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Sims 4: Let's Create! - My Little Pony Part 2!

Hey Guys! OMG I'm I really posting ;) I was really inspired to make this blog post when I was making some more MLP characters on Sims 4 to fill the new town, Newcrest. You can find all these sims on the gallery at: nevergrowup_x
I'm just going to be posting pictures today instead of doing my usual explaining as...
A) I haven't got time!
B) I'm not in too chat of a mood.. 
Anyway, here you go!

"One of these days, we need to get together when the fate of Equestria isn't hanging in the balance." -  Crystal Empire Part 1

"Can you imagine how dull it would have been if I hadn't invited Discord? Come on! Whoo! The night is still young!"
- Make New Friends but Keep Discord

How about... The Cutie Mark Crusaders? It's perfect! 
- Call of the Cutie

"Now, Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring 'til I've properly proposed."  - Daring Don't


"Well you, you, you are such a, a flip-flop: cool one minute and lame the next. When you decide not to be lame anymore, gimme a call."  - Griffon the Brush Off

"They should make us Wonderbolts right now."  
- Wonderbolts Academy

"Ha ha! The fun has been doubled! "  
- Luna Eclipsed

 "A monster attack?! Blast! I'm performing at the ceremony this afternoon, and I still haven't sorted out what to play. How am I meant to practice with a monster invading Ponyville? 
- Slice of Life

"Well looky what we got here. Bet you all think you're Wonderbolt material, don't cha? Think you got what it takes to be an elite flier? Well then, let me be the first to tell you...... You don't! 
- Wonderbolt Academy  

"This is it, girls. The moment we've been waiting for."  
- Rainbow Rocks

"Trixie is the highest level unicorn!
- Magic Duel
Hope you like them! 
How's totally hyped for the 100th episode tomorrow?! This is me right now..

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