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November Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry I haven't blogged too much since Saturday but I've been struggling yet again :( I have small struggles which last normally up to a week at most but every now and then I can have a big one where I find life just too tough and I shut down, that's the best why to describe it really. I know I have just uploaded my 'currently I am' post but I wanted to get this up before the end of the month. I've decided to probably not do a 'living with aspergers' this month as I'm struggling in my own life at the moment and don't have much advice ;) Anyway let's get on...


My music favourite this month definitely has to be Wicked. I loved it when I went to see it in March and it was amazing but I love the soundtrack so much as Idina Menzel is just PERFECTION ♥ I wish I could have been able to see her in it but if I go to America I will see Wicked on Broadway as I just love the American accent, aha! My favourites from the soundtrack have to be Popular, What is this feeling, The Wizard and I, Defying Gravity, I'm not that girl, No Good Deed and For Good. If you haven't heard it before I recommend finding it on youtube or spotify as it will just make you feel more determined and inspired :)


I've been playing on my 3ds alot this month especially trying to make my Animal Crossing town better :) I actually used a QR code that I found on google to make myself loads of disney outifts so at the moment I'm Queen Elsa ;) I've been really enjoying it recently and can't wait to play more! I have a dream code if anyone wants to visit :')


So I literally watched this yesterday and it is probably one of my favourite movies along with 21 Jump Street. It was so funny! I personally love Jonah Hill even though teen girls are meant to fangirl over Channing..don't get me wrong Channing is amazing but Jonah is just funny and adorable, aha! If you haven't see this yet then you need too, it will just put you in a good mood :) 
this is for my Mum as I know it made her laugh so much!


I've been LOVING Ever After High for the past month or so and I started to read the books last month. I finished the first one within 2 days while I was in Cornwall and bought the second one a few weeks ago. I've nearly finished it and I love it so much ♥ If you watch the youtube series or you like fairytales then you should totally read the books and watch the series as it's amazing! 


So my I decided to join app and website as it just seemed right so my favourite this month is actually Pintrest. My Mum actually got me to start pinning when she decided to give it a try and is now VERY addicted ;) I'm really loving it as I can find so many amazing Disney pictures and other things..mainly Disney though! If you wanna follow me then click here.


I'm a Celebrity is the highlight of my year literally, I live for it. I love it so much which is weird for me as I hate bugs but I love watching celebrities suffer and argue ;) I feel that this isn't my favourite series ever but it's still good. I'm rooting for Jimmy to win to be honest as he makes me laugh so much ;)


I actually got these last month but I thought they deserved to be mentioned as they are SO CUTE! If you've been reading my blog for the last few favourites then you will know I'm obsessed to the game Tsum Tsum. Sadly the plush versions of Tsum Tsums haven't been released in the UK yet :/ Lucky me was able to get some on instagram from America. I picked Minnie, Marie, Snow and Donald to start my collection with and they are super cute! I know that Japan have really awesome ones including The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell and the newest ones that came out yesterday Frozen, which I'm hunting for now! I love these so much and they need to come to the UK now!!

That's my November favourites done :) Can you believe that next time I do my favourites Christmas will have been and gone?! I have one more post to upload today as I felt it was necessary..you'll see why when you see it ;) 

Bye Lovelies ♥ 

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