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Disney Wishlist February 2017

Wow life was been so crazy! Big news first, my family is moving! Now before all the crazy ideas of where go through your head, I'm not moving far. I'm literally moving about 15 minutes away from where I live now but I love it and can't wait to move in and redo my room again!
I will still be blogging but they might not be a frequent as I will be super busy packing & I'm also going to school now.  Anyway, let's get on this today's post, which is a Disney Wishlist for February! I always have so many things I want to buy so I thought why not share them with you!

1. Be Our Guest Bowl - I've been looking at this range of Beauty and the Beast tableware for ages as they are sold in WDW. Luckily last week The Disney Store UK brought them out online! I seriously want the whole set of plates, bowls & mugs for the new house..if you going to eat, might aswell eat in Disney style!

2. Lumiere & Cogsworth Plush - These have been out for a while now but I still haven't got them as I just had no room. I have Belle, Beast & Gaston so I need Lumiere & Cogsworth and now I'm moving and have more room to display my collection, I would really love them! The details and personality coming out of them is perfect.

3. Tinkerbell MXYZ Phone Holder & Figural Pen - I already loved the MXYZ range as it's super cute & kawaii but when they added Tinkerbell it just killed me! If you know me you'll know Tink is one of my favourites and she looks ADORABLE! I need the little figural pen as it's too cute, just look at her shoes!! The phone holder is pretty cute too, just a nice decoration. 

4. Disney Tradition Lady and the Tramp - Since Christmas I've been really getting into Disney Traditions and the one I would love to most right now is this Lady and the Tramp piece celebrating the 60th Anniversary. I think it captures the characters really well & I don't have much Lady and the Tramp but I love this.

5. Funko POPs - I'm not the biggest fan of Funko Pop's as I prefer other figures but as soon as they announced Gaston I knew I needed him. Gaston is one of my favourite characters & there is no way near enough merchandise for him or other villains. I also need Moana for my princess shelf, plus I love her & her uniqueness.

6. Stained Glass Rose Pin - This pin actually comes from the US but I love it. It's a stain glass version of the rose from Beauty and the Beast. I think it's perfect and I need it, so I'm on the hunt! I think I've hopefully found one so let's hope together!

That's my wishlist for February. I really enjoyed doing this so I'll probably do it more often :)
Do you have a Disney wishlist?

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