' this month as I'm struggling in my own life at the moment and don't have much advice ;) Anyway let's get on...


My music favourite this month definitely has to be Wicked. I loved it when I went to see it in March and it was amazing but I love the soundtrack so much as Idina Menzel is just PERFECTION ♥ I wish I could have been able to see her in it but if I go to America I will see Wicked on Broadway as I just love the American accent, aha! My favourites from the soundtrack have to be Popular, What is this feeling, The Wizard and I, Defying Gravity, I'm not that girl, No Good Deed and For Good. If you haven't heard it before I recommend finding it on youtube or spotify as it will just make you feel more determined and inspired :)


I've been playing on my 3ds alot this month especially trying to make my Animal Crossing town better :) I actually used a QR code that I found on google to make myself loads of disney outifts so at the moment I'm Queen Elsa ;) I've been really enjoying it recently and can't wait to play more! I have a dream code if anyone wants to visit :')


So I literally watched this yesterday and it is probably one of my favourite movies along with 21 Jump Street. It was so funny! I personally love Jonah Hill even though teen girls are meant to fangirl over Channing..don't get me wrong Channing is amazing but Jonah is just funny and adorable, aha! If you haven't see this yet then you need too, it will just put you in a good mood :) 
this is for my Mum as I know it made her laugh so much!


I've been LOVING Ever After High for the past month or so and I started to read the books last month. I finished the first one within 2 days while I was in Cornwall and bought the second one a few weeks ago. I've nearly finished it and I love it so much ♥ If you watch the youtube series or you like fairytales then you should totally read the books and watch the series as it's amazing! 


So my I decided to join app and website as it just seemed right so my favourite this month is actually Pintrest. My Mum actually got me to start pinning when she decided to give it a try and is now VERY addicted ;) I'm really loving it as I can find so many amazing Disney pictures and other things..mainly Disney though! If you wanna follow me then click here.


I'm a Celebrity is the highlight of my year literally, I live for it. I love it so much which is weird for me as I hate bugs but I love watching celebrities suffer and argue ;) I feel that this isn't my favourite series ever but it's still good. I'm rooting for Jimmy to win to be honest as he makes me laugh so much ;)


I actually got these last month but I thought they deserved to be mentioned as they are SO CUTE! If you've been reading my blog for the last few favourites then you will know I'm obsessed to the game Tsum Tsum. Sadly the plush versions of Tsum Tsums haven't been released in the UK yet :/ Lucky me was able to get some on instagram from America. I picked Minnie, Marie, Snow and Donald to start my collection with and they are super cute! I know that Japan have really awesome ones including The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell and the newest ones that came out yesterday Frozen, which I'm hunting for now! I love these so much and they need to come to the UK now!!

That's my November favourites done :) Can you believe that next time I do my favourites Christmas will have been and gone?! I have one more post to upload today as I felt it was necessary..you'll see why when you see it ;) 

Bye Lovelies ♥ 

Currently I Am...♥ November 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ So as promised here is my second post of the day! I really want to do this every month and didn't want to fail this month so even though it's incredibly later than my other ones here is my 'Currently I am..'

Reading...I've recently got into Ever After High and decided to start reading the books so I read the first one really quickly while I was in Cornwall and I'm reading the second one at the moment and I'm loving it!
Watching...Alot of toy hauls and vlogs on youtube, and plenty of sims!
Playing...Brave on my Xbox :)
Eating...chocolate orange, it's literally christmas!
Drinking...milk, I love some milk :')
Cooking...pasta and brownies, I had to for a school project..it went well..
Texting...my disney friends.
Pinning...disney things, I've been pinning loads lately!
Tweeting...nothing actually :/
Crafting...I've been ill so no scrapbooking recently..
Doing...penpal letters :)
Going...nowhere but I really wanna go to Toys R Us and the Disney Store as always!
Loving...I'm a Celeb, it started last Sunday and I'm loving it :D
Hating...being ill, ergh hate the flu :(
Enjoying...getting pinmail in the post :)
Thinking...about how many days there are till Christmas..32 days :D
Feeling...mixed emotions, I can't describe :|
Hoping...that I get back soon ;)
Listening (to)...Wicked, literally listening to wicked all day all night ♥ 
Celebrating...that there is only 32 days till Christmas :')
Thanking...my family for helping me in my tough times, love you loads ♥♥
Considering...if I should play Sims after this?
Starting...to get Disney depression, I need to go back..it's an addiction!
Finishing...my penpal letters..hopefully ;)

Where have I been?!

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm finally back! I think its been about a month since I last blog but I have had sad November really. I was away the final week of October in Cornwall and then I went to school for the first week back after half term and then haven't been back since. I've been really ill with my aspergers for the last two weeks especially the first week and the second week I actually got the flu..ergh I know! So now I feel I'm FINALLY ready to start blogging again :')

So today I thought I would just do some of my random rambling! I wanted to let you guys know what I wanna do on here in the next few months and I just wanna tell you all about my trip to Cornwall a few weeks ago :) So first of all...

I have had this blog for a year and a half now and I'm loving it so much! I wanna thankyou lovelies for over 25000 views which is AMAZING!! I can't believe people are actually looking at my things, I'm so boring..I don't know why you bother :') Anyway I wanna do more hauls as I love doing those especially Disney ones. I also want to try to introduce baking into my blog as I love to bake and think it would be cool to share my creations with you guys. I also will be continuing my 'Living with Aspergers' series because I love writing my feelings and advice to others out there and hopefully making people more aware. My other monthly series will continue including random ramblings, monthy favourites, currently I am and pinmail. One of the newest things that I have done on my blog is my monthly Disney Park News/Update posts which I plan on continuing but it might be like seasonal or every so often as sometimes there isn't news every month. I want to try to do more reviews on things I have or buy to show the pros and cons, if I plan on doing reviews it will probably be on disney as usual! I can't think of anything else right now but I really want to keep on blogging and expanding it :)

As I said for the October half term (which is a week holiday at the end of october) I went on a small break away to Cornwall with my family. For those of you who aren't great at Geography or maps, like me, here is where Cornwall is...
We have been to Cornwall a few times as my Mum LOVES it so much. This time we were going to be staying in a little house on a kinda farm. There was about 4 houses/barns on the farm and a few animals. It wasn't a working farm like up at 6 and everything but it did have animals and it was adorable! I honestly felt like a Disney Princess as I made a very big connection which two sheep, which were living in the field across from our house. Everytime I went outside I would go and call for the sheep and they would just look at me then run straight at me, I loved it as they were SO fluffy!

I missed my little boys (our guinea pigs) all week but I knew as soon as we got home we could go and collect them and I could have big snuggles with each of them :) We went out everyday to different places from Looe to Padstow. I found some great Disney things while I was there and an adorable beanie sheep plush, which I love! One of my best finds was definitely my Frozen Hoodie, it was amazing! I was the first person to ever get one with the design I chose and it is super comfy ♥
I had a great trip and it was nice spending time with my family :')

I think I'll leave this post here as I've rambled enough but I will do another post straight after till as I want to make up for not blogging and I'm in the mood :) Before I end this post I want to thank a very special new friend called Mckenna ♥ Mckenna is one my newest penpals and I've only been speaking to her for about a month but she is an amazing friend already! I know she found me by actually reading one of my blog posts so I hope she reads this, if you do Hi :') If you have instagram you should totally go follow her at - @mckennalala or if you love pins then also follow her pintrading account - @pinsneyland.

Anyway I've gotta stop now aha! Bye lovelies ♥