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Gaming Geek: 100 Baby Challenge Update: Kids Kids Kids! ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I thought it was about time to give you a Sims 3 Baby Challenge Update which I have never done since I started this challenge. I have done alot more since I wrote my Introduction about Natasha Williams and at some points I thought of giving this challenge up which is what I normally do but after playing with them for a few minutes I realise how much I love them! The family has really grown since the intro which Natasha now having 7 children of all different ages! I'm going to do a diary entry almost because there life and use screenshots I have taken :) I haven't got their traits written done yet so I will include their final traits when they become Young Adults :) This post will probably be quite long but it will be worth reading :') Let's me stop mumbling and get on with the Williams Baby Challenge ♥

Natasha had her first born within a few days of living in Appaloosa Plains with Gavin Pinkerton. She gave birth to a baby girl called Libby. Libby's room was disgusting as we had no money and was flirting with our next victim all the time. Speaking of flirting, the next victim was Felipe Marshall and it took time but we eventually got pregnant.  I used Natasha lifetime reward points to get the Fertility Treatment to increase the chances of twins and triplets.

Libby aged into a beautiful toddler and learnt all her skills extremely fast. She grew into a lovely child who had many quirks. Natasha was having alot of money issues and could barely afford the house with just her and Libby so she bought a Lottery ticket. I don't count this as cheating because there was a very slim chance of her winning. Soon after she found out she was pregnant and Libby was very excited for a new brother or sister! Later that night Natasha found out she won £70,000 on the lottery which I was expecting at all! I build a big house with lots of rooms for all our children and moved them in straight away.

Sorry that is was dark...
I love the house even though it looks weird on that picture. I'm quite a bad builder on Sims but love decorating the houses and using all the furniture and custom content to make the house look amazing! 

Natasha gave birth to twin girls called Brooke and Bailey. I aged them both up straight away and they grew into beautiful brunette toddlers. Libby loved to play with both of them all the time and they both learn't their quickly with Natasha's help. Brooke is on the left and Bailey is on the right :)

The twins aged up and became cute children and bonded with Libby straight away by doing homework. I think that Brooke and Bailey are both so stunning and they have just got more beautiful as they have grown up.

Bailey is on right and Brooke is on the left and I love them both. They do look identical which is cool. They are extremely different to one another though as Bailey is friendly and Brooke is evil! 

Libby had a weird birthday as her birthday cake set on fire and it caused alot of damage! But we tried again and she grew into a stunning teenager and I'm in LOVE with her room too much ♥♥♥♥ 

Natasha got pregnant with Johnny Johnson  and quickly gave birth to another set of Girl Twins called Mackenzie and Melissa. They aged into children pretty soon after they became toddlers after mastering their skills. Natasha also got a Autumn and Winter makeover. 

Melissa is on the left with blonde hair and Mackenzie has brunette hair and is on the right. I love them both so much. 

She went to prom with her friend Chase and she looked amazing. I used this amazing dress from the Sims Homecoming Set and I LOVE it so much ♥ She had an amazing night because she had her first kiss, became Chase's girlfriend, won prom queen and had a lovely picture. 

Winter soon came around for the Williams Household and the children made the most of it by making snowmen, snow angels and ice skating on ponds. They also celebrated Snowflake Day with a Gift-Giving Party which was great because we got alot of cash from selling all the gifts! Natasha also got pregnant with Jorge Shoemaker!

Summer quickly came round again and the Williams family threw a pool bash where Brooke and Bailey blossomed into teenagers. Natasha found out she was pregnant again with Jorge's children and told Bailey who was happy to find out. Libby couldn't keep her hands off her boyfriend the whole time and the kids with diving for ages!!

Bailey and Brooke aged up to teenagers and Natasha gave birth during the party to twins. A girl called Ariel and a boy called Luke. They are extremely adorable and there are picture to come of them. Brooke and Bailey are such pretty teenagers and look so alike even though their personalities are so different. They are best friends and do everything together! I can't wait for them to become young adults so I can style them even more! 

Libby became a Young Adult shortly after which seemed crazy as it felt her childhood had been so quick! She is now gorgeous and graduated with Highest Honor which I'm very proud about...stupid right?!? I get so attached!! I have kept Libby in the household to help Natasha with the children especially the babies and toddlers. I have moved her above the garage so she can still live with us but have her own space. 

Libby's Party! More Libby pictures to come ♥

On the weekend it was the last few days of Summer so the family went to the beach and had loads of fun sunbathing, swimming and splashing in the water together. And Natasha celebrated her birthday to become an Adult. She has got a makeover so pictures will be coming soon :)

That's it at the moment guys! It was quite a long post but shorter than I thought. So Natasha became an adult, has 7 kids and lives in a nice house. I'm loving playing with this family and I hope you like reading about them! I will update the baby challenge page to have Libby on soon :) 

Bye Lovelies ♥♥♥♥

Brooke being evil as a child!!

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