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10 to 1 Challenge ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I haven't do a tag in a while so I found this one today and really wanted to try it. I have been busy this week but have a HUGE haul..probably gunna do it in 2 parts actually..coming very soon so get ready for that, especially all my disney addicts! Anyways, since I haven't taken all the photos for the haul yet and I'm gunna do this :')

10 Facts about Yourself

1. I hate Nutella..most chocolate things actually except actual chocolate! 
2. I've never been to Starbucks :o 
3. I don't like Nandos...I'm not great with spice :/
4. I'm a professional fangirl for many things as you may know ;)
5. I feel more paranoid about my looks when I'm not wearing a disney top..or at least something disney! 
6. I love to snail mail around the world, I've found so many friends that way :)
7. I have to stroke my sister's guinea pig Fig everyday otherwise I feel gulity and can't sleep..I sometimes even cry..stupid..I don't care ;)
8. I feel more accepting of myself now and don't care if I wanna buy things that are not made for my age..life goes on :')
9. I'm a HUGE collector of anything really..mostly disney of course but I do sticker albums, trading cards, games, figures..anything. I love funko pop even though I haven't started that collection yet but I'm sure christmas will feature some disney ones ;) 
10. I'm extremely shy when I don't know someone but if you get to know me I get VERY LOUD ;)

9 Favourite Songs

1. Let it Go - Frozen
2. Defying Gravity - Wicked
3. Thunder - Jessie J
4. I Belong - Sofia the First ;)
5. Weightless - Natasha Bedingfield
6. Naughty - Matilda the Musical
7. Fall - Justin Bieber
8. Bound to You - Burlesque
9. I know where I've been - Hairspray

8 Places You'd Love to Go to

1. Florida - disneyworld!
2. New York
3. California - disneyland!
4. Tokyo 
5. Italy
6. Greece
7. New Zealand
8. France - disneyland paris!

7 Things You Couldn't Live Without

1. Disney
2. Wifi
3. Sims/Gaming
4. Technology
5. Colour
6. Guinea Pigs
7. Photography

6 People Who Inspire You

1. Walt Disney
2. My Family
3. Jessie J
4. Jennifer Lee
5. Brittney Lee
6. John Lasseter

5 Favourite Girl Names

1. Sophia/Sofia
2. Vanesssa
3. Lola
4. Olivia
5. Scarlett

4 Favourite Boy Names

1. Logan
2. Zac/Zack
3. Jamie
4. Jack

3 Things You Like About Yourself

1. Personality
2. Nose..it's pretty small apparently :)
3. Eye and Hair colours ;)

2 Things Your Looking Forward To

1. The Sims 4
2. Once Upon a Time Series 4 

1 Quote you Live By

1. Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever. - Walt Disney

Hope you enjoyed this little post for you while I take photos for my haul and favourites! Be excited..very excited ;)


McKenna said...

I would love to become pen pals with you! I live in California, and I love making new friends!

ThePerksofBeingMe-x said...

Hi Mckenna I would love to be penpals! Email me :) My details are on the contact me page ;)

McKenna said...

I emailed you! Would love to hear from you soon

ThePerksofBeingMe-x said...

Hi again Mckenna. I never got your email :( Try emailing me again at - theperksofbeingme-x@hotmail.com

If not message me on twitter or instagram at nevergrowup_x

Hope we can be penpals!