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30 day Snap Challenge July 2014 - Day 9 ♥

Day 9 is here and nearly finished actually! Sorry for how late this is today, I have been busy with penpaling and school but I really wanted to post today's picture :') I'm sorry for the photo quality I took it on my ipod but in a weird light :/ Anyways..this is me with a bottle of coke with the name Anna on...no my name is not secretly Anna. If you know me well enough on my blog post you might have already guessed that I bought this bottle of coke because I love Frozen! When I was digging in the coke basket thing with all the names in and spotted this one I was super happy and knew I had to get it :D I didn't even try to look for an Elsa as it's like the 100 most popular names in the UK..although I did find a Bernard and I have never met a Bernard in my life! So hi if your name is Bernard, your name is really unique ;) 

I also got a costa today from a like vending takeaway machine at my local shops and I got the Caramel Chocolate for the first time as it sounded super good! It was the BEST drink I have drunk since the Costa white hot chocolate from christmas. You go Costa Caramel Chocolate!!!

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