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Spain Disney Haul ♥ July/August 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ This is the third and final post of the day today! I have been wanting to do this haul for a while now and it's finally here. I went to Spain thinking I wouldn't spend anything and came back with all my money spent on Disney of course! It didn't dawn on me at all that town in Spain would have Disney but of course they did..thank god! 

The first thing I actually bought was these Sofia the First bubbles! Now I'm a massive Sofia the First girl and have seen every epsiode on Disney Junior..my guilty pleasure ;) One of my bucketlist wants was to play with bubbles so I bought these and I'm gunna play with them super soon as you can't go wrong you bubbles! Especially Disney bubbles ♥

I was in amazment when I found these Frozen goodies as the UK is literally out of stock everywhere :( I found this stunning pen with all the characters on and loads of colours. I bought the notebook in the same shop but at a different time as I couldn't resist it! It was Queen Elsa and Princess Anna on with 'Sisters Forever', it is actually squared inside which I liked and Olaf is on the back ♥

I also found these beautiful playing cards at the same shop! I bought them because they are frozen and I liked the pictures but I seriously doubt I will ever play cards with them ;) They are 4 types of cards with Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff on (sven cameo's on kristoff cards) and they are stunning ♥

The final thing I bought was some 'bullyland' Disney Figures. There was this great shop that had glass cupboards full with all different ones. I picked Rapunzel, Merida, Cinderella and Tink as I love them all. When we visited the next night my Dad (who is also a huge disney fan!) bought me Belle and Beast. Then when we went to the beach resturants and shops we saw some more and couldn't resist buying Mrs Potts to finish our collection ♥ I really want to collect these figures as I think they are well made and have good faces which are creepy. I'm super happy I found these! I also bought some ice cream which was in the three Disney Princesses behind Ariel on the bottom shelf. I got Rapunzel, Ariel and Cinderella and they are cool ♥

I lied I bought one more thing in the airport on the way home and it was a Rapunzel Smarties Tower. It was Rapunzel in her tower with a tube of smarties at the bottom. I have kept it of course..but the smarties are no more ;) 

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