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My Top 30 My Little Pony Episodes!

Hey Guys! So to celebrate the 100th episode of MLP, premiering later today, I decided to share my favourite 30 episodes from the series so far! This list is excluding premieres/finales and also excludes Season 5 ;) Just to say before I start that this is MY favourite 30 episodes so your opinion might vary as people like different things and characters, so keep that in mind :) This will also be VERY LONG so be aware ;)

 30. The Mysterious Mare Do Well - Season 2

I'm already going to have most of the fandom complaining at this one since so many people hated it, but I didn't and felt there was worst episodes ;) Rainbow Dash is one of my favourite characters and I think all her main episodes are on this list as they are generally the ones I enjoy most. I LOVE egotistical Dashie so this episode really worked for me. It falls to the bottom of my list though as I felt it could have been done better, but I enjoyed it nonetheless :)

 29. Maud Pie - Season 4

I was surprised this one was at the lower end of my list as I did enjoy it but I did feel at points it was just too dry. I understand Maud's character but at times I felt it as a little too dull and was happy that Pinkie and the others were there to push the story along. I do love the difference between Maud and Pinkie and how Pinkie doesn't really realise how different they are and love Maud for who she is. 

 28. Power Ponies - Season 4

Power Ponies is another that surprised me being so low but after I'd seen it a few times and really thought about it and I know why. I love Super Heroes and I love ponies so this was the perfect match for me. I absolutely love what they tried to do but I thought that the story was too predictable and cheesy for me. I wasn't a big fan of the villain, the Manic and I'm not normally a fan of Spike episodes so this one was abit 50/50. I love what they tried to do and the designs of the characters but I wish it was more of a special longer episode so it could have been really played with.

27. May the Best Pet Win! - Season 2

This episode was one of my favourites when I started watching and I still love it. I was super happy that Rainbow Dash finally got more of a song..still not a solo but duet, which was nice. I love the way the story played out and felt that Rainbow was never out of character. I love Tank, he is my favourite out of the pets and feel his and Dashie's relationship is great. 

 26. Rainbow Falls - Season 4

I was really hyped for this episode and couldn't wait to see it as I knew that it would be Rainbow Dash's key episode with the rainbow eyes and stuff. I really liked it and have watched it alot since, it might not have been the best key episode but I enjoyed it. I love Spitfire and the Wonderbolts so having them in episode made it alot better. I also really ship Dashie and Soarin, they would be super cute, and this episode really helped that with Rainbow saving him and then the cute chat in the hospital! 

25. Lesson Zero - Season 2

This image is enough to give you nightmares for the rest of your life..let me know remind you that this was set up to be a kids show...yeah not so much ;) I wasn't a massive fan of this episode when I first saw it as I'm not the biggest Twilight fan and it creeped me out to be honest but then I took a chance and decided to watch it again. I don't know why but I actually really liked it! This is alot of people's favourite episode and for me personally it's doesn't come that high just because I preferred other episodes, but it's still a good one. 

24. Pinkie Pride - Season 4

I honestly didn't know what to expect from this episode except knowing that Pinkie would get her key. I'm on the fence about this episode as I love the story line and I love that it's filled with songs but on the other hand when I watch it I usually get some kind of headache..it's just soo full on! I can't really say much else to be honest but I did enjoy it and it is my favourite key episode :)

 23. Bridle Gossip - Season 1

I remember watching this for the first time and loving it. It made me laugh way too much and I love when ponies have something random happen to them like in Return of Harmony or Cutie Map. I think that whoever thought of the curses to put on the ponies is a genius as they all make sense and make me laugh..especially Fluttershy ;) I also liked the way they introduced Zecora in the world, it was an interested concept and I liked it alot.

 22. Dragonshy - Season 1

So this was the first time we saw Fluttershy stand up for her friends and do the whole Fluttershy rage thing. I LOVED IT! Fluttershy reminds me of my Mum because she is like the sweet shy flower but if you mess with someone she cares about, you are in trouble ;) I also love all the other characters in this episode and feel that their personalities really shine through. 

 21. Pinkie Apple Pie

I couldn't wait to see this episode and wasn't disappointed. I could have easily but this higher in my list but I just prefer others. I love the Apple family alot and seeing them together in this episode was great. I loved how it was like a real family on a journey together, it felt really realistic and reminded me of my family at times. I think the actual story is slightly random as there is no way Pinkie is related at all but it was cute to think so and you never really see Pinkie and AppleJack together so that was nice too. 

