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Living with Aspergers: Coping with Christmas! ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Christmas is here and I decided to keep my Living with Aspergers post in theme this month by hopefully writing tips for coping with Christmas. The reason I say 'hopefully' is because I find it hard to cope too so I also need help! Anyway Christmas is coming in thick and fast and soon it will be the big day but the run up to Christmas and the actual days can be quite major for people with Aspergers. Now again this post is very personal to my aspergers and I know everyone is different so this might not apply to everyone, but I'll give it my best shot :)

So at this time of year everyone seems particularly cheerful and sociable, which is great but I actually seem to feel less sociable really. For the past month or so I have been off school as I just don't want to talk to anyone or see anyone really except my close family. Christmas is such a busy time of year and it just makes me want to stay inside in my little bubble alot of the time, but Christmas is actually a wonderful time of year to celebrate and enjoy all different festivies activites.

TIP 1 - Go out and enjoy the festivies that Christmas offers!
Now this may sound HUGE and I know it is but I've been in for a month or so just in my little bubble of goodness and last weekend me and my family adventured to a Christmas Market. It was crowded with people and at times I wanted to cry but I stayed with my family all the time and linked there arms so I was always safe and guess what I lived! It was a massive step but I didn't roll up and die..surprisingly! I actually really enjoyed myself at points in the evening and it was a nice time with my family :)

TIP 2 - Do your Christmas shopping early or go out in the late evening!
I really recommend going shopping in general at the end of November/early December (or even eariler, depending on how you deal with crowds) as it will start to get very busy nearer Christmas comes as people have to buy things and food. I also recommend going out in the evening as shops aren't normally as busy and are much quieter :) 

TIP 3 - Try and do other things that you love to do, keep yourself busy!
This one seems kind of ovibous but it's harder than you think to move your mind from the main event. Try as best as you can to do other things you enjoy to try and forget about how excited or stressed you are. You can even write christmas cards, make decorations, watch movies..anything to keep yourself busy then time will hopefully go abit faster :) 

TIP 4 - Write lists..lots and lots of lists!
As an aspie I LOVE writing lists way too much so I suggest write some lists of things to do, things you need to do, things you'd like to do even the old christmas list! Writing lists makes me quite happy and it can help me sometimes put everything in perpective and seem not quite as big :)

TIP 5 - Don't expect to much and be over-ambitous just be happy and smile in the moment!
You don't have to be overally social or chatty just because it's Christmas. You can still have your personal bubble space to come down from the events and relax, just don't expect too much of yourself and be happy in the moment. Alot of people just make Christmas this massive day of the year but just keep it small and happy so that you don't have the massive expections that other people do, as you might not be able to handle it all, like me :) Just be HAPPY and SMILE in the moment ♥

Right that's all the tips I can give at the moment as I know I find coping hard at Christmas anyway so these are just personal things that I think might help :) Again, everyone is different and they might not work for you but it's worth a shot! If everything fails just watch Elf..literally it will just make you smile and laugh :') 

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