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Where have I been?!

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm finally back! I think its been about a month since I last blog but I have had sad November really. I was away the final week of October in Cornwall and then I went to school for the first week back after half term and then haven't been back since. I've been really ill with my aspergers for the last two weeks especially the first week and the second week I actually got the flu..ergh I know! So now I feel I'm FINALLY ready to start blogging again :')

So today I thought I would just do some of my random rambling! I wanted to let you guys know what I wanna do on here in the next few months and I just wanna tell you all about my trip to Cornwall a few weeks ago :) So first of all...

I have had this blog for a year and a half now and I'm loving it so much! I wanna thankyou lovelies for over 25000 views which is AMAZING!! I can't believe people are actually looking at my things, I'm so boring..I don't know why you bother :') Anyway I wanna do more hauls as I love doing those especially Disney ones. I also want to try to introduce baking into my blog as I love to bake and think it would be cool to share my creations with you guys. I also will be continuing my 'Living with Aspergers' series because I love writing my feelings and advice to others out there and hopefully making people more aware. My other monthly series will continue including random ramblings, monthy favourites, currently I am and pinmail. One of the newest things that I have done on my blog is my monthly Disney Park News/Update posts which I plan on continuing but it might be like seasonal or every so often as sometimes there isn't news every month. I want to try to do more reviews on things I have or buy to show the pros and cons, if I plan on doing reviews it will probably be on disney as usual! I can't think of anything else right now but I really want to keep on blogging and expanding it :)

As I said for the October half term (which is a week holiday at the end of october) I went on a small break away to Cornwall with my family. For those of you who aren't great at Geography or maps, like me, here is where Cornwall is...
We have been to Cornwall a few times as my Mum LOVES it so much. This time we were going to be staying in a little house on a kinda farm. There was about 4 houses/barns on the farm and a few animals. It wasn't a working farm like up at 6 and everything but it did have animals and it was adorable! I honestly felt like a Disney Princess as I made a very big connection which two sheep, which were living in the field across from our house. Everytime I went outside I would go and call for the sheep and they would just look at me then run straight at me, I loved it as they were SO fluffy!

I missed my little boys (our guinea pigs) all week but I knew as soon as we got home we could go and collect them and I could have big snuggles with each of them :) We went out everyday to different places from Looe to Padstow. I found some great Disney things while I was there and an adorable beanie sheep plush, which I love! One of my best finds was definitely my Frozen Hoodie, it was amazing! I was the first person to ever get one with the design I chose and it is super comfy ♥
I had a great trip and it was nice spending time with my family :')

I think I'll leave this post here as I've rambled enough but I will do another post straight after till as I want to make up for not blogging and I'm in the mood :) Before I end this post I want to thank a very special new friend called Mckenna ♥ Mckenna is one my newest penpals and I've only been speaking to her for about a month but she is an amazing friend already! I know she found me by actually reading one of my blog posts so I hope she reads this, if you do Hi :') If you have instagram you should totally go follow her at - @mckennalala or if you love pins then also follow her pintrading account - @pinsneyland.

Anyway I've gotta stop now aha! Bye lovelies ♥

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