 20. Read it and Weep - Season 2

Again before making this list I was sure this one would have been higher but I was surprised to find it wasn't. I think if there hadn't of been another Daring Do episode this would have been much higher. I love the story, characters..literally everything about this episode. I feel Rainbow is very in character and it was fun seeing a different side to her. I also LOVE Daring Do and think that her part in the episode was also strong. 

 19. Fall Weather Friends - Season 1

When I first started watching this was my favourite episode,  I loved it! I love both of the characters it was about and I felt the story was strong as it made sense and was pretty basic. I love the part when they tease Twilight at the start of the race about why she is running and it always makes me laugh..even though it probably shouldn't..I dunno?! I also think Pinkie and Spike's commentating is awesome, they are a perfect duo!
 18. Griffon the Brush Off - Season 1

I really grew to love this episode..I find Gilda such an interesting character and I'm so happy we got to explore more of her character in Season 5. I love Rainbow and Pinkie's relationship in this episode as before this we don't really see them have one. I've seen this episode quite a few times and I love it more each time. Although my sister did say that I sound like Gilda when I speak..and I'm pretty sure I don't :|

17. Sleepless in Ponyville - Season 3

I literally love this episode for this moment above. I've really grown to love the Cutie Mark Crusaders and couldn't pick a favourite now but Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash's sister-like relationship is adorable. I've been wanting this moment to happen since I started watching, luckily I didn't have to wait long since they were all on demand! I also think the story is extremely strong about Scootaloo's fears and we all know that one person who tells a creepy story at a sleepover and creeps everyone out..I know I've done it once ;)

 16. Sweet and Elite

When I first saw this I didn't really appreciated what a great episode it is as Rarity isn't one of my favourite characters so I just brushed over it but now I've seen it a few times, I really love it. I think the story is great and extremely entertaining. I also think we all secretly know a Rarity especially in this situation, where they have come up with some amazing excuse to not see you but someone else then it all backfires ;) I think this episode gave Rarity more character and really made me like her more.

 15. Ponyville Confidential - Season 2 

I'm not the biggest fan of Cutie Mark Crusader episodes and there isn't many on list but this episode was an exception. I felt this episode was funny, sad and cute at the same time. I love that the Mane 6 also are involved in the episode and play good parts, all in character. I think the rumours from Pinkie Pie being a party animal to Rainbow Dash being soft are great. I do think that the part when everyone finds out who Gabby Gums is and totally blocks the CMC out of everything is kinda sad but at the same time they do deserve it in my opinion. 

14. Look Before you Sleep - Season 1

I personally think that the AppleJack and Rarity episodes some of the best as they always make me laugh. They clash so perfectly and have such a confusing kind of friendship that they always work for me. Look Before you Sleep was the first episode we got of them full getting on each other nerves and getting into arguments and I love it especially this scene above ;)

 13. Games Ponies Play - Season 3

I feel that this episode is one of the funniest episode in the whole show as you clearly know what's going on and where the story is going but I feel that the writers do it with such humour it doesn't matter. I love the different personalities all in one together and plus we get a super cute flashback to baby Dashie! 

 12. A Friend in Deed - Season 2

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS EPISODE! I felt this episode gave Pinkie so much more depth and she even got an amazing song out of it. I think Cranky Doodle Donkey's character is a great match for the episode and the episode itself is just full of laughs from when Pinkie is shouting about wigs to being determined to apologise. I can't say much about this episode other than it's amazing!

 11. Wonderbolt Academy - Season 3

Wonderbolt Academy is just missing out on being in my Top 10 but was super close. I love episodes that involve Rainbow Dash getting further in the Wonderbolt dream. As I've mentioned before I love the Wonderbolts and Spitfire so this one was perfect from the moment I read the title. I also thought that Lightning Dust was a great character and I hope that we get to see her soon sometime. It also gave Dash more depth to her character and what she stands for. 

10. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - Season 2

It took me FOREVER to get that title right! Anyway I really like this episode and think it's one of the best AppleJack episodes there is. I like how the episode has also two stories:
A) Rainbow wanting to get her cider
B) Flim & Flam wanting to take over Sweet Apple Acres with their cider machine
I like the FlimFlam Brothers as much as they get on my nerves, they are so right for what they do from the voices to the clothing. I also love the side plot of Rainbow Dash wanting cider, it's the first time we ever hear of Rainbow's cider addiction/problem ;) 

9. Trade Ya - Season 4

I can't express how much I love this episode and it would be been higher on this list if the ending wasn't so random. I love the story and how there are really three different stories in the one:
1) AppleJack and Rarity 
2) Twilight and Pinkie
3) Rainbow and Fluttershy
I always love when Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have an episode together and this was on expectation, although I felt the ending was abit random. Let me explain..so Rainbow Dash wants a first edition Daring Do book and they have to do all this trading just to get this monster dog thing that the lady wants, who has the book. She then decides she doesn't want the dog after all but will be willing to trade if Fluttershy goes with her to Manehatten to train it. Rainbow doesn't realise what she is doing and says yes, trading Fluttershy..YES TRADING FLUTTERSHY?! This is what gets me..can you really trade a pony?!! I dunno but that's why it got a 9 and not higher..

