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Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Addicts!

Hey Lovelies ♥ Another christmas post today since it's nearly here, less than 2 weeks now! I thought that some people might still have gifts to buy and thought this might be useful :) I've seen ALOT of these on youtube and blogs but I find them very hard as when I see gifts for teenage girls they are normally makeup and perfumes, which I don't really like so I decided that if I was to do a gift guide then it would have to be about something I'd like and would fit in with my blog so I've decided to make a Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Addicts, just like me! I actually watched a video which is below yesterday by one of my favourite youtubers and it gave me the inspiration to try it out so thankyou Noodlerella! 

Number 1  - Snowglobes
I think that snowglobes are a great gift to someone as they are beautiful and look lovely when they are displayed. I actually have got about 6 for Christmas, which I can't wait to share with you! Disney make snowglobes about literally everything from the movies to the parks so I'm sure you would find one that you loved :) You can buy snowglobes online most the time and from the parks. I don't know if you can buy them in shops in the US but I know that you can't in the UK. I think the only Disney Store you can buy snowglobes in is the Harrods Disney Store in London as they get Disneyland Paris imported there (I'm not completely sure if Harrods stocks snowglobes, so you would be better ringing first!). 

Number 2 - Disney Figurines
Disney Figurines are massive these days which loads of different types and characters to choose from! You can choose the beautiful Jim Shore Disney Tradition Figures or the bold Britto figures. I absoultely love both and there are so many others that they now make such as Disney haute couture, Disney Enchanting and the Grand Jester busts. I love the Haute Couture figures and Disney Tradtions mostly but they are all beautiful :) I know that H Samuels sell them in the UK but I'm not sure about the US but you can get them online aswell. 

Number 3 - Movies
Of course you can't make a Disney addict list without Disney classics! I know that alot of addicts will probably already have alot of the movies but there might be a few rarer ones that don't come out often that they are missing...luckily Disney have recently released all their Disney classics on DVD and Bluray with all new Limited Edition Slipcovers that are stunning! I'm yet to buy one but I really need to as they are beautiful and I'm still missing some of those adorable classics. Also as we all know Disney films can be quite expensive depending on how rare they are but now you can get most of these newly released classics from £6 to £10 at most stores, which is fantastic! I can't wait to continue my collection with these amazing offers :) Oh and if you already own the DVD but just want the slipcover you can buy them on ebay from different sellers or use your Disney Movie Rewards points (in the UK) to buy them!

Number 4 - Books
There are tons of Disney books out there but I'm not talking about your average storybook..recently I've been loving Disney art books with all the sketches, ideas and concepts inside. I have the Art of Walt Disney and The Art of Frozen which I adore. I hope to try and collect as many as I can in my lifetime as I find them so inspiration and breathtaking :) I really reccommend these kind of books to disney addicts and lovers plus art lovers as they will find it just as amazing. You can buy most of them from amazon and they are normally worldwide.

Number 5 - Tsum Tsums and Plushies
What people doesn't love soft cosy plushies?! I love them and have a good collection of doll plushies and tsum tsums :) If you've been to the Disney Store you will have seen their massive display of plushies for literally every character from the beginning to right now..and there are so many to choose from. I've also been loving Tsum Tsums which are sadly not available in the UK at the moment but are in Disneyland Paris, US and Japan so if you want some you might wanna order yourself some :) I know that DLP can sometimes take orders which they can send to you from their parks so you can always try emailing them ;) 

Number 6 - Video Games
People love gaming at the moment and there are plenty of Disney games to choose from but today I'm going to talk about my 2 personal favourite for a Disney addict :) Disneyland Adventures for Xbox Kinect is an amazing experience that lets you explore Disneyland Park while meeting characters, dressing up, riding rides and doing missions. I haven't fully explored this game as my kinect doesn't work great in the small space I have to stand in my bedroom but once I move the kinect downstairs and have a bigger space I can't wait to fully explore! The other game is for 3DS and 2DS and is pretty new in the UK..it's called Disney Magical World and it seems to be alot like Animal Crossing but a Disney version. I haven't played this game yet as I'm getting it for Christmas but I can't wait for it and really wanna review it once I play :) 

I hope this little Gift Guide has helped some of you or you've just enjoyed reading all about Disney again! I can't wait till Christmas and I might actually do another gift guide for younger girls and boys in the next week as I know more about toys and fun than makeup and clothes for teens!! 

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