8. Daring Don't - Season 4

From this point here and on it was so hard to pick my favourites as I really love them all including Daring Don't. I love Daring Do as a character and was so happy they decided to continue the story with her from Season 2. I thought the story was good and I enjoyed it loads, to the point where I didn't want it to end. I felt Rainbow Dash was perfect in the episode too from the fangirling to her little meltdown. This was our first time seeing her have her little meltdown thing she does when she gets sad or deflated, the first being in Sonic Rainboom. I feel this one was more deep as she almost goes into a deep sadness about it as she isn't herself and doesn't care anymore. I love the relationship between the two characters and how they are so different yet so the same :)

 7. Simple Ways - Season 4

I didn't know what to expect from the title and I loved every minute of the episode. It was another AppleJack and Rarity episode, which we hadn't seen really since Season 1. I felt the story was perfect and Trenderhoof was an amazing character to add into the mix. 

6. Party of One - Season 1

Party of One is still one of my favourites since the beginning and I just love watching it. It was time we had ever seen Pinkamena and it creeped me out. I also kinda felt that when Pinkie goes into that state of mind, it remembered me of myself when I have my bigger meltdown. I love all the other characters in it trying to keep Pinkie's party and secret and I think the story was a clever one even though I'm still not sure how Pinkie forgot her own birthday :/

5. Cutie Mark Chronicles - Season 1

I love when tv shows and movies give characters backstories as it just gives each character more depth and story for you to know. I love that they decided to give us a story on how each of the Mane 6 got there cutie marks as it's something you want to know and plus you get to see them as fillies!!! They are too adorable!! I think each story is strong but I especially love Rainbow Dash, AppleJack and Pinkie Pie's stories. 

4. Sonic Rainboom - Season 1

When I found out that this was a Rainbow Dash episode I was so happy as I'd already picked her as my favourite. I still think this is one of the strongest episodes in the show as it shows a different side to Rainbow that we had never seen before. Up to this point, she was just confident and egotistical but I'm glad this episode gave her much needed depth. I love how they made her worried and nervous as it made her feel more realistic. I also love Rarity's part in the whole thing as it just makes me laugh. Cloudsdale is my favourite place in Equestria and I was so happy that we finally got to see it plus the Sonic Rainboom was AWESOME!

3. Suited for Success - Season 1

This was actually super close to being my number 2 but just got beat but it is my favourite Season 1 episode! This episode made me really respect Rarity and love her. I love her little meltdown she has and the other ponies just make me laugh. I love the designs of the dresses..the nice ones by Rarity of course ;) Fluttershy also makes me laugh too much with her freaky knowledge of fashion!

2. The Last Roundup - Season 2

This is my favourite episode in Season 2 as each time I watch it, I just laugh more and more! I think the story is strong and clever as it also brings another side to AppleJack as she doesn't like being a failure and is a pretty big perfectionist. I also think Pinkie is on top form in the episode and the writer needs a clap for the humour in the episode especially the Pinkie Promise ;) I also love when episodes take place outside of Ponyville, so that was nice for a change :)

 1. Testing Testing 1 2 3 - Season 4

The big number 1..are you surprised??! Testing Testing 1 2 3 is my favourite episode in all four Seasons. I feel I identify with this episode the most and the moral is one of the best of the show. It's so important that people know that people learn differently especially teachers! I think this is one of the deepest episodes of the show and I love how they used Rainbow Dash to express it. I also love the way different ways that tried teaching her as they are all valid ways but I loved the way they chose in the end. I really identify with the way Rainbow Dash learns as I feel it's very like Sherlock, where you learn things by doing other things your good at and pick them up like pictures in your head to remember. This episode just made me love Rainbow more and gave her much more depth and that's why it's my favourite :)

WOW THAT WAS LONG! Anyway, I'm off to go and watch the 100th episode! 
Bye Guys :)